Literarische Zeitung In Verbindung Mit Mehreren Gelehrten Hrsg Von Karl B Chner

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Rudolf Von Jhering Und Die Historische Rechtsschule

Autore: Bernd Klemann
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Literarische Zeitung

Autore: Johann Karl Friedrich Büchner
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Autore: Georg Buchner
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ISBN: 9781533299543
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The Persistence Of Voice Instrumental Music And Romantic Orality

Autore: John Neubauer
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004343369
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Neubauer analyses the importance which nineteenth-century European composers, music critics and intellectuals attached to oral-vernacular speech.

Green Henry

Autore: Gottfried Keller
Editore: Calder Publications
ISBN: 9780714502656
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The story of young Henry, who struggles to fulfill his ambitions to become a successful painter and is torn between the gentle Anna and the proud and sensual Judith, is one of the most outstanding and personal Bildngsromane written in the German language. Written between 1846 and 1855, Keller's poetic, semi-autobiographical novel draws on the author's own youth, artistic studies and development as a man, as well as providing a comprehensive portrait of his country and his times 'Green Henry' is one of the most important novels in European literature, and undoubtedly the greatest masterpiece of fiction by a Swiss writer.

The Lost Civilizations Of The Stone Age

Autore: Richard Rudgley
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684862700
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A British scholar challenges the conventional view of the Stone Age as minimally civilized, pointing out the many advances of its peoples, from their maps of the constellations to their innovations in boat building.

Patriotic Pacifism

Autore: Sandi E. Cooper
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195363432
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Despite the liberalized reconfiguration of civil society and political practice in nineteenth-century Europe, the right to make foreign policy, devise alliances, wage war and negotiate peace remained essentially an executive prerogative. Citizen challenges to the exercise of this power grew slowly. Drawn from the educated middle classes, peace activists maintained that Europe was a single culture despite national animosities; that Europe needed rational inter-state relationships to avoid catastrophe; and that internationalism was the logical outgrowth of the nation-state, not its subversion. In this book, Cooper explores the arguments of these "patriotic pacifists" with emphasis on the remarkable international peace movement that grew between 1889 and 1914. While the first World War revealed the limitations and dilemmas of patriotic pacifism, the shape, if not substance, of many twentieth-century international institutions was prefigured in nineteenth-century continental pacifism.

Musica Enchiriadis

Autore: Raymond Erickson
ISBN: 9780300058185
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A complete English translation of these early music theory texts, both written in the late-9th century and which have influenced subsequent medieval authors. The two treatises are most famous for providing the earliest descriptions of organum, the oldest form of Western polyphony.