Reforming Music

Autore: Chiara Bertoglio
Editore: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110520818
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Five hundred years ago a monk nailed his theses to a church gate in Wittenberg. The sound of Luther’s mythical hammer, however, was by no means the only aural manifestation of the religious Reformations. This book describes the birth of Lutheran Chorales and Calvinist Psalmody; of how music was practised by Catholic nuns, Lutheran schoolchildren, battling Huguenots, missionaries and martyrs, cardinals at Trent and heretics in hiding, at a time when Palestrina, Lasso and Tallis were composing their masterpieces, and forbidden songs were concealed, smuggled and sung in taverns and princely courts alike. Music expressed faith in the Evangelicals’ emerging worships and in the Catholics’ ancient rites; through it new beliefs were spread and heresy countered; analysed by humanist theorists, it comforted and consoled miners, housewives and persecuted preachers; it was both the symbol of new, conflicting identities and the only surviving trace of a lost unity of faith. The music of the Reformations, thus, was music reformed, music reforming and the reform of music: this book shows what the Reformations sounded like, and how music became one of the protagonists in the religious conflicts of the sixteenth century.

Music In Early Franciscan Thought

Autore: Peter Loewen
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004248188
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Music in Early Franciscan Thought is an interdisciplinary study exploring the broad relevance of music in Franciscan hagiography, art, theology, philosophy, and preaching between 1210 and 1300—a period covering their rapid ascendancy in medieval society as an Order of clerics.

The Cambridge Companion To Medieval Music

Autore: Mark Everist
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107495121
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From the emergence of plainsong to the end of the fourteenth century, this Companion covers all the key aspects of medieval music. Divided into three main sections, the book first of all discusses repertory, styles and techniques - the key areas of traditional music histories; next taking a topographical view of the subject - from Italy, German-speaking lands, and the Iberian Peninsula; and concludes with chapters on such issues as liturgy, vernacular poetry and reception. Rather than presenting merely a chronological view of the history of medieval music, the volume instead focuses on technical and cultural aspects of the subject. Over nineteen informative chapters, fifteen world-leading scholars give a perspective on the music of the Middle Ages that will serve as a point of orientation for the informed listener and reader, and is a must-have guide for anyone with an interest in listening to and understanding medieval music.

The Renaissance

Autore: Iain Fenlon
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1349205362
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From the series examining the development of music in specific places during particular times, this book looks at European countries at the time of the Renaissance, concentrating on Italy. It is to be published in conjunction with a television series.

A Companion To Music In Sixteenth Century Venice

Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004358307
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Covering all facets of musical life in sixteenth-century Venice, the Companion addresses the city’s institutions (churches, confraternities, and academies), public and private occasions of music making, musicians and instrument makers, and the rich variety of musical genres.

Essays On Renaissance Music In Honour Of David Fallows

Autore: Fabrice Fitch
Editore: Boydell Press
ISBN: 184383619X
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New articles on du Fay and Desprez, on sacred and secular music, and reception history, form a fitting tribute to one of the field's foremost scholars.

Liturgia E Musica

Autore: Robin A. Leaver
ISBN: 9788820973834
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Cori Spezzati Volume 1 The Development Of Sacred Polychoral Music To The Time Of Schutz

Autore: Anthony F. Carver
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521303989
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Cori Spezzati deals with polychoral church music from its beginnings in the first few decades of the sixteenth century to its climax in the work of Giovanni Gabrieli and Heinrich Schutz. In polychoral music the singers, sometimes with instrumentalists also, were split into two (or more) groups that often engaged in lively dialogue and joined in majestic tutti climaxes. The book draws on contemporary descriptions of the idiom, especially from the writings of Vicentino and Zarlino, but concentrates in the main on musical analysis, showing how antiphonal chanting (such as that of the psalms), dialogue and canon influenced the phenomenon. Polychoral music has often been considered synonymous not only with Venetian music, but with impressive pomp. Anthony Carver's study shows that it was cultivated by many composers outside Venice - in Rome, all over northern Italy, in Catholic and Protestant areas of Germany, in Spain and the New World - and that it was as capable of quiet devotion or mannerist expressionism as of outgoing pomp. Perhaps most important, music by several major composers about which there is still surprisingly little in the literature is treated in depth: the Gabrielis, Lasso, Palestrina, Victoria, and several German masters. The book is illustrated with many musical examples. A companion volume offers an anthology of seventeen complete pieces, most of which are analysed in the text of Volume I.

Music And Musicians In Renaissance Cities And Towns

Autore: Fiona Kisby
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521661713
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Examines musical culture in the towns and cities of Renaissance Europe and the New World.

Choirs Of Angels

Autore: Barbara Drake Boehm
Editore: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 1588393054
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This delightful book describes and illustrates the Metropolitan Museum's collection of nearly 40 illuminations from Italian choral manuscripts. Representing the work of Gothic and Renaissance masters both celebrated and anonymous, these precious paintings in miniature---with their compelling narrative, brilliant color, and shining gold---bear witness to exceptional aesthetic accomplishment. The choir books they illuminate are a rich source of information about the development of chant, whose unexpected transcendent tonalities have abiding appeal today. They also serve as primary sources for the study of the lives of religious communities and of the philosophy and faith that infused medieval Europe, offering a glimpse of Italy at the dawn of the Renaissance.