Luke The Theologian

Autore: François Bovon
Editore: Baylor University Press
ISBN: 193279218X
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In this completely revised and updated edition, Franois Bovon provides a critical assessment of the last fifty-five years of scholarship on Luke-Acts. The study divides thematically, with individual chapters covering the subjects of history and eschatology, the role of the Old Testament, Christology, the Holy Spirit, conversion, and the church. Each chapter begins with a consideration of the exegetical and theological problems unique to each theme in Luke-Acts before providing a detailed survey and critique of contemporary English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian New Testament scholarship.

Luke The Theologian

Autore: Joseph A. Fitzmyer
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 159244959X
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During the Hilary Term of 1987, the notable New Testament theologian on Luke, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J., was invited to give the Martin D'Arcy Lectures at Campion Hall in the University of Oxford. These eight lectures delivered on Lucan themes have been revised and now appear in this book. 'Luke the Theologian: Aspects of His Teaching' is an excellent study of the major theological themes in Luke and is a further exploration of what Fr. Fitzmyer has presented in his Doubleday Commentary, 'The Gospel According to Luke' (Anchor Bible 28, 28A). The topics include a reconsideration of the authorship of Luke-Acts, problems of the infancy narrative, Mary in Lucan salvation history, John the Baptist as the precursor of the Lord, discipleship in Luke-Acts, Satan and demons in the Lucan writings, the Jewish people and Mosaic law in Lucan thinking, and Jesus' words to the repentant criminal. The Lucan writings form about a quarter of the New Testament and are a veritable mine for early Christian teaching. This superb book brings out some of that wealth.

St Luke Theologian Of Redemptive History

Autore: Helmut Flender
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The Theology Of The Gospel Of Luke

Autore: Joel B. Green
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521469326
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The Gospel of Luke, often mined for information about the life of Jesus, is also one of the earliest Christian examples of narrative theology. Luke goes to great lengths to ground the work of Jesus in the continuing story of God's redemptive plan, and his emphasis on the ongoing character of that story challenges his audience to discern the purpose of God and order their lives around it. This exploration of the way in which he accomplishes his theological task in the first century is both informative and illuminating for contemporary readers.

Stewardship And Almsgiving In Luke S Theology

Autore: Kyoung-Jin Kim
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567596125
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This book starts with questions concerning Luke's idea of the relationship between wealth and discipleship. Previous attempts have not succeeded in reconciling the ideas of wealth and poverty with the theme of discipleship in Luke's theology. This failure motivates Kim to investigate a new paradigm, namely stewardship. Reviewing the wide range of material regarding wealth and poverty in Luke-Acts, he concludes that for Luke a proper way for Christians as stewards to use their wealth is almsgiving in the interests of the poor and needy inside and outside the community.

Luke Artist And Theologian

Autore: Robert J. Karris
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606084534
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The Bible is literature as well as a sacred text. For this reason, the application of contemporary methods of literary criticism to the study of Scripture can yield rich benefits. Robert Karris' examination of Luke's Passion account exemplifies this approach. Karris argues that Luke reveals his theology through his artistry, particularly in the themes he chooses to develop and the means by which he does so. These themes provide Karris with an important insight into two questions: Why, in Luke's understanding, was Jesus crucified, and what was the significance of that death? Faithfulness is one more important theme Karris discovers in Luke's Gospel. Luke's Jesus portrays God as endlessly faithful, forgiving, and merciful, even to those unfaithful to him. Justice also surfaces as a clear theme in Luke. Jesus associated with outcasts and preached justice toward victims of his day. When the religious leaders of that time apposed this life-style of justice, Jesus assumed the role of the suffering righteous one. The author concludes by examining Luke's interest in the eating habits of Jesus. By no accident was Jesus slandered as a drunkard and glutton. Hies practice of eating with the unrighteous asserted that the seats at God's banquet table were reserved for the outcasts and the sinners. Karris's study shows that Luke saw the reason for Jesus's death to be rooted in the reason for his life. His conclusions will have value for both the student of Scripture and the individual or group interested in the issues of justice and society.

The Gospel Of Luke

Autore: Joel B. Green
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802823151
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This highly original commentary, part of the New International Commentary, is unique for the way it combines concerns with first-century culture in the Roman world with understanding the text of Luke as a wholistic, historical narrative.

Luke Acts And The Rhetoric Of History

Autore: Clare K. Rothschild
Editore: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161482038
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In the wake of overwhelming scholarly interest, over the past fifty years, in Lukan theology, Clare K. Rothschild describes how Luke-Acts merits consideration on the grounds of ancient historiography. In a close exegetical analysis, she describes the author of Luke-Acts arguing a 'case' (rhetoric) for his version of the events of Christian origins (history).

Luke Historian And Theologian

Autore: I. Howard Marshall
Editore: Paternoster Publishing
ISBN: 9781842274514
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Apart from the apostle Paul, Luke is arguably the most influential force in the canon of the New Testament. His Gospel and Acts occupy almost a third of the New Testament. Marshall provides us with a lucid guide to Luke's theology of salvation as it is unfurled in Gospel narrative, but always with an eye on its ongoing development in his companion work, the Acts of the Apostles.

A Theology Of The New Testament

Autore: George Eldon Ladd
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802806802
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Ladd's magisterial work on New Testament theology has well served scores of seminary students since 1974. Now this comprehensive, standard evangelical text has been carefully revised by Hagner to include an update of Ladd's survey of the history of the field of New Testament theology, an augmented bibliography, and an entirely new subject index.