The Illustrated London News

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The Magna Carta Manifesto

Autore: Peter Linebaugh
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520247260
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This book details the ways in which the Great Charter and its companion the Charter of the Forest have been used throughout the world across the centuries.

Ultimate Computing

Autore: S.R. Hameroff
Editore: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444600094
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The possibility of direct interfacing between biological and technological information devices could result in a merger of mind and machine - Ultimate Computing. This book, a thorough consideration of this idea, involves a number of disciplines, including biochemistry, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, mathematics, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, philosophy, physics, physiology, and psychology.

The Saturday Review

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A Field Guide To Genetic Programming

ISBN: 1409200736
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Genetic programming (GP) is a systematic, domain-independent method for getting computers to solve problems automatically starting from a high-level statement of what needs to be done. Using ideas from natural evolution, GP starts from an ooze of random computer programs, and progressively refines them through processes of mutation and sexual recombination, until high-fitness solutions emerge. All this without the user having to know or specify the form or structure of solutions in advance. GP has generated a plethora of human-competitive results and applications, including novel scientific discoveries and patentable inventions. This unique overview of this exciting technique is written by three of the most active scientists in GP. See for more information on the book.

Principles Of Soil And Plant Water Relations

Autore: M.B. Kirkham
Editore: Academic Press
ISBN: 0124200788
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Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations, 2e describes the principles of water relations within soils, followed by the uptake of water and its subsequent movement throughout and from the plant body. This is presented as a progressive series of physical and biological interrelations, even though each topic is treated in detail on its own. The book also describes equipment used to measure water in the soil-plant-atmosphere system. At the end of each chapter is a biography of a scientist whose principles are discussed in the chapter. In addition to new information on the concept of celestial time, this new edition also includes new chapters on methods to determine sap flow in plants dual-probe heat-pulse technique to monitor water in the root zone. Provides the necessary understanding to address advancing problems in water availability for meeting ecological requirements at local, regional and global scales Covers plant anatomy: an essential component to understanding soil and plant water relations

Genome The Autobiography Of A Species In 23 Chapters

Autore: Matt Ridley
Editore: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007381840
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The most important investigation of genetic science since The Selfish Gene, from the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling The Red Queen and The Origins of Virtue.

The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia Of Psychology And Behavioral Science

Autore: W. Edward Craighead
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471220367
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Contains entries in all major categories of psychology - written by esteemed authorities in their fields. Provides comprehensive coverage from Acquired Drives to Z-score, from conduct disorders to shamanism.-- xreferplus description.

Flame Wars

Autore: Mark Dery
Editore: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822315407
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"Flame Wars," the verbal firefights that take place between disembodied combatants on electronic bulletin boards, remind us that our interaction with the world is increasingly mediated by computers. Bit by digital bit we are being "Borged," as devotees of Star Trek: The Next Generation would have it—transformed into cyborgian hybrids of technology and biology through our ever more frequent interaction with machines, or with one another through technological interfaces. The subcultural practices of the "incurably informed," to borrow the cyberpunk novelist Pat Cadigan’s coinage, offer a precognitive glimpse of mainstream culture in the near future, when many of us will be part-time residents in virtual communities. Yet, as the essays in this expanded edition of a special issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly confirm, there is more to fringe computer culture than cyberspace. Within these pages, readers will encounter flame warriors; new age mutant ninja hackers; technopagans for whom the computer is an occult engine; and William Gibson’s "Agrippa," a short story on software that can only be read once because it gobbles itself up as soon as the last page is reached. Here, too, is Lady El, an African American cleaning woman reincarnated as an all-powerful cyborg; devotees of on-line swinging, or "compu-sex"; the teleoperated weaponry and amok robots of the mechanical performance art group, Survival Research Laboratories; an interview with Samuel Delany, and more. Rallying around Fredric Jameson’s call for a cognitive cartography that "seeks to endow the individual subject with some new heightened sense of place in the global system," the contributors to Flame Wars have sketched a corner of that map, an outline for a wiring diagram of a terminally wired world. Contributors. Anne Balsamo, Gareth Branwyn, Scott Bukatman, Pat Cadigan, Gary Chapman, Erik Davis, Manuel De Landa, Mark Dery, Julian Dibbell, Marc Laidlaw, Mark Pauline, Peter Schwenger, Vivian Sobchack, Claudia Springer

Casarett Doull S Toxicology

Autore: Curtis D. Klaassen
Editore: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071593519
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The most complete, trusted reference-text covering the full span of medical toxicology Market: Students, toxicologists, and pharmacologists Focuses on the principles, concepts, and modes of thought that are the foundation of the discipline New to this edition: updated throughout to reflect new understanding of cell death and drug metabolism, new content on chemical terrorism, many new contributors