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Life Of Senna

Autore: Tom Rubython
ISBN: 9780954685706
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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James Hunt

Autore: Gerald Donaldson
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 0753546329
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James Hunt was a towering personality with a commanding presence, a hugely glamorous public figure who brought Formula One motor racing to the attention of a whole new audience. Triumphing against all odds to become World Drivers' Champion with McLaren in 1976, Hunt sank into a period of decadence and depression, only to be rejuvenated as he found true love for the first time. With that came personal contentment and a renewed zest for living, so that one of the most colourful and controversial figures in Grand Prix racing is best remembered by those close to him as a fun-loving, caring man who had a genuinely uplifting presence - qualities that shine through in Gerald Donaldson's compelling and moving account of his life.

Albanian Literature

Autore: Robert Elsie
Editore: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781845110314
Grandezza: 37,76 MB
Formato: PDF
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Albanian writing shot to prominence with the rumored nomination of Ismael Kadare for the Nobel Prize in 2004. Otherwise, very little is known or has been written in the English-speaking world about Albanian literature. Its fate followed the brutal course of Balkan political history. Despite its tumultuous history, Albania has nonetheless produced writers of the highest calibre, such as A.Z. Cajupi, Gjergj Fishta and, of course, Kadare. Albanian Literature: A Short History is a unique work of reference, which provides a concise and complete overview from the thirteenth century to the present day. I.B.Tauris in association with the Centre for Albanian Studies.

The Words Of Abraham Lincoln

Autore: Abraham Lincoln
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 1557048622
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From the “Four score and seven years ago” that every American schoolchild knows to personal notes and dozens of memorable letters, debates, and speeches from a critical time in this nation’s history, here is a remarkable collection of Lincoln’s writings. Through them, we can follow the sixteenth president’s development from country lawyer to healer of a wounded nation. Arranged thematically, The Words of Abraham Lincoln brings together his early writings, his notes on courtship, marriage, and the family, his thoughts on slavery, including the full text of the Emancipation Proclamation, and his letters to his generals during the Civil War, among other subjects. This book includes eight historical photographs and a chronology. Two hundred years after his birth, Lincoln’s writing endures. Witty and wise, Lincoln speaks today as powerfully as he did when he was president.

Elements Of Argument

Autore: Annette T. Rottenberg
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312646992
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Elements of Argument combines a thorough argument text on critical thinking, reading, writing, and research with an extensive reader on both current and timeless controversial issues. It presents everything students need to analyze, research, and write arguments. Elements of Argument covers Toulmin, Aristotelian, and Rogerian models of argument and has been thoroughly updated with current selections students will want to read. It now includes additional support for academic writing, making it a truly flexible classroom resource. An electronic edition is available at half the price of the print book. Read the preface.

The Soul Of A Butterfly

Autore: Hana Yasmeen Ali
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448168538
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In this poignant, moving book, Muhammad Ali shares the beliefs he has come to live by and which he has passed on to his children. Some of the wisdom is his own; some comes from the teachings of true Islam, from his spiritual studies, and from people he has met in the course of his extraordinary life. Here, as he recalls his early days as a young warrior in Louisville, Kentucky, and his meteoric rise to fame as Heavyweight Champion of the World, a title he won three times, he tells of the many battles he won and lost, both inside and outside the ring and his conversion to Islam in the 1960s. Now, working tirelessly as a worldwide ambassador for peace, he talks of the damage caused when religion is used to tear people apart, the essential need for unity in this troubled world, and how his faith sustains him on this, the most important journey of his life - the journey to forgiveness and peace. Together with his daughter Hana, in this timely spiritual memoir Ali draws upon his rich reserve of notes, tapes and journals, and writes with compassion, warmth and, of course, humour on how we can liberate mind, body and spirit when we pursue and embrace the one essential truth - love.

All 14 Eight Thousanders

Autore: Reinhold Messner
Editore: The Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 9780898866605
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What motivated Reinhold Messner in pursuit of his goal of all 14 of the world's highest peaks? The answer is here in this revealing memoir. Share rare moments with one of mountaineering's living legends.