The Ultimate Sports Challenge

Autore: John A. White
Editore: Book Sales Inc
ISBN: 9780785826446
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With questions on everything the dedicated sports fan could possibly want to know, ranging in difficulty from the challenging to the fiendishly impossible, this book covers the whole field of sport and is perfect for all the family. The Ultimate Sports Challenge comes in multiple-choice format and whether you want to find out who recorded the fastest serve ever in men’s professional tennis, the last NHL team to win the Stanley Cup with a team comprised entirely of Canada-born players or how many fillies have won the Kentucky Derby, this book is for you. It’s the perfect companion for every sports fan with a thirst for sporting trivia. If you’re not a sports-know-it-all when you start these questions, you will be by the time you finish.

Recommended Books In Spanish For Children And Young Adults

Autore: Isabel Schon
Editore: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810851962
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Whether used for the development and support of an existing collection or for the creation of a new collection serving Spanish-speaking young readers, this outstanding resource is an essential tool. Following the same format as the highly praised 1996-1999 edition, Schon presents critical annotations for 1300 books published between 2000 and 2004, including reference, nonfiction, and fiction. One section is devoted to publishers' series, and an appendix lists dealers who carry books in Spanish. Includes author, title, and subject indexes.

Immortale Ayrton Senna Il Campione Di Tutti

Autore: Beppe Donazzan
ISBN: 8867762230
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Il primo maggio 1994 Ayrton Senna, il pilota più amato e idolatrato della storia, perde la vita a causa di un terribile incidente alla curva del Tamburello sulla pista di Imola. Sono trascorsi vent'anni, ma il ricordo delle sue gesta fa ancora emozionare i tifosi nel mondo. Morendo, Ayrton Senna, il campione di tutti, è divenuto immortale. Beppe Donazzan quel giorno a Imola c'era. Ha assistito al drammatico schianto, è stato testimone degli ultimi quattro giorni del pilota brasiliano, descrivendo l'inquietudine e i tanti misteri prima dell'ultima partenza. Ha raccontato il dolore della gente, le feroci polemiche e il processo. Oggi Donazzan celebra Senna in un libro che narra la storia, la morte e l'eredità lasciata dal grande campione, riannodando il filo che lega le sue imprese a quelle di chi lo ha seguito e che, nella straordinaria personalità di Ayrton, continua a ritrovare un'inimitabile lezione di sport e di vita.

The Death Of Ayrton Senna

Autore: Richard Williams
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141963913
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Millions of people around the world watched in horror on that fateful day in Imola at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix when Ayrton Senna's car careered off the track at 190mph. The greatest driver in Formula One history was dead. In this classic sports book, reissued to tie-in with a new Working Title documentary film about Senna, Richard Williams explores the complex Brazilian who was a hero in his own country and an icon to everyone who loved not just motor-racing but sport itself. In his drive to win and his desire always to test himself to the limit, Senna embodied all that is best and most thrilling in sport.

Endorsements In Advertising

Autore: Kerry Segrave
Editore: McFarland
ISBN: 078642043X
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The use of endorsements and testimonials to sell anything imaginable is a modern development, though the technique is centuries old. Before World War I, endorsement ads were tied to patent medicine, and were left with a bad reputation when that industry was exposed as quackery. The reputation was well earned: claims of a product's curative powers sometimes ran opposite the endorser's obituary, and Lillian Russell once testified that a certain compound had made her "feel like a new man." Distrusted by the public, banished from mainstream publications, endorsements languished until around 1920, but returned with a vengeance with the growth of consumerism and modern media. Despite its questionable effectiveness, endorsement advertising is now ubiquitous, costing advertisers (and consequently consumers) hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This exploration of modern endorsement advertising--paid or unsolicited testimonials endorsing a product--follows its evolution from a marginalized, mistrusted technique to a multibillion-dollar industry. Chapters recount endorsement advertising's changing form and fortunes, from Lux Soap's co-opting of early Hollywood to today's lucrative industry dependent largely on athletes. The social history of endorsement advertising is examined in terms of changing ethical and governmental views, shifting business trends, and its relationship to the growth of modern media, while the money involved and the question of effectiveness are scrutinized. The illustrated text includes five appendices that focus on companies, celebrities, athletes and celebrity endorsements.

Autocar Motor

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Ayrton Senna S Principles Of Race Driving

Autore: Ayrton Senna
Editore: Hazelton Publishing (UK)
ISBN: 9781874557401
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The late three-time World Champion Senna's winning insights for success on the track.

The Silver Helmet

Autore: craig lock
ISBN: 9781542577144
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"Grand Prix racing is primarily a mental contest." PROLOGUE14 May 1988 QUALIFYING FOR MONACO GRAND PRIXThe spine tingling spectacle of the late Ayrton Senna on a qualifying lap provided some of the most thrilling moments in the history of the sport. There has never been a faster driver over a single lap - his record of 65 pole positions is unlikely to ever be broken - nor has anyone thought so deeply about it. When he talked about his memorable lap, the one that left the most indelible impression on his exceptional mind, Senna's eyes shone with a faraway look and his voice quavered with intensity..."Suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was kind of driving by instinct, only I was in a different dimension. I was way over the limit; but still I was able to find even more. It frightened me, because I realised I was well beyond my conscious understanding."- "the late, great" Ayrton Senna* from 'FORMULA 1: The Autobiography 'Edited by Gerald Donaldson (and first published in the UK in 2002 by Wedenfeld and Nicolson). Thanks for the great gift, dad. Bet you'd love to read my new book, this "true labour of love".Check out this video released by McLaren ('v=K9QH8-lKEYY)to see Gerald Donaldson and Jo Ramirez discussing Ayrton Senna's finest hour around the winding and narrow streets of Monaco.Incidentally, It was Donaldson's original interview that provided the inspiration for the fascinating book 'Overdrive': Formula One in the Zone' by Clyde Brolin - and a decade of searching for more of the same by the other greats of Formula 1 and beyond.Web site: www.overdrivef1.comI 've been studying and researching and writing about your intriguing book for the past few months. Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration, Clydecraig*"Grand Prix racing is primarily a mental contest.""The driver is expected to explore the inner places of his desire by taking everything to this translate it into a sublime peak only he can reach; but the trouble is they're all doing it.... on a narrow ribbon of track, together."- fine writing by Christopher Hilton in his fascinating book 'Inside the Mind of a Grand Prix Driver')"All drivers are united by a passion for what they do. They express it in different ways, as you would expect, because they are fiercely independent and ambitious men drawn from every continent and every background. But the message transcends everything."'- more fine writing by Christopher Hilton in his book "Senna is a genius. I define genius as just the right side of imbalance. He is highly developed to the point where he is almost over the edge. It's a close call."- the words of Senna's great rival for the British Formula 3 title in his early years, former GP driver and now television commentator, Martin Brundle"If your brain is strong enough and your concentration is good enough, you do the lap time first in the brain and then in in your car and in your body. This is something the good drivers can do, but only Ayrton Senna made perfect."- former Sauber driver Karl Wendlinger*"The Zone could simply be a gateway to the divine, one of God's methods of reminding us of His - and our - glorious power. Omnipresence means that power must be everywhere, everytime. Including the racetracks. Including today."- powerful writing from Clyde Brolin in his great book 'Overdrive: Formula One in the Zone'"The untapped potential in every human being is limitless: we are perfectly capable of producing, all by ourselves, true magic."- more great writing from Clyde Brolin from 'Overdrive'Dedicated toMy beloved sons, Sean and Gareth and yes, you too Marie. I know you can't and don't understand my passion for motor racing, my "crazy" love of Grand Prix racing. Still thanks for brightening each day more than you can (and will) ever know. May you find the "true magic" in your own

Who Shot Sports

Autore: Gail Buckland
Editore: Knopf
ISBN: 0385352239
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From the creator/editor of Who Shot Rock & Roll ("I loved this book" --Dwight Garner, The New York Times. "Whatever Gail Buckland writes, I want to read"), a book that brings together the work of 165 extraordinary photographers, most of their images heralded, most of their names unknown; photographs that capture the essence of athletes' mastery of mind/body/soul against the odds, doing the impossible, seeming to defy the laws of gravity, the laws of physics, and showing what human will, discipline, drive, and desire look like when suspended in time. The first book to show the range, cultural importance, and aesthetics of sports photography, much of it legendary, all of it powerful. Here, in more than 280 spectacular images--more than 130 in full color--are great action photographs; portraits of athletes, famous and unknown; athletes off the field and behind the scenes; athletes practicing, working out, the daily relentless effort of training and achieving physical perfection. Buckland writes that sports photographers have always been central to the technical advancement of photography, that they have designed longer lenses, faster shutters, motor drives, underwater casings, and remote controls, allowing us to see what we could never see--and hold on to--with the naked eye. Here are photographs by such masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Danny Lyon, Walker Evans, Annie Leibovitz, and 160 more, names not necessarily known to the public but whose photographic work is considered iconic . . . Here are photographs of Willie Mays . . . Carl Lewis . . . Ian Botham . . . Kobe Bryant . . . Magic Johnson . . . Muhammad Ali . . . Serena Williams . . . Bobby Orr . . . Stirling Moss . . . Jesse Owens . . . Mark Spitz . . . Roger Federer . . . Jackie Robinson. Here is the work of the great sports photographers Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr., Bob Martin, Al Bello, Robert Riger, and Heinz Kleutmeier of Sports Illustrated, who was the first to put a camera at the bottom of an Olympic swimming pool and photograph swimmers from below . . . Here are pictures by Charles Hoff, the New York Daily News photographer of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, whose images of the 1936 Berlin Olympics still inspire shock and awe . . . and those of Ernst Haas, whose innovative color pictures of bullfighting of the 1950s remain poetic evocations of a bloody sport . . . To make the selections for Who Shot Sports, Buckland, a former curator of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Visiting Professor at Cooper Union, has drawn upon the work of more than fifty archives, from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, to Sports Illustrated, Cond� Nast, Getty Images, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, L'�quipe, The New York Times, and the archives of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. Here are classic and unknown sports images that capture the uncapturable, that allow us to experience "kinetic beauty," and that give us the essence and meaning--the transcendent power--of sports.

Senna Versus Prost

Autore: Malcolm Folley
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1409061922
Grandezza: 23,91 MB
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In the late eighties and early nineties, Formula One was at its most explosive, with thrilling races, charismatic drivers, nail-biting climaxes - and the most deadly rivalry ever witnessed in sport. Two of Formula One's most honoured champions and iconic figures drove together for McLaren for two seasons, and their acrimonious and hostile relationship extended even after one of them had left the team. ALAIN PROST, France's only F1 world champion, the intelligent, smooth driver with the epithet 'Le Professeur'. AYRTON SENNA, the mercurial kid from a privileged background in Sao Paolo who would become the most intense and ruthless racing driver the world has ever seen. It was a story that would have a tragic ending. As the great rivals raced to victory, their relationship deteriorated badly, beginning with the breaking of a gentleman's agreement, and public spats followed, culminating in Prost accusing Senna of deliberately trying to ride him off the circuit, and fearful that the Brazilian would get someone killed with his daring overtaking feats. And the final, sad act of this drama happened at the San Marino Grand prix at Imola in May 1994, when Senna was killed. Featuring a rare interview with Prost, and insight from Martin Brundle, Damon Hill, Sir Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Derek Warrick, Johnny Herbert, Gerhard Berger, plus McLaren insiders and other F1 figures, Malcolm Folley provides us with a breath-taking account of one of the all-time classic sporting rivalries.