Lavazza Con Te Partir 20 Anni 240 Mesi 170 Immagini

Autore: Fabio Novembre
ISBN: 9788817053754
Grandezza: 26,11 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Las Grandes Inc Gnitas

Autore: Miguel González
Editore: Palibrio
ISBN: 9781463324612
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Formato: PDF
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La armonía, la paz y la felicidad, solo se logran por una gracia especial que resulta de buenos propósitos, de los buenos proyectos, del trabajo; y de acciones honestas, y humildes que tengan un toque de misericordia, de razón y de justicia.

The Manara Library Volume 6

Autore: Milo Manara
ISBN: 9781595827876
Grandezza: 26,13 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Milo Manara and Alexandro Jodorowsky's (Metabarons, The Incal) sweeping saga of sex, blood, and religion is collected in a single volume for the first time, in the latest volume of The Manara Library! When Pope Innocent VIII dies, the corrupt, licentious Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia schemes, murders, and seduces his way into becoming the new pope and immediately secures positions for his family to ensure a Borgia dynasty. With breathtakingly beautiful painted artwork by Manara, this account of Italy's first Mafia family is among comics' - and history's - sexiest, most violent, and most engrossing epics!

Stories Of King Arthur Illustrated By Arthur Rackham

Autore: A. L. Haydon
Editore: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 147338494X
Grandezza: 10,65 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Stories of King Arthur are retold here, by A. L. Haydon (1872 – 1910), and presented alongside the illustrations of Arthur Rackham. King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late fifth and early-sixth centuries, whose story is manly composed from ancient folklore and literary invention. This volume tells of his legendary adventures, and contains chapters on ‘King Arthur’s Birth’, ‘King Arthur’s Marriage’, ‘Sir Galahad and the Quest for the Holy Grail’, ‘The Jest of Sir Dagonet’, ‘The Sword of Excalibur’, and many more thrilling knights, maidens, and quests. The book further contains a series of dazzling colour and black-and-white illustrations – by a master of the craft; Arthur Rackham (1867 – 1939). One of the most celebrated painters of the British Golden Age of Illustration (which encompassed the years from 1850 until the start of the First World War), Rackham’s artistry is quite simply, unparalleled. Throughout his career, he developed a unique style, combining haunting humour with dream-like romance. Appearing alongside the text, his illustrations further refine and elucidate A. L. Haydon’s enchanting storytelling. Pook Press celebrates the great ‘Golden Age of Illustration‘ in children’s literature – a period of unparalleled excellence in book illustration from the 1880s to the 1930s. Our collection showcases classic fairy tales, children’s stories, and the work of some of the most celebrated artists, illustrators and authors.

Low Volume 3

Autore: Rick Remender
ISBN: 9781632157089
Grandezza: 36,35 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Originally published in single magazine form as Low #11-15."

Ancient Manners

Autore: Pierre Lous
Editore: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781497527225
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Excerpt: ...tears. I have other than women at the palace; I have sturdy Ethiopians with chests of bronze and arms bulging out with muscles. In their embrace, I shall soon forget your womanish legs and your pretty beard. The spectacle of their passion will doubtless be a new one for me, and I shall give my amorousness a rest. But the day I am certain that your eyes have ceased to trouble me by their absence, and that I can replace your mouth, then I shall despatch you from the top of the bridge of Hermes to join my necklace and my rings like a jewel I have worn too long. Ah! what it is to be a queen!" She sat up and seemed as if waiting. But Demetrios remained impassive, and did not move a muscle, as if he had not heard her. She resumed angrily: "You have not understood?" He leaned carelessly upon his elbow and said quietly and unmovedly: "I have thought of a tale. "Long ago, long before the conquest of Thrace by your father's ancestors, it was inhabited by wild beasts and a few timorous men. "The animals were very beautiful: there were lions tawny as the sun, tigers striped like the evening, and bears black as night. "The men were little and flat-nosed, covered with old, worn skins, armed with rude lances and bows without beauty. They shut themselves up in mountain holes, behind huge stones which they moved with difficulty. They passed their lives at the chase. There was blood in the forests. "The country was so forlorn that the gods had deserted it. When Artemis left Olympus in the whiteness of the morning, she never took the path which would have led her to the North. The wars which were waged there did not disturb Ares. The absence of pipes and flutes repelled Apollo. The triple Hecate alone shone in solitude, like the face of a Medusa upon a petrified land. "Now, there came to live in that country a man of more favoured race, one who did not dress in skin like the mountain savages. "He wore a long white robe which trailed behind him a little. He loved to...

Where The Bird Sings Best

Autore: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Editore: Restless Books
ISBN: 1632060078
Grandezza: 23,15 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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The magnum opus from Alejandro Jodorowsky—director of The Holy Mountain, star of Jodorowsky’s Dune, spiritual guru behind Psychomagic and The Way of Tarot, innovator behind classic comics The Incal and Metabarons, and legend of Latin American literature. There has never been an artist like the polymathic Chilean director, author, and mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky. For eight decades, he has blazed new trails across a dazzling variety of creative fields. While his psychedelic, visionary films have been celebrated by the likes of John Lennon, Marina Abramovic, and Kanye West, his novels—praised throughout Latin America in the same breath as those of Gabriel García Márquez—have remained largely unknown in the English-speaking world. Until now. Where the Bird Sings Best tells the fantastic story of the Jodorowskys’ emigration from Ukraine to Chile amidst the political and cultural upheavals of the 19th and 20th centuries. Like One Hundred Years of Solitude, Jodorowsky’s book transforms family history into heroic legend: incestuous beekeepers hide their crime with a living cloak of bees, a czar fakes his own death to live as a hermit amongst the animals, a devout grandfather confides only in the ghost of a wise rabbi, a transgender ballerina with a voracious sexual appetite holds a would-be saint in thrall. Kaleidoscopic, exhilarating, and erotic, Where the Bird Sings Best expands the classic immigration story to mythic proportions. Praise “This epic family saga, reminiscent of Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude in structure and breadth, reads at a breakneck pace. Though ostensibly a novelization of the author's own family history, it is a raucous carnival of the surreal, mystical, and grotesque.” —Publishers Weekly "A man whose life has been defined by cosmic ambitions." —The New York Times Magazine "A great eccentric original....A legendary man of many trades.” —Roger Ebert For more information on Alejandro Jodorowsky, please visit

Dr Strange

Editore: Marvel
ISBN: 9780785163879
Grandezza: 62,73 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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A window-crashing, high-flying, globe-traveling, ghost-battling adventure from the earliest days of Doctor Strange's training in the mystic arts! Part Indiana Jones, part Lord of the Rings, thrill to this new tale of how a selfish, arrogant surgeon collided with a hot-headed martial artist to become the greatest team the mystic arts have ever seen! If only they can stop hitting each other and figure out how all this magic stuff works anyway. Also featuring DEFENDERS (2012) #1, by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson.

Pandora S Eyes

Autore: Vincenzo Cerami
ISBN: 9781594651564
Grandezza: 79,77 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 3537
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An edge-of-your-seat thriller spiced with Milo Manara s gorgeous erotic sensibility."

The Fuzzy Duckling

Autore: Jane Werner Watson
Editore: Golden Books
ISBN: 0553522132
Grandezza: 19,43 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Feeling lonely, the fuzzy duckling looks for a friend, but the other animals will not take a walk with him.