Manuale Pratico Per Il Novello O Aspirante Sommelier 500 Quiz Domande Risposte Per Superare L Esame Da Sommelier

Autore: Nicola Ferrazzano
ISBN: 9788890702426
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Manuale Pratico Per Il Novello O Aspirante Sommelier 500 Quiz Domande Risposte Per Superare L Esame Da Sommelier Con Tavola Degli Aromi

Autore: Nicola Ferrazzano
ISBN: 9788890702419
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Queues And L Vy Fluctuation Theory

Autore: Krzysztof Dębicki
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319206931
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The book provides an extensive introduction to queueing models driven by Lévy-processes as well as a systematic account of the literature on Lévy-driven queues. The objective is to make the reader familiar with the wide set of probabilistic techniques that have been developed over the past decades, including transform-based techniques, martingales, rate-conservation arguments, change-of-measure, importance sampling, and large deviations. On the application side, it demonstrates how Lévy traffic models arise when modelling current queueing-type systems (as communication networks) and includes applications to finance. Queues and Lévy Fluctuation Theory will appeal to postgraduate students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Basic prerequisites are probability theory and stochastic processes.

Fast And Fresh Baby Food Cookbook

Autore: Jacqueline Burt Cote
Editore: Callisto Media Inc
ISBN: 1623154723
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The Absolute Easiest Baby Food Cookbook for New Parents You can’t keep up with the laundry. You can’t fit into anything but yoga pants. You can’t make your baby sleep through the night. But you can make easy, wholesome, and delicious food for your baby in minutes. Fortunately, the nutritional needs of babies are very simple. This accessible yet comprehensive book has new parents covered, with · Nutritional and developmental advice for ages 4 to 18 months · The latest information on which foods to introduce and when · Easy-to-follow instructions for a wide variety of first purées, flavorful and nutritious combination purées, and fast and healthy toddler meals · Sample meal plans for babies and toddlers Take comfort in knowing that when everything else is out of your control, you can still make the best food for your baby in 30 minutes or less.

Fiori E Foglie In Arte Ediz Inglese

Editore: Giunti Editore
ISBN: 9788844009397
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Emerging Writers

Autore: Merlene Purkiss
Editore: Allwrite Publishing
ISBN: 9780984493111
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Emerging Writers was designed for students of writing who are willing to begin with the basics and ultimately graduate to expanding the writing process. The book is filled with invaluable examples and exercises to help develop all the essential skills introduced. In addition, there is a lesson review at the end of most every chapter, so bonus reinforcement is provided throughout the book. One of the greatest things about the book is that it is so simple and well structured that seasoned and even novice writers can use it independently. It is also adaptable, being used primarily as a developmental writing textbook for college-level composition courses, but it can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

Mr And Miss Anonymous

Autore: Fern Michaels
Editore: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 142012966X
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Fast-moving. . .Entertaining. . .a roller-coaster ride of serendipitous fun. --Publishers Weekly Hope Lies In The Past Like many college students struggling to get by, Lily Madison and Peter Kelly help pay for tuition by making donations to a local fertility clinic. One day they meet each other at the clinic and find they have more in common than their mutual attraction, like the odd feeling all is not as it seems at the clinic. But their meeting is brief and Lily and Pete go their separate ways. Twenty years later, Pete, now a wealthy entrepreneur, sees Lily in an airport and instantly falls for her all over again. While they enjoy their unlikely reunion, a story on the news captures their attention: the disappearance of two teenage boys may be linked to the fertility clinic Pete and Lily visited in college. In a shocking twist, one of the boys looks exactly like Pete. . . "Thrilling." --Booklist "A page turner and one of the author's best romantic suspense tales to date." --Fresh Fiction


Autore: Niccolò Ammaniti
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Italy's best crime writers present nine gripping, often darkly humorous short stories with setting ranging from Milan to Palermo by way of Rome and even Guadeloupe. The mafia is not just Sicilian but also Albanian, Croatian, and Chinese.

Angelina And Henry

Autore: Katharine Holabird
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101998245
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Angelina and her cousin Henry are off on a camping adventure in the Big Cat Mountains with Uncle Louie. They love being explorers and are excited to hike deeper and deeper into the forest. But then night falls and ahh! that Big Cat behind the trees? Luckily, Angelina is brave enough to calm Henry's fears and her own.

Killing Critics

Autore: Carol O'Connell
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101458754
Grandezza: 61,66 MB
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NYPD sergeant Kathleen Mallory, a wild child turned policewoman, possessed of a ferocious intelligence and a unique inner compass of right and wrong, is about to be sorely tested. Killing Critics begins with a discreet murder - the almost unnoticed death of a hack artist at a gallery opening - but quickly connects with a much more brutal crime - a twelve-year-old double homicide and dismemberment originally investigated by Mallory's now deceased adoptive father, Louis Markowitz. A quick confession ended that case, but as Mallory probes into the new murder, the ghosts of the old will not be still. She finds herself traveling in an intricately connected world of envy, greed, and lethal passions: a place where no relationship is what it seems, and the secrets, very deep and very dark indeed, strike closer and closer to home. By the end, she will come to know the truth - but the truth may be the most dangerous illusion of all.