Marine Mammals And The Exxon Valdez

Author: Thomas R. Loughlin
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483288811
Size: 11,34 MB
Format: PDF
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The oil spill disaster that occurred when the Exxon Valdez ran aground has become part of the iconography of ecological disaster. This book synthesizes previously confidential data only recently released by the U.S. government. The data concerns the effects of this nightmarish spill on marine mammals, such as sea otters, harbor seals, killer whales, and humpback whales. Because many of the book's contributors were on site within 24 hours of this 11 million gallon catastrophe, the book is a unique longitudinal study of the demise of an ecosystem due to a single acute environmental perturbation. These certain-to-be-influential results reported here should assist marine biologists, pathologists, toxicologists, environmentalists, engineers, and coastal planners in assessing the nature of this now legendary disaster.

Crc Handbook Of Marine Mammal Medicine Third Edition

Author: Frances M.D. Gulland
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351384163
Size: 13,91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 824

For three decades, this book has been acknowledged as the most respected scientific reference specifically devoted to marine mammal medicine and health. Written by approximately 100 contributors who are recognized globally as leaders in their respective fields, the CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, Third Edition continues to serve as the essential guide for all practitioners involved with marine mammals including veterinarians, technicians, biological researchers, students, managers, keepers, curators, and trainers. The 45 chapters provide essential information for the practitioner on pathology, infectious diseases, medical treatment, anesthesia, surgery, husbandry, health assessment, species-specific medicine, medically pertinent anatomy and physiology, and global health concerns such as strandings, oil spills, and entanglements of marine mammals. The book guides the reader through the veterinary care of cetaceans, pinnipeds, manatees, sea otters, and polar bears. In addition to summaries of current knowledge, chapters provide information on those digital resources and websites which present the latest information as it emerges in the field. The CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, Third Edition gives a call to action for scientists to experiment with new endeavors to engage and inspire current and future generations to care for marine mammals and the marine environment, and work together to find solutions. As the most trusted reference for marine mammal conservation medicine and for marine mammal medical facilities around the world, this book needs to be in your library.

Encyclopedia Of Marine Mammals

Author: William F. Perrin
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780080919935
Size: 15,59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 148

This thorough revision of the classic Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals brings this authoritative book right up-to-date. Articles describe every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. The latest information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behavior and interactions with man is provided by a cast of expert authors – all presented in such detail and clarity to support both marine mammal specialists and the serious naturalist. Fully referenced throughout and with a fresh selection of the best color photographs available, the long-awaited second edition remains at the forefront as the go-to reference on marine mammals. More than 20% NEW MATERIAL includes articles on Climate Change, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Sociobiology, Habitat Use, Feeding Morphology and more Over 260 articles on the individual species with topics ranging from anatomy and behavior, to conservation, exploitation and the impact of global climate change on marine mammals New color illustrations show every species and document topical articles FROM THE FIRST EDITION “This book is so good...a bargain, full of riches...packed with fascinating up to date information. I recommend it unreservedly it to individuals, students, and researchers, as well as libraries." --Richard M. Laws, MARINE MAMMALS SCIENCE "...establishes a solid and satisfying foundation for current study and future exploration" --Ronald J. Shusterman, SCIENCE

Katastrophenmanagement Am Beispiel Des Tankerungl Cks Der Exxon Valdez 1989

Author: Susanne Bortolotti
Editor: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3656182558
Size: 14,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2004 im Fachbereich BWL - Personal und Organisation, Note: 1,00, Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien (Institut fur Organisation und Materialwirtschaft), Sprache: Deutsch, Anmerkungen: Eine Analyse des Katastrophenmanagements im Fall des Tankerunglucks der Exxon Valdez. Da die Arbeit auf max. 3.300 Worte limitiert war, mit ausserst umfangreichem Anhang , Abstract: Seminararbeit an der Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien (Institut Organisation und Materialwirtschaft) zum Thema Katastrophenmanagement. Detaillierte Analyse der Katastrophe inkl. des Katastrophenmanagements inkl. Time-Line und kritischer Betrachtung. Mit enorm umfangreichem Anhang

State Federal Natural Resource Damage Assessment Plan For The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Size: 12,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Marine Mammals

Author: Annalisa Berta
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080489346
Size: 20,83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 680

Berta and Sumich have succeeded yet again in creating superior marine reading! This book is a succinct yet comprehensive text devoted to the systematics, evolution, morphology, ecology, physiology, and behavior of marine mammals. The first edition, considered the leading text in the field, is required reading for all marine biologists concerned with marine mammals. Revisions include updates of citations, expansion of nearly every chapter and full color photographs. This title continues the tradition by fully expanding and updating nearly all chapters. * Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the biology of all marine mammals * Provides a phylogenetic framework that integrates phylogeny with behavior and ecology * Features chapter summaries, further readings, an appendix, glossary and an extensive bibliography * Exciting new color photographs and additional distribution maps

This Borrowed Earth

Author: Robert Emmet Hernan
Editor: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230105270
Size: 20,44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 907

Over the last century mankind has irrevocably damaged the environment through the unscrupulous greed of big business and our own willful ignorance. Here are the strikingly poignant accounts of disasters whose names live in infamy: Chernobyl, Bhopal, Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island, Love Canal, Minamata and others. And with these, the extraordinary and inspirational stories of the countless men and women who fought bravely to protect the communities and environments at risk.

Proceedings Of The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Symposium

Author: Stanley Donald Rice
ISBN: 9780913235959
Size: 14,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Field Guide For Oil Spill Response In Tropical Waters

Author: International Maritime Organization
Editor: IMO Publishing
ISBN: 9789280114201
Size: 16,32 MB
Format: PDF
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Impacts Of Oil Spill Disasters On Marine Habitats And Fisheries In North America

Author: J. Brian Alford
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466557206
Size: 18,12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 486

At an increasingly global scale, aquatic scientists are heavily entrenched in understanding the fate of marine ecosystems in the face of human-altered environments. Oil spill disasters, especially large-scale ones like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon tragedy, have left uncertain and indelible marks on marine ecosystems. Impacts of Oil Spill Disasters on Marine Habitats and Fisheries in North America contains independent scientific findings and critical reviews from experts researching the impacts of the Exxon Valdez, Ixtoc I, and Deepwater Horizon oil spills on coastal fishery resources. Comprised of three sections, this seminal work: Details the physiological effects of oil-derived compounds on fishes, presenting results from field and laboratory investigations Addresses the science of assessing the impacts of oil spills and oil response measures on coastal habitats, with an emphasis on salt-marsh ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico Explores the quantified and potential impacts of oil spills on population and community dynamics of commercial and recreational fishery species Provides newly released results from the 25-year recovery of marine mammals, birds, and fishes following the Exxon Valdez spill Chapters discuss new techniques for collecting and processing blood samples for toxicity testing, new aerial radar techniques for detecting unseen oil on marshes, consequences of oil prevention measures (such as diverting fresh water to estuaries or building sand berms to stop oil) on coastal fishery resources, and non-traditional methods for assessing the herring stock in Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA following the Exxon Valdez disaster.