Le Marteau Sans Ma Tre

Author: Pierre Boulez
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French Music Since Berlioz

Author: Caroline Potter
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351566474
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French Music Since Berlioz explores key developments in French classical music during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This volume draws on the expertise of a range of French music scholars who provide their own perspectives on particular aspects of the subject. D?dre Donnellon's introduction discusses important issues and debates in French classical music of the period, highlights key figures and institutions, and provides a context for the chapters that follow. The first two of these are concerned with opera in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries respectively, addressed by Thomas Cooper for the nineteenth century and Richard Langham Smith for the twentieth. Timothy Jones's chapter follows, which assesses the French contribution to those most Germanic of genres, nineteenth-century chamber music and symphonies. The quintessentially French tradition of the nineteenth-century salon is the subject of James Ross's chapter, while the more sacred setting of Paris's most musically significant churches and the contribution of their organists is the focus of Nigel Simeone's essay. The transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century is explored by Roy Howat through a detailed look at four leading figures of this time: Faur?Chabrier, Debussy and Ravel. Robert Orledge follows with a later group of composers, Satie & Les Six, and examines the role of the media in promoting French music. The 1930s, and in particular the composers associated with Jeune France, are discussed by Deborah Mawer, while Caroline Potter investigates Parisian musical life during the Second World War. The book closes with two chapters that bring us to the present day. Peter O'Hagan surveys the enormous contribution to French music of Pierre Boulez, and Caroline Potter examines trends since 1945. Aimed at teachers and students of French music history, as well as performers and the inquisitive concert- and opera-goer, French Music Since Berlioz is an essential companion for an

Surrealist Poetry In France

Author: J. H. Matthews
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Encyclopedia Of Literary Translation Into English A L

Author: O. Classe
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781884964367
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This anthology examines Love's Labours Lost from a variety of perspectives and through a wide range of materials. Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; character analysis; comic elements and verbal conceits; evidence of authorship; performance analysis; and feminist interpretations. Alongside theater reviews, production photographs, and critical commentary, the volume also includes essays written by practicing theater artists who have worked on the play. An index by name, literary work, and concept rounds out this valuable resource.

Modern French Poets

Author: Jean-François Leroux
Editor: Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780787652524
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Essays on French poets of the twentieth-century discusses collective creations, open-ended storytelling, Cubism, surrealism, avant-garde poetry, symbolism, as well as reflections on the various creative processes employed by these French poets.

Pierre Boulez Studies

Author: Edward Campbell
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107062659
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This collection explores the works, influence, reception and legacy of one of the most important composers in contemporary musical life.

French Forum

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Collaborative Form

Author: Thomas Jensen Hines
Editor: Kent State University Press
ISBN: 9780873384179
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Collaborative form attempts to show the nature and limits of works of art that are made up of two or more artistic forms. The first task of this book is to analyze and interpret a set of combinations. Each chapter treats one collaborative work and attempts to show that the principles of collaboration are the same, whether the components are poetry and graphic works as in Lettera Ambrosa by Rene Char and Georges Braque, poetry and music as in Herzgewachse by Maurice Maeterlinck and Arnold Schoenberg, or more complex sets that include painting, music, dance, lighting, and drama as in Der gelbe Klang by Wassily Kandinsky, Morder, Hoffnung der Frauen by Oskar Kokoschka, and Triad by Alwin Nikolais.