In Spite Of Plato

Autore: Adriana Cavarero
Editore: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415914475
Grandezza: 10,95 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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This pathbreaking work pursues two interwoven themes. Firstly, it engages in a deconstruction of Ancient philosopher's texts--mainly from Plato, but also from Homer and Parmenides--in order to free four Greek female figures from the patriarchal discourse which for centuries had imprisoned them in a particular role. Secondly, it attempts to construct a symbolic female order, reinterpreting these figures from a new perspective. Building on the theory of sexual difference, Cavarero shows that death is the central category on which the whole edifice of traditional philosophy is based. By contrast, the category of birth provides the thread with which new concepts of feminist criticism can be woven together to establish a fresh way of thinking.


Autore: Suzette Mayr
Editore: Coach House Books
ISBN: 1552452417
Grandezza: 33,79 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 5685
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Unicorns, Ethiopian food, a Wonder Woman drag queen: Monoceros offers a funny, heartbreaking look at the tragedy of teen suicide.

Research Themes For Tourism

Autore: Peter Robinson
Editore: CABI
ISBN: 1845936981
Grandezza: 80,32 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1644
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Tourism studies at Masters level are often divided into subsets of tourism such as environmental tourism, rural tourism and sports tourism. This book provides an overview of types of tourism, and common themes studied in courses to allow undergraduate students to become familiar with a wide range of tourism topics at a foundation level, allowing them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career. It will also be a useful text for providing a broad brush introduction to the major topics that are covered in undergraduate courses. Popular subjects like urban tourism, festival.

The Book Of Kadam

Autore: Atīśa
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0861714415
Grandezza: 20,11 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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The Kadam school, which emerged from the teachings of the Indian master Atisha and his principal student, Dromtönpa, is revered for its practical application of the bodhisattva's altruistic ideal in daily life. This book presents the Book of Kadam's core texts, including the 23-chapter Jewel Garland of Dialogues between Atisha and Dromtönpa, Dromtönpa's Self-Exhortation, four chapters from Dromtönpa's birth stories, two brief verse summaries of the Book of Kadam, sayings of the Kadam masters, and other essential writings.

Vicious Circle

Autore: Wilbur Smith
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 125003762X
Grandezza: 76,94 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 7367
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Internationally bestselling author Wilbur Smith returns with Vicious Circle--a heart-racing story of family secrets, greed, and revenge. Hector Cross left behind a career of high risks and warfare when he married his beloved Hazel Bannock. But after his new life is tragically upended, he recognizes the ruthless hand of an old enemy behind the attack. Determined to fight back, Hector draws together a team of his most loyal friends and fellow warriors to hunt down those who pursue him and his loved ones. For he and Hazel have a child, a precious daughter, whom he will go to the ends of the earth to protect. Soon, however, Hector learns that the threat comes not just from his old enemies, but also Hazel's. Brutal figures from her family's past—thought long gone—are returning, with an agenda so sinister that Hector realizes he is facing a new type of adversary. One whose deadly methods and dark secrets will lead Hector to a series of crimes so shocking that he has no choice but to settle the score.

Who Defines Indigenous

Autore: Carmen Martínez Novo
ISBN: 0813536693
Grandezza: 52,61 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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For years, conventional scholarship has argued that minority groups are better illegible] when the majority groups that absorb them are willing to recognize and illegible] the preservation of indigenous identities. But is the reinforcement of ethnic illegible] among migrant groups always a process of self-liberation? In this surprising illegible] Carmen Martinez Novo draws on her ethnographic research of the Mixtec illegible] migration from the southwest of Mexico to Baja California to show that illegible] the push for indigenous labels is more a process of external oppression than illegible] minority empowerment. In Baja California, many Mixtec Indians have not made efforts to UNK] themselves as a coherent demographic. Instead, Martinez Novo finds that the push for indigenous illegible] in this region has come from local government agencies, economic elites, intellectuals, and other illegible] agents. Their concern has not only been over the loss of rich culture. Rather, the pressure to illegible] indigenous identity has stemmed from the desire to secure a reproducible abundance of cheap illegible] labor. Indian means illegible] commercial agriculture low-wage worker or an urban informal street vendor - an identity that interferes their goals of social mobility and economic integration. Bringing a critical new perspective to the complex intersection among government and scholarly illegible] economic development, global identity politics, and the aspirations of local migrants, this provocative illegible] is essential reading for scholars working in the fields of sociology, anthropology, and ethnic studies.