Matrimonio D Onore

Autore: Georgie Lee
Editore: Harper Collins Italia
ISBN: 8858952545
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Londra, 1818 - Una notte, Susanna Lambert, figlia illegittima del Duca di Rockland, sale senza invito nella carrozza di uno sconosciuto scombussolando completamente il mondo di entrambi. Improvvisamente lui, Justin Connor, amante della bella vita e delle feste, si trova costretto a considerare il matrimonio come unica scelta. Per Susanna, invece, sposare Justin è la sola possibilità per sfuggire, finalmente, alla crudele matrigna e dimenticare il libertino senza scrupoli che le ha rovinato la vita. Ma appena le campane iniziano a suonare, Susanna scopre di portare in sé un segreto capace di distruggere tutte le promesse di felicità accanto a Justin. Miniserie "The Business of Marriage"- vol. 1

Comparative Law Of Matrimonial Property

Autore: Albert Kenneth Roland Kiralfy
Editore: Brill Archive
ISBN: 9789028601024
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China S Legal System

Autore: Donald C. Clarke
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521719292
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Examines the legal ramifications of economic and social changes in China, mid 1990s to present.

The Canadian Abridgment

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Human Rights Law

Autore: Merris Amos
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1849468184
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In this completely revised and updated second edition of Human Rights Law, the judicial interpretation and application of the United Kingdom's Human Rights Act 1998 is comprehensively examined and analysed. Part I concerns key procedural issues including: the background to the Act; the relationship between UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights; the definition of victim and public authority; determining incompatibility including deference and proportionality; the impact of the Act on primary legislation; and damages and other remedies for the violation of Convention rights. In Part II of the book, the Convention rights as interpreted and applied by United Kingdom courts, are discussed in detail. All important Convention rights are included with a new chapter on freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Other Convention rights considered in the national context include: the right to life; freedom from torture; the right to liberty; fair trial; the right to private life, family life and home; the right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions; and the right to freedom from discrimination in the enjoyment of Convention rights. The second edition of Human Rights Law will be invaluable for those teaching, studying and practising in the areas of United Kingdom human rights law, constitutional law and administrative law.

Switzerland Business Investment Handbook

Autore: Christian Kalin
Editore: Wiley
ISBN: 9780470018019
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With contributions from well-known specialists in law, taxation, banking and asset management, and real estate, Switzerland Investment Handbook is the first detailed publication in English and comprehensive reference on the subject of doing business and investing in Switzerland. The book offers an all-inclusive look at the fundamental issues and practical aspects important to foreign individuals and firms doing business or investing in Switzerland.

Ethics In Business And Society

Autore: Gerhold K. Becker
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642614426
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faces the urgent problem of determining what political and social conditions must be preserved in order to ensure a continu. ing thriving economy. "2 And the ethicist, we may add, can draw on all of those problems and quite a few more characteristic of situations when traditional communities struggle with the impact of sudden and unprecedented wealth as well as with a technological transformation of their society of singular proportions. Hong Kong is truly a society in transition, a society whose time is running short and which therefore cannot afford to wait long before it has to make decisive choices, choices also in ethics. The time factor which is so infamous in various ethical dilemmas applies here to the society as a whole; it may also account for some of its not just morally significant shortcomings. II. Ethics in a Cross-cultural Perspective The authors of this volume are scholars and researchers based in Hong 3 Kong who have been living and working in the territory for many years. They are not only representative of the increased research interest in ethical issues across the academic spectrum of Hong Kong universities, but also of the inter disciplinary approach which has become the hallmark of work in applied eth ics. As is well documented, ethics research, at long last, has left behind its disciplinary confines and, even more so, the philosophical ivory tower and begun to permeate the full scope of the academic and scientific agenda.