Meglio Vedove Che Male Accompagnate

Autore: Carla Signoris
Editore: Bur
ISBN: 8858629191
Grandezza: 13,18 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 8781
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Cinque amori variegati, di cui quattro andati a male. E relative contromisure. Un romanzo sul potere dell’amicizia, nero, esilarante e politicamente scorretto.

Orlando Furioso

Autore: Lodovico Ariosto
Grandezza: 40,96 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 131
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The Lord

Autore: Romano Guardini
Editore: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: 1596983000
Grandezza: 63,43 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 2369
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The only true and unedited telling of the life of Christ—his life and times, in historical context, but not lacking the psychology behind his physical being and spirit. Unlike other books seeking to strip Jesus' story to reveal only the human being, Romano Guardini's The Lord gives the complete story of Jesus Christ—as man, Holy Ghost, and Creator. Pope Benedict XVI lauds Guardini's work as providing a full understanding of the Son of God, away from the prejudice that rationality engenders. Put long-held myths aside and discover the entire truth about God's only begotten Son.

Jane Austen S Letters

Autore: Jane Austen
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199576076
Grandezza: 42,12 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 9846
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The fourth edition of Jane Austen's Letters incorporates the findings of new scholarship to enrich our understanding of Austen and give us the fullest view yet of her life and family. The biographical and topographical indexes have been updated, a new subject index has been created, and the contents of the notes added to the general index.

Dante S Two Beloveds

Autore: Olivia Holmes
Editore: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300125429
Grandezza: 54,49 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 4061
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Re-examining key passages in Dante’s oeuvre in the light of the crucial issue of moral choice, this book provides a new thematic framework for interpreting the Divine Comedy. Olivia Holmes shows how Dante articulated the relationship between the human and the divine as an erotic choice between two attractive women—Beatrice and the “other woman.” Investigating the traditions and archetypes that contributed to the formation of Dante’s two beloveds, Holmes shows how Dante brilliantly overlaid and combined these paradigms in his poem. In doing so he re-imagined the two women as not merely oppositional condensations of apparently conflicting cultural traditions but also complementary versions of the same. This visionary insight sheds new light on Dante’s corpus and on the essential paradox at the poem’s heart: the unabashed eroticism of Dante’s turn away from the earthly in favor of the divine.

Mutilating The Body

Autore: Kim Hewitt
Editore: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879727109
Grandezza: 47,90 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 2930
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Mutilating the Body: Identity in Blood and Ink is an analysis of the different ways in which people use their bodies for self-expression that considers the significance of body modification and how different forms of body art and alteration serve individual and cultural needs. The book also addresses eating disorders, self-cutting, and ritualized consensual sadomasochism.

The Context Of Ancient Drama

Autore: Eric Csapo
Editore: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472082759
Grandezza: 56,29 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 9556
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An easy-to-use guide to the nature and stagecraft of ancient plays

Stanze Of Poliziano

Autore: Angelo Poliziano
Editore: Penn State University Press
ISBN: 9780271009377
Grandezza: 50,12 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 5036
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This volume is a translation of the Renaissance classic, Stanze Cominciate per la Giostra del Magnifico Guiliano de' Medici. It is a pagan love story of the ill-fated Giuliano de Medici and the bewitching Simonetta - a theme that has inspired painters and poets for generations.

The Cabala Of Pegasus

Autore: Giordano Bruno
ISBN: 9780300092172
Grandezza: 25,97 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 4336
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This 16th-century work consists of vernacular dialogues that turn on the identification of the noble Pegasus (the spirit of poetry) and the humble ass (the vehicle of divine revelation). Bruno explores the nature of poetry, divine authority, secular learning and Pythagorean metempsychosis.