Melody In Songwriting

Autore: Jack Perricone
Editore: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780634006388
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Discover songwriting techniques from the hit makers! This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of hit songs, examining them, and revealing why they succeed. Learn to write memorable melodies and discover the dynamic relationships between melody, harmony, rhythm, and rhyme. Fine-tune your craft and start writing hits!

Treatise On Melody

Autore: Anton Reicha
Editore: Pendragon Press
ISBN: 9781576470312
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"Reicha was one of the first theorists to base his ideas empirically on musical practice. The treatise contains a full 77 pages of musical examples and analyses, many of which are overlaid with analytical symbols and technical apparatus. Remarkable for its time, this collection of musical analyses provides the reader with a rare glimpse into how musical processes were formulated by one of the most informed musical minds of the age."--BOOK JACKET.

Jane S Melody

Autore: Ryan Winfield
Editore: Ryan Winfield
ISBN: 0988348268
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"A grieving mother must decide what boundaries she's willing to cross for true love when she takes in her dead daughter's young boyfriend, a struggling street musician, and finds herself falling for him."--P. [4] of cover.

Intonation And Its Uses

Autore: Dwight Bolinger
Editore: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804715355
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This is the second and concluding volume of the author's magnum opus on intonation, the summation of over forty years of investigation and reflection. The first volume, Intonation and Its Parts: Melody in Spoken English, was published in 1986. Intonation, or speech melody, refers to the rise and fall of the pitch of the voice in speech; it has intimate ties to facial expression and bodily gesture, and conveys, underneath it all, emotions and attitudes. Most of the first volume was devoted to explaining the basic nature, variety, and untility of intonation, using, as in the present volume, hundreds of examples from everyday English speech, presented much in the manner of musical notation. The present volume looks at how intonation varies among speakers and societies in terms of age, sex and region; how it interacts with grammar; and how it has been invoked to explain certain questions of logic. The discussion of variation shows the degree to which intonation can be conventionalized and yet embody a universal core of feelings and attitudes, renewed with each generation.

The Melody Of Speaking Delineated

Autore: John Walker
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Stardust Melody

Autore: Richard M. Sudhalter
Editore: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195168983
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Georgia on My Mind, Rockin' Chair, Skylark, Lazybones, and of course the incomparable Star Dust--who else could have composed these classic American songs but Hoagy Carmichael? He remains, for millions, the voice of heartland America, eternal counterpoint to the urban sensibility of Cole Porter and George Gershwin. Now, trumpeter and historian Richard M. Sudhalter has penned the first book-length biography of the man Alec Wilder hailed as "the most talented, inventive, sophisticated and jazz-oriented of all the great songwriters--the greatest of the great craftsmen." Stardust Melody follows Carmichael from his roaring-twenties Indiana youth to bandstands and recording studios across the nation, playing piano and singing alongside jazz greats Jack Teagarden, Benny Goodman, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, and close friends Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong. It illuminates his peak Hollywood years, starring in such films as To Have and Have Not and The Best Years of Our Lives, and on radio, records and TV. With compassionate insight Sudhalter depicts Hoagy's triumphs and tragedies, and his mounting despair as rock-and-roll drowns out and lays waste to the last days of a brilliant career. With an insider's clarity Sudhalter explores the songs themselves, still fresh and appealing while reminding us of our innocent American yesterdays. Drawing on Carmichael's private papers and on interviews with family, friends and colleagues, he reveals that "The Old Music Master" was almost as gifted a wordsmith as a shaper of melodies. In all, Stardust Melody offers a richly textured portrait of one of our greatest musical figures, an inspiring American icon.

Intonation And Its Parts

Autore: Dwight Bolinger
Editore: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804712415
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"It's not what she said, it's the way that she said it," is a complaint we have all heard (or made) some time or another. What does it refer to? It obviously relates to the various forms of wordless communication, but especially to the speaker's use of intonation—the rise and fall of the pitch of the voice—to convey sarcasm or resignation, anger or apprehension, or any of scores of other moods. In this summation of over forty years of investigation and reflection, the author analyzes the nature, variety and utility of intonation, using some 700 examples from everyday English speech. The work looks at both accent (pitch shift that points up individual words) and overall configurations (melodies that shape the meaning of whole sentences). It shows that most easily understood utterances employ one or another of a surprisingly small stock of basic melodies, and it shows both intonation and visible gesture to be parts of a larger complex that conveys grammatical as well as emotional information. Though it is one of the major divisions of the science of linguistics, intonation is of great interest to others outside of linguistics—to actors and lawyers who must use the voice to assert, to downplay, or to emote; to English teachers as an essential ingredient of idiomatic speech; to musicians for its many common elements in music theory; and to psychologists and anthropologists as a gauge of emotional tension and a clue to behavior.

Codependents Guide To The Twelve Steps

Autore: Melody Beattie
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671762273
Grandezza: 25,44 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Provides a detailed explanation of the Twelve-Step program designed by Alcoholics Anonymous, accompanied by advice on how to apply the program to codependent issues and cross-addiction

A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Autore: David A. Jasen
Editore: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486294216
Grandezza: 75,33 MB
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Original sheet music and covers for 40 beloved favorites, including After You've Gone, How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, Rock-a-Bye Your Baby, and 36 other Golden Oldies. For sing-alongs, family get-togethers, parties, and other events.