Metafisica E Religioni Strutturazioni Proficue

Autore: Patsch Ferenc
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ISBN: 8878391956
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Una teologia delle religioni sulla base dell'ermeneutica di Karl Rahner. Malgrado la riserva o, addirittura, l'ostilita generale nei confronti della metafisica e delle religioni nel clima intellettuale di oggi, la tesi di questo saggio crede siano frutto dei processi di strutturazione necessari e, in linea di principio, positivi. Si afferma attraverso prove, sulla base dell'ermeneutica di Karl Rahner, che consentiranno di elaborare una nuova modalita della teologia delle religioni. Le sue principali caratteristiche sono la pretesa di verita (veritativita) e il comprendersi all'interno della relazione (relazionalita). La parte piu originale del presente saggio consiste negli ultimi due capitoli, dove da una parte verra costruttivamente rielaborata una sorta di metafisica, trascendentalmente fondata e fortemente caratterizzata da elementi interpretativi, e dall'altra le religioni mondiali verranno riabilitate e apprezzate come tradizioni salvifiche.

Quaderni Storici

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Cultura E Scuola

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Queer Narratives Of The Caribbean Diaspora

Autore: Z. Pecic
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137379030
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This book examines the concept of queer theory and combines it with the field of diaspora studies. By looking at the queer diasporic narratives in and from the Caribbean, it conducts an inquiry into the workings and underpinnings of both fields.

Grammars Of Creation

Autore: George Steiner
Editore: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480411868
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“A fresh, revelatory, golden eagle’s eye-view of western literature.” —Financial Times Early in Grammars of Creation, George Steiner references Plato’s maxim that in “all things natural and human, the origin is the most excellent.” Creation, he argues, is linguistically fundamental in theology, philosophy, art, music, literature—central, in fact, to our very humanity. Since the Holocaust, however, art has shown a tendency to linger on endings—on sundown instead of sunrise. Asserting that every use of the future tense of the verb “to be” is a negation of mortality, Steiner draws on everything from world wars and the Nazis to religion and the word of God to demonstrate how our grammar reveals our perceptions, reflections, and experiences. His study shows the twentieth century to be largely a failed one, but also offers a glimpse of hope for Western civilization, a new light peeking just over the horizon.

A Digest Of The Laws Of England Respecting Real Property

Autore: William Cruise
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The Cambridge Companion To Karl Rahner

Autore: Declan Marmion
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139827219
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Karl Rahner (1904–84) was one of the most significant theological voices of the twentieth century. For many his theology has come to symbolise the Catholic Church's entry into modernity. Part of his enduring appeal lies in his ability to reflect on a whole variety of issues in theology and spirituality and concentrate this plurality into a few basic convictions. This Cambridge Companion provides an accessible introduction to the main themes of Rahner's work. Written by an international array of experts, it will be of interest to both students and scholars alike. Each chapter serves as a guide to its topic and recommends further reading for additional study. The contributors also assess Rahner's significance for contemporary theology by bringing his thought into dialogue with many current concerns including: religious pluralism, spirituality, postmodernism, ecumenism, ethics and developments in political and feminist theologies.

Living With The Dead In The Middle Ages

Autore: Patrick J. Geary
Editore: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801480980
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Whereas modern societies tend to banish the dead from the world of the living, medieval men and women acccorded them a vital role in the community. The saints counted most prominently as potential intercessors before God, but the ordinary dead as well were called upon to aid the living, and even to participate in the negotiation of political disputes. In this book, the distinguished medievalist Patrick J. Geary shows how exploring the complex relations between the living and dead can broaden our understanding of the political, economic, and cultural history of medieval Europe. Geary has brought together for this volume twelve of his most influential essays. They address such topics as the development of saints' cults and of the concept of sacred space; the integration of saints' cults into the lives of ordinary people; patterns of relic circulation; and the role of the dead in negotiating the claims and counterclaims of various interest groups. Also included are two case studies of communities that enlisted new patron saints to solve their problems. Throughout, Geary demonstrates that, by reading actions, artifacts, and rituals on an equal footing with texts, we can better grasp the otherness of past societies. Book jacket.

Singular Reference A Descriptivist Perspective

Autore: Francesco Orilia
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789048133123
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Singular reference is the relation that a singular term has to a corresponding individual. For example, "Obama" singularly refer to the current US president. Descriptivism holds that all singular terms refer by means of a concept associated to the term. The current trend is against this. This book explains in detail (mainly for newcomers) why anti-descriptivism became dominant in spite of its weaknesses and (for experts) how these weaknesses can be overcome by appropriately reviving descriptivism.

The Pathologies Of Individual Freedom

Autore: Axel Honneth
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069111806X
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This is a penetrating reinterpretation and defense of Hegel's social theory as an alternative to reigning liberal notions of social justice. The eminent German philosopher Axel Honneth rereads Hegel's Philosophy of Right to show how it diagnoses the pathologies of the overcommitment to individual freedom that Honneth says underlies the ideas of Rawls and Habermas alike. Honneth argues that Hegel's theory contains an account of the psychological damage caused by placing too much emphasis on personal and moral freedom. Although these freedoms are crucial to the achievement of justice, they are insufficient and in themselves leave people vulnerable to loneliness, emptiness, and depression. Hegel argues that people must also find their freedom or "self-realization" through shared projects. Such projects involve the three institutions of ethical life--family, civil society, and the state--and provide the arena of a crucial third kind of freedom, which Honneth calls "communicative" freedom. A society is just only if it gives all of its members sufficient and equal opportunity to realize communicative freedom as well as personal and moral freedom.