Metafisica E Religioni Strutturazioni Proficue

Autore: Patsch Ferenc
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Una teologia delle religioni sulla base dell'ermeneutica di Karl Rahner. Malgrado la riserva o, addirittura, l'ostilita generale nei confronti della metafisica e delle religioni nel clima intellettuale di oggi, la tesi di questo saggio crede siano frutto dei processi di strutturazione necessari e, in linea di principio, positivi. Si afferma attraverso prove, sulla base dell'ermeneutica di Karl Rahner, che consentiranno di elaborare una nuova modalita della teologia delle religioni. Le sue principali caratteristiche sono la pretesa di verita (veritativita) e il comprendersi all'interno della relazione (relazionalita). La parte piu originale del presente saggio consiste negli ultimi due capitoli, dove da una parte verra costruttivamente rielaborata una sorta di metafisica, trascendentalmente fondata e fortemente caratterizzata da elementi interpretativi, e dall'altra le religioni mondiali verranno riabilitate e apprezzate come tradizioni salvifiche.

Cultura E Scuola

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Quaderni Storici

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Religion And Human Autonomy

Autore: R.F. de Brabander
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401028303
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For most of its career philosophy of religion has been a controversial dis cipline: it has usually ended up becoming a substitute for what it set out to explain. Born out of the religious scepticism of the late seventeenth century it remained for many years what it was to Hume and Lessing: an instrument for criticizing rather than for interpreting faith. Gradually the hostility subsided, but not the tendency to reduce. Nearly each one of the great names in this area represents a theory that goes "beyond" faith. Phenomenology changed that situation. Conceived for accurate under standing of acts and meanings rather than for the building of vast synthe ses, its method was more apt to yield understanding than criticism. Moreover, by distinguishing the ideal meanings from the psychic realities of the act, it chased its followers from the quagmire of psychic genesis, causal justification and rational "proof" of the religious object, and forced them to concentrate on the intentional terminus of the experience.

The Southern Question

Autore: Antonio Gramsci
Editore: Guernica Editions
ISBN: 9781550711967
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A fascinating look at the beginnings of Fascism and Communism in Italy in the 1920s, this provocative essay analyzes the social stratification of northern and southern Italy in 1926, and is relevant to current discussions of state formations, diasporas, and strategic alliances.

The Essence Of Chaos

Autore: Edward N. Lorenz
Editore: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 9780295975146
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Chaos surrounds us. Seemingly random events -- the flapping of a flag, a storm-driven wave striking the shore, a pinball’s path -- often appear to have no order, no rational pattern. Explicating the theory of chaos and the consequences of its principal findings -- that actual, precise rules may govern such apparently random behavior -- has been a major part of the work of Edward N. Lorenz. In The Essence of Chaos, Lorenz presents to the general reader the features of this .new science,. with its far-reaching implications for much of modern life, from weather prediction to philosophy, and he describes its considerable impact on emerging scientific fields. Unlike the phenomena dealt with in relativity theory and quantum mechanics, systems that are now described as .chaotic. can be observed without telescopes or microscopes. They range from the simplest happenings, such as the falling of a leaf, to the most complex processes, like the fluctuations of climate. Each process that qualifies, however, has certain quantifiable characteristics: how it unfolds depends very sensitively upon its present state, so that, even though it is not random, it seems to be. Lorenz uses examples from everyday life, and simple calculations, to show how the essential nature of chaotic systems can be understood. In order to expedite this task, he has constructed a mathematical model of a board sliding down a ski slope as his primary illustrative example. With this model as his base, he explains various chaotic phenomena, including some associated concepts such as strange attractors and bifurcations. As a meteorologist, Lorenz initially became interested in the field of chaos because of its implications for weather forecasting. In a chapter ranging through the history of weather prediction and meteorology to a brief picture of our current understanding of climate, he introduces many of the researchers who conceived the experiments and theories, and he describes his own initial encounter with chaos. A further discussion invites readers to make their own chaos. Still others debate the nature of randomness and its relationship to chaotic systems, and describe three related fields of scientific thought: nonlinearity, complexity, and fractality. Appendixes present the first publication of Lorenz’s seminal paper .Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wing in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?.; the mathematical equations from which the copious illustrations were derived; and a glossary.

The Use Of Analogy In Theological Discourse

Autore: Joseph Palakeel
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When Erich Przywara declared analogy of being as the Catholic fundamental form, Karl Barth did not hesitate to condemn it as the invention of the Antichrist and as the only sufficient reason not to become a Catholic and proposed analogy of faith as the Protestant counter principle. This gave rise to an intense ecumenical dispute on analogy. Theologians rallied on both sides and, finally, the mutually excluding alternative between analogy of being and analogy of faith was overcome through a compromise formula of understanding analogy of being within analogy of faith. This marks the beginning of a "new quest" for a post-modern understanding of the role of analogy in theological discourse.

The Essence Of Truth

Autore: Martin Heidegger
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826459237
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The Essence of Truth must count as one of Heidegger's most important works, for nowhere else does he give a comparably thorough explanation of what is arguably the most fundamental and abiding theme of his entire philosophy, namely the difference between truth as the "unhiddenness of beings" and truth as the "correctness of propositions". For Heidegger, it is by neglecting the former primordial concept of truth in favor of the latter derivative concept that Western philosophy, beginning already with Plato, took off on its "metaphysical" course towards the bankruptcy of the present day. This first ever translation into English consists of a lecture course delivered by Heidegger at the University of Freiburg in 1931-32. Part One of the course provides a detailed analysis of Plato's allegory of the cave in the Republic, while Part Two gives a detailed exegesis and interpretation of a central section of Plato's Theaetetus, and is essential for the full understanding of his later well-known essay Plato's Doctrine of Truth. As always with Heidegger's writings on the Greeks, the point of his interpretative method is to bring to light the original meaning of philosophical concepts, especially to free up these concepts to their intrinsic power.

Grammars Of Creation

Autore: George Steiner
Editore: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571266533
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Are great works of art, literature and music 'creations' or 'inventions'? Does the mathematician 'invent' or 'discover'? Exploring an often neglected field, this book asks whether the current revolutions in our means of communication and in the biological sciences, may bring with them radical changes in the concept of individual creation and of poetic and philosophical invention. Are we returning to ancient anonymities and collectivities in aesthetic and intellectual experience? Are music and architecture now at the frontier where, as Plato would have it, truth and beauty meet? In Grammars of Creation the eminent critic George Steiner brings his unparalleled acumen and erudition to bear on these and other questions. 'This is a mesmerising book . . . Expressed in prose that is unfailingly apt, luminous and evocative.' Guardian

Notebooks 1914 1916

Autore: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226904474
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The Austrian philosopher works out his theories of mathematical logic, the meaning of life, happiness, and death