Moby Dick Ediz Integrale

Author: Herman Melville
ISBN: 9788883371738
Size: 17,71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Moby Dick

Author: Herman Melville
Editor: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854128988
Size: 17,24 MB
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Cura e traduzione di Pietro MeneghelliEdizione integraleMoby Dick è l’opera più celebre dell’Ottocento americano. Questo grande romanzo del mare narra la drammatica sfida del Capitano Achab alla Balena Bianca, colosso marino ma anche creatura metafisica, figurazione dell’inconoscibile. A bordo del Pequod, la nave condannata, uomini di razze, fedi e culture profondamente diverse vengono trascinati verso un unico destino, in questa epopea tragica che è anche una fra le più intense opere poetiche di tutti i tempi. Resa con un vigore espressivo che assurge alla potenza di un richiamo biblico e in un linguaggio che, nella sua asciutta incisività, rispecchia le esperienze autenticamente vissute dell’autore a bordo delle baleniere, la storia della caccia alla Balena Bianca diviene così un’allegoria del destino dell’uomo, del suo perenne confronto con gli aspetti oscuri della Creazione. Ha ispirato la stupenda interpretazione cinematografica di Gregory Peck/Achab.«Chiamatemi Ismaele. Alcuni anni fa – non importa esattamente quanti – avendo in tasca poco denaro, o forse non avendone affatto, e non avendo nulla di particolare che mi trattenesse a terra, pensai di andarmene un poco per mare, a vedere la parte del mondo coperta dalle acque.»

Guild Of Psi

Author: Eric Pepin
Editor: Higher Balance Pub.
ISBN: 9781939410085
Size: 17,88 MB
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The Ultimate Reality Many Contemplate, Some Know Truly Exists but Only the Precious Few Ever See... This book leads you down a seldom-tread spiritual path: the spoken language of the Universe called Feels-Like, the hidden potential of spiritual polarities, and how to pass through layers of reality... or influence it with a method called Dimensional Jumping. That, by itself, would be a treasured tome. Yet, strangely perhaps, this same book crosses the spiritual with another road into the paranormal. It offers an improved, and more accurate technique for astral projection and remote viewing. How to enter the dreams of others. The true nature of energy beings (often called ghosts or entities), immortals and more. To the uninitiated, these appear to be separate. Two schools of thought, not related to one another. But, the person of knowledge, the seeker of truth, realizes that only at the crossroads between these two paths lies the entrance to higher levels of reality. WHAT IF YOU COULD: Contemplate your existence in such a way that it triggers a positive reaction from the Universe. Use mind projection, to extend your consciousness, sending it to any place or person while you are wide awake (so you know the experience is real). 'Speak' the correct language to influence reality harmoniously, without decades of practice. GUILD OF PSI is the result of lessons spanning decades from Eric Pepin, the #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation Within Eternity, as he teaches you how to harness psychic abilities and paranormal experiences to accelerate your spiritual awakening. YOU WILL DISCOVER: The sequence of thoughts needed to reach a state of enlightened consciousness (not unique enough be specific) What is the Enlightenment Bubble, and how to enter it How seeing an entity can help you to overcome fear of death... and awaken The most neglected method of using your energy body and stretching your mind How impatience and expectation will prevent enlightenment and how to overcome them How you can use water as a tool to move energy and work with dimensions The strange connection between your brain, the time of night, and 'dimensional dreams' The true workings of Astral Projection and why popular beliefs will prevent you achieving it The most obvious sign that your dreams are being 'hacked' (rare but possible) How to communicate and interact with dimensional beings, shadow people, and 'ghosts' How to liberate yourself from the confines of your "bubble of reality" AS YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL ALSO FIND: The unusual strategy for 'redesigning' your consciousness The link between dreams and parallel realities The technique of 'dimensional jumping' and how it's used to influence and program reality And that's only a small piece of your 480 page journey through GUILD OF PSI. Higher levels of reality can t be accessed with the physical five senses. You need to use the psychic-sense in order to navigate this path. Combine the paranormal, to the spiritual. It is time to open the unknown door. Time to discover what you're truly capable of... TIME TO ENTER THE GUILD OF PSI.

Why Read Moby Dick

Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Editor: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0143123971
Size: 15,80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The National Book Award-winning author of In the Heart of the Sea shares expert guidelines on how to read and appreciate Herman Melville's classic work, offering insight into its history, characters and themes while explaining its literary relevance in the modern world. 100,000 first printing.

Moby Dick Graphic Novel

Author: Herman Melville
Editor: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1630087432
Size: 19,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 764

A masterful adaptation of the timeless literary classic, faithfully and beautifully rendered by an award-winning artist. In striking black-and-white illustrations, Chabouté retells the story of the Great American Novel. Captain Ahab strikes out on a voyage, obsessively seeking revenge on the great white whale that took his leg. This hardcover edition collects both of the Vents d'Ouest volumes, printed in English for the first time.

Leggi Con Me

Author: Lucia Rizzi
Editor: Bur
ISBN: 8858683692
Size: 17,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Piccoli capricci, problemi di concentrazione, grandi domande sulla vita e sulla morte: il percorso di crescita di un bambino mette i genitori continuamente alle prese con sfide di ogni genere. Il metodo di Tata Lucia insegna come prevenirle, dalla prima infanzia fino ai 15 anni. Basta prendere la buona abitudine di condividere la lettura con i propri figli. Dai volumetti a colori per i più piccoli ai grandi classici come Il Piccolo Principe, passando per le fiabe e le storie avventurose alla Tom Sawyer, questo libro è una guida che aiuta i genitori a scegliere i testi più adatti per ogni età e situazione. Con il suo approccio concreto Lucia Rizzi spiega anche come porre, durante la lettura e la discussione che ne segue, le domande giuste per trasmettere valori e importanti messaggi educativi. Aiutando i propri figli a sentirsi forti, consapevoli e curiosi: in poche parole, a diventare ogni giorno un po' più grandi.

I Magnifici 7 Capolavori Della Letteratura Americana Il Richiamo Della Foresta Moby Dick Gordon Pym Giro Di Vite Il Grande Gatsby Ediz Integrale

ISBN: 9788854150799
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Format: PDF
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Barney S Version

Author: Mordecai Richler
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307813479
Size: 14,84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Charged with comic energy and a steely disregard for any pieties whatsoever, Barney's Version is a major Richler novel, the most personal and feeling book of a long and distinguished career. Told in the first person, it gives us the life (and what a life!) of Barney Panofsky--whose trashy TV company, Totally Useless Productions, has made him a small fortune; whose three wives include a martyred feminist icon, a quintessential JCP (Jewish-Canadian Princess), and the incomparable Miriam, the perfect wife, lover, and mother--alas, now married to another man; who recalls with nostalgia and pain his young manhood in the Paris of the early fifties, and his lifelong passion for wine, women, and the Montreal Canadiens; who either did or didn't murder his best friend, Boogie, after discovering him in bed with The Second Mrs. Panofsky; whose satirical eye for the idiocies of today's Quebec separatists (as well as for every other kind of political correctness) manages to offend his entire acquaintanceship (and will soon be offending readers everywhere); and whose memory--though not his bile--is, in his sixty-seventh year, definitely slipping . . . From the Hardcover edition.

Moby Duck

Author: Donovan Hohn
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 110147596X
Size: 17,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Selected by The New York Times Book Review as a Notable Book of the Year A revelatory tale of science, adventure, and modern myth. When the writer Donovan Hohn heard of the mysterious loss of thousands of bath toys at sea, he figured he would interview a few oceanographers, talk to a few beachcombers, and read up on Arctic science and geography. But questions can be like ocean currents: wade in too far, and they carry you away. Hohn's accidental odyssey pulls him into the secretive world of shipping conglomerates, the daring work of Arctic researchers, the lunatic risks of maverick sailors, and the shadowy world of Chinese toy factories. Moby-Duck is a journey into the heart of the sea and an adventure through science, myth, the global economy, and some of the worst weather imaginable. With each new discovery, Hohn learns of another loose thread, and with each successive chase, he comes closer to understanding where his castaway quarry comes from and where it goes. In the grand tradition of Tony Horwitz and David Quammen, Moby-Duck is a compulsively readable narrative of whimsy and curiosity.

Moby Dick

Author: Herman Melville
Editor: Giunti Editore
ISBN: 9788844015336
Size: 13,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 475