Musica In Lettere

Author: AA.VV.
Editor: Nativi Digitali Edizioni
ISBN: 8898754124
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Ogni canzone ha un mondo dentro di sé. Ogni racconto ha un mondo dentro di sé. Perché allora non trasformare le canzoni in racconti? Gli autori e i collaboratori di Nativi Digitali Edizioni si sono prestati al gioco, scrivendo 9 racconti brevi ispirati a 9 canzoni. Il risultato è "Musica in... lettere", un'antologia dallo swing all'heavy metal, dal pop al punk-rock, dal romantico all'epico, dall'adolescenziale al surreale. La "Playlist": "You Make me Feel so Young" - Ilaria Pasqua "Tutto ciò che Voglio" - Mara Boselli "Ruby's Arms" - Kim Chiari "Roco Roço Rosso" - Mattia Ferri "Jolene" - Giacomo Festi "Emerald Sword - Manuel Marchetti "Branca Day" - Marco Frullanti "See You Soon" - Alberto Lettieri "King and Lionheart" - Martin Underhill Pronti all'ascolt...ehm, alla lettura?

Spanish Cathedral Music In The Golden Age

Author: Robert Murrell Stevenson
Editor: Univ of California Press
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Music In Seventeenth Century Naples

Author: Dinko Fabris
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351557343
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The most important figure of seventeenth-century Neapolitan music, Francesco Provenzale (1624-1704) spent his long life in the service of a number of Neapolitan conservatories and churches, culminating in his appointment as maestro of the Tesoro di S. Gennaro and the Real Cappella. Provenzale was successful in generating significant profit from a range of musical activities promoted by him with the participation of his pupils and trusted collaborators. Dinko Fabris draws on newly discovered archival documents to reconstruct the career of a musician who became the leader of his musical world, despite his relatively small musical output. The book examines Provenzale's surviving works alongside those of his most important Neapolitan contemporaries (Raimo Di Bartolo, Sabino, Salvatore and Caresana) and pupils (Fago, Greco, Veneziano and many others), revealing both stylistic similarities and differences, particularly in terms of new harmonic practices and the use of Neapolitan language in opera. Fabris provides both a life and works study of Provenzale and a conspectus of Neapolitan musical life of the seventeenth century which so clearly laid the groundwork for Naples' later status as one of the great musical capitals of Europe.

Sexualities Textualities Art And Music In Early Modern Italy

Author: LindaL. Carroll
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351548980
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Taking as axiomatic the concept that artistic output does not simply reflect culture but also shapes it, the essays in this interdisciplinary collection take a holistic approach to the cultural fashioning of sexualities, drawing on visual art, theatre, music, and literature, in sacred and secular contexts. Although there is diversity in disciplinary approach, the interpretations and readings offered in each essay have a historical basis. Approaching the topic from the point of view of both visual and auditory media, this volume paints a comprehensive picture of artists? challenges to erotic boundaries, and contributes to new historicizing thinking on sexualities. Collectively, the essays demonstrate the role played by artistic production-visual arts, literature, theatre and music-in fashioning, policing, and challenging early modern sexual boundaries, and thus help to identify the ways in which the arts contributed to both the disciplining and the exploration of a range of sexualities.

Musica In Piemonte 2003

Editor: EDT srl
ISBN: 9788870636918
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Biblioteca Napoletana Et Apparato Agli Huomini Illustri In Lettere Di Napoli

Author: Nicolaus Toppi
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Il Paese Della Musica Felice

Author: Vittorio Franchini
Editor: Touring Editore
ISBN: 9788836530670
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Cenni Storici Dell Insegnamento Della Musica In Lucca E Dei Pi Notabili Maestri Compositori Che Vi Hanno Fiorito

Author: Domenico Agostino Cerù
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