Musica Rock Da Vittula

Autore: Mikael Niemi
Editore: Feltrinelli Editore
ISBN: 9788807818769
Grandezza: 73,12 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 4615
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A Traveller S Guide To Icelandic Folk Tales

Autore: Jón R. Hjálmarsson
Grandezza: 17,95 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 793
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Headway Digital Intermediate Student S Book Per Le Scuole Superiori

Autore: John Soars
ISBN: 9780194755320
Grandezza: 34,27 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 4202
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Il Manifesto Dei Cosmonisti

Autore: Mikael Niemi
Editore: Iperborea
ISBN: 8870911535
Grandezza: 58,40 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 4390
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Nothing But Fear

Autore: Knud Romer
ISBN: 9781846687143
Grandezza: 24,78 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4076
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The Second World War is long over but its legacy continues to tear a town - and a young boy's life - apart.Knud is growing up in Falster, a small Danish town in the 1960s. The war is over but the Germans are still hated and Knud has a German mother. Bullied and persecuted at school, he retreats into the eccentric world of his family's history - but he can't escape the fact that, for him, his parents, and his paternal grandparents, the war is still being fought.Depicting a town and a family devastated by prejudice, Nothing But Fear is written with empathy and venom in equal measure.


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Black Postcards

Autore: Dean Wareham
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143115489
Grandezza: 10,86 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3986
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Offers a personal memoir about his band called Luna and his wife Brita Phillips including both his years of achievement and his bitter moments, and "self-inflicted wounds."

Heaven And Hell

Autore: Jon Kalman Stefansson
Editore: MacLehose Press
ISBN: 1623651077
Grandezza: 61,17 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 2726
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Jon Kalman Stefansson is the winner of the Icelandic Prize for Literature and has been nominated three times for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature. Heaven and Hell, is a perfectly formed, vivid and timeless story, lyrical in style, and as intense a reading experience as the forces of the Icelandic landscape themselves. Der Spiegel said it was "like an oyster--a glinting treasure in a rough shell." In a remote part of Iceland, a boy and his friend Barour join a boat to fish for cod. A winter storm surprises them out at sea and Barour, absorbed in "Paradise Lost", succumbs to the ferocious cold and dies. Distraught from the murky circumstances of Barour's death, the boy leaves the village, intending to return the book to its original owner. The extreme hardship and danger of the journey is of little consequence to him--he has already resolved to join his friend in death. But once in the town he immerses himself in the stories and lives of its inhabitants, and decides that he cannot be with his friend just yet.

Buzz Aldrin What Happened To You In All The Confusion

Autore: Johan Harstad
Editore: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609803337
Grandezza: 35,44 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 5622
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Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? opens with the line: "The person you love is 72.8% water, and it hasn’t rained for weeks." From there, Brage Award–winning author and playwright Johan Harstad’s debut—previously published to great success in eleven countries and now making its first English-language appearance—tells the story of Mattias, a thirty-something gardener living in Stavanger, Norway, whose idol is Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon: the man who was willing to stand in Neil Armstrong’s shadow in order to work, diligently and humbly, for the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Following a series of personal and professional disasters, Mattias finds himself lying on a rain-soaked road in the desolate, treeless Faroe Islands, population only a few thousand, a wad of bills in his pocket and no memory of how he had come to be there—that’s when a truck approaches him, driven by a troubled, fantastic man with an offer that will shortly change Mattias’s life. And so, surrounded by a vivid and memorable cast of characters—aspiring pop musicians, Caribbean-obsessed psychologists, death-haunted photographers, girls who dream of anonymous men falling in love with them on bus trips, and even Buzz Aldrin himself—launches Buzz Aldrin, What Happened To You In All The Confusion?, the epic story of Mattias’s pop-saturated odyssey through the world of unconventional psychiatry, souvenir sheep-making, the Cardigans, and space: the space between himself and other people, a journey maybe as remote and personally dangerous as the trip to the moon itself.

The Loser

Autore: Thomas Bernhard
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0307773469
Grandezza: 55,81 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 4013
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Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. His formal innovation ranks with Beckett and Kafka, his outrageously cantankerous voice recalls Dostoevsky, but his gift for lacerating, lyrical, provocative prose is incomparably his own.One of Bernhard's most acclaimed novels, The Loser centers on a fictional relationship between piano virtuoso Glenn Gould and two of his fellow students who feel compelled to renounce their musical ambitions in the face of Gould's incomparable genius. One commits suicide, while the other-- the obsessive, witty, and self-mocking narrator-- has retreated into obscurity. Written as a monologue in one remarkable unbroken paragraph, The Loser is a brilliant meditation on success, failure, genius, and fame. From the Trade Paperback edition.