Essential New Zealand Short Stories

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The short story has been the forte of distinguished New Zealand writers from Katherine Mansfield and Frank Sargeson through to fresh young talents such as Eleanor Catton and Craig Cliff. There could be no better guide to a sampler of their best work than Owen Marshall, who has been called New Zealand's best living writer of short stories. Marshall's indispensible collection features fifty arresting and significant stories that show why short fiction has been so important in the development of our literature, and also why it continues to appeal. First published in 2002, this new edition of the collection features five new stories from writers who excel at a magnificent national genre: perfectly polished stories peopled by perceptive, quirky and intriguing characters.

New Zealand Stories

Autore: Katherine Mansfield
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
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Katherine Mansfield is New Zealand's most celebrated writer and one of the key figures in the history of the short story in English. This is the first time the stories set in her own country have been brought together and published in the order in which she wrote them. The Mansfield that emerges from this fresh perspective is both familiar and unexpected.

30 New Zealand Stories For Children

Autore: Jo Noble
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This anthology brings together a selection of stories for children. 30 NEW ZEALAND STORIES FOR CHILDREN samples some of the best stories for children that New Zealand has to offer. The collection has a lively, up-beat tone that will have both children and adults chuckling. The stories are aimed at upper-primary school readers - 7-10 year olds. Children will be able to read the stories themselves, and teachers and parents will find them excellent for reading aloud. Stories by a number of New Zealand's top children's writers are included: for example Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley, Patricia Grace, Jack Lasenby, Diana Noonan, David Hill and Jane Buxton.

Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Autore: Gwen Gawith
ISBN: 9780140144796
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Undiscovered Country

Autore: Katherine Mansfield
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The Oxford Book Of New Zealand Short Stories

Autore: Vincent O'Sullivan
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
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This anthology presents 50 stories by over 40 of New Zealand's best writers. Nineteenth-century writing, which is largely unknown, is represented by Clara Cheeseman and G B Lancaster, as well as by the more familiar Lady Barker and itinerant Henry Lawson. In the early twentieth century Katherine Mansfield is followed by Greville Texidor as well as Frank Sargeson and Dan Davin. The middle years of the century exhibit a flowering of talent. Janet Frame, Maurice Duggan, and Maurice Geeare all fine practitioners of the genre, while Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace are the strong voices of Maori writing. The past dozen or so years have seen an explosion of new writing, with talents as diverse as Owen Marshall, Keri Hulme, Barbara Anderson, and Peter Wells. The selection provides an introduction to New Zealand short fiction that readers interestd in the new literatures in English will find stimulating and surprising. The stories are accompanied by brief biographical notes and a glossary of Maori words.

Telling Stories

Autore: Bain Attwood
Editore: Allen & Unwin
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Recent decades have seen a tremendous upsurge of interest among the indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand in their history. Life stories, land claims, genealogy, song, dance and painting have all made new contributions to the recovery and representation of the past. Telling Stories looks at the place of life stories and of memory in history: who tells life stories, the purpose for which they are told; the role of story and history in the politics of land claims; and the way language impacts on research and writing. Ann Parsonson writes about 'stories for land' in the oral narratives of the Maori Land Court; Deborah Rose Bird retells the 'saga of Captain Cook'; Andrew Erueti and Alan Ward examine Maori land law in the context of the Treaty claims process; Jeremy Beckett looks at the autobiographical oral history of Myles Lalor; and Bain Attwood discusses the stolen generations narrative. With Judith Binney, Fiona Magowan, W.H. Oliver, Basil Sansom and Penny van Toorn, these contributors explore the questions arising when different kinds of history meet: different kinds of evidence, from different cultures, sometimes telling the same story from conflicting perspectives. Telling Stories is a timely book that freely explores the multiple forms of indigenous history in New Zealand and Australia.


Autore: Tessa Duder
ISBN: 9781863304801
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Sixteen short stories mostly written to reflect the common emotions, attitudes and horizons of contemporary teenagers in Australia and New Zealand, and often written in the first person. Authors include Gary Crew, Gillian Rubenstein, and Garry Disher.

The Puffin Treasury Of New Zealand Children S Stories

Autore: Jenni E. D. Keestra
Editore: Puffin Books
ISBN: 9780143303466
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Another wonderful treasury of timeless children's stories that will appeal to families, adults and children alike. This is New Zealand's children's writing at its best - from the contemporary to the classic - written and illustrated by some of New Zealand's best: Gavin Bishop, Joy Cowley, Ruth Dallas, Lynley Dodd, Lauris Edmond, Janet Frame, Maurice Gee, Denis Glover, Patricia Grace, Sam Hunt, Witi Ihimaera, Phyllis Johnston, Jack Lasenby, Margaret Mahy, Rachel McAlpine, Kingi McKinnon, Cilla McQueen, John Parker and many more.

And How Do You Like This Country

Autore: Otti Binswanger
Editore: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631598504
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Annotation. These stories by Otti Binswanger, the niece of the German aviator Otto Lilienthal, were written in the 1940s in New Zealand, where they were published originally in 1945. Otti Binswanger had come to New Zealand in 1939 as a refugee from Nazi Germany together with her husband Paul Binswanger, a German-Jewish scholar of Romance Languages. These stories constitute an important and highly original contribution not only to New Zealand literature, but also to the corpus of literature by exiles in the 20th century. In her stories Otti Binswanger creates an authentic, sympathetic, and at the same time critical portrait of the country and its people as she encountered them as an immigrant. They are «inside stories with the eye of an outsider written in the clear and matter-of-fact style of the period. The essay by Livia Käthe Wittmann (Christchurch/NZ) gives an introduction to both the stories as well as to the multi-facetted personality and life of Otti Binswanger.