Nightmares In The Woods

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From the Bestselling Book Series, 'SOMETHING IN THE WOODS IS TAKING PEOPLE,' as featured on Coast to Coast AM, comes 'NIGHTMARES IN THE WOODS.' The Woods will never be the same again....Lost in the Woods, sometimes the missing are found; But they are never the same again....True Tales of the lost and missing in the Woods; hiking in the Woods can be a dangerous thing....From the Bestselling Book Series featuring unexplained mysteries of encounters with the unknown, in the woods, forests and national parks, unexplained mysteriesof lost hikers, campers who never return, and hunters who come back changed.... the Woods are a mysterious and dangerous place to be....the Woods will never be the same again....facebook; Steph Young [email protected] Steph has appeared on radio shows & podcasts including Coast to Coast AM, "Midnight in the Desert" "Where did the Road go", and "Darkness Radio."Steph is an avid researcher into occult unexplained mysteries, supernatural occult mysteries, spiritual & esoteric enigmas, religion and spirituality occult unexplained mysteries , mysteries & wonders, and the world of the unknown....Also by Steph Young (writing as Stephen Young) Stalked in the WoodsDead in the WaterMysteries of the MacabreTerror in the Night Encounters with the UnknownHaunted AsylumsDemons; True StoriesHunted in the WoodsTaken in the WoodsPredators in the WoodsThe case of the Smiley Face KillersTrue Tales of Macabre HorrorTrue Stories of Near-death experiencesTrue Stories of Afterlife Communication

Daydreams And Nightmares

Author: Brent Tarter
Editor: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 0813937108
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The decision of the eventual Confederate states to secede from the Union set in motion perhaps the most dramatic chapter in American history, and one that has typically been told on a grand scale. In Daydreams and Nightmares, however, historian Brent Tarter shares the story of one Virginia family who found themselves in the middle of the secession debate and saw their world torn apart as the states chose sides and went to war. George Berlin was elected to serve as a delegate to the Virginia Convention of 1861 as an opponent of secession, but he ultimately changed his vote. Later, when defending his decision in a speech in his hometown of Buckhannon, Upshur County, he had to flee for his safety as Union soldiers arrived. Berlin and his wife, Susan Holt Berlin, were separated for extended periods--both during the convention and, later, during the early years of the Civil War. The letters they exchanged tell a harrowing story of uncertainty and bring to life for the modern reader an extended family that encompassed both Confederate and Union sympathizers. This is in part a love story. It is also a story about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. Although unique in its vividly evoked details, the Berlins’ story is representative of the drama endured by millions of Americans. Composed during the nightmare of civil war, the Berlins’ remarkably articulate letters express the dreams of reunion and a secure future felt throughout the entire, severed nation. In this intimate, evocative, and often heartbreaking family story, we see up close the personal costs of our larger national history. A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War


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Gumwood Tales

Author: John T. Winter
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Gumwood Tales: The Trouble With Swill once again tells the sorry tale of the sly foxes led by Festus, who scheme with the ferrets to trap and force animals from the town of Muchadoo to work in their gold mine. There are a lot of twists and turns in this continuing story, revealing lies, deceit, revenge, stealing, and other bad things that some animals do. But there are also nice things that friends do for each other. Sadly, friends can also be unkind, as young readers will discover in the latest Gumwood Tales, where all these things come into play. Meet a brave pig, wombat, rabbit, platypus, possum, turkey, cat, and horse as they fight together to survive. Says the author, "By the end of the story, you will know and love, or not like, the characters as much as I do; and in future stories you can look forward to even more wild yarns of the wonderful animals in the land of Gumwood in a hidden part of Australia."

Nightmare In The Woods

Author: Becca Anglen
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 0805976558
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We Are Where The Nightmares Go And Other Stories

Author: C. Robert Cargill
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473212847
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From the critically acclaimed screenwriter of Doctor Strange and author of Sea of Rust and Queen of the Dark Things comes a hair-raising collection of short fiction that illuminates the strange, humorous, fantastical and downright diabolical that tantalise and terrorise us: demons, monsters, zombie dinosaurs and Death itself. In the novella 'The Soul Thief's Son' C. Robert Cargill returns to the terrain of the Queen of the Dark Things to continue the story of Colby Stevens . . . A Triceratops and an Ankylosaurus join forces to survive a zombie apocalypse that may spell extinction for their kind in 'Hell Creek' . . . In a grand old building atop a crack in the world, an Iraq War veteran must serve a one-year term as a punisher of the damned, condemned to consume the sins of others in the hope that one day he may find peace in 'In a Clean, White Room' (co-authored with Scott Derrickson). . . In 'The Town That Wasn't Anymore', the village of Pine Hill Bluff loses its inhabitants one at a time as the angry dead return when night falls to steal the souls of the living . . . And in the title story, 'We Are Where the Nightmares Go', a little girl crawls through a glowing door beneath her bed and finds herself trapped in a nightmarish wonderland - a crucible of the fragments of children's bad dreams. These tales and four more are assembled here as testament to Cargill's mastery of the phantasmagoric, making We Are Where the Nightmares Go and Other Stories a collection of unnerving horror and fantasy will keep you up all night and haunt your waking dreams.

Knock On Wood Other Superstitions

Author: Carole Potter
Editor: Outlet
ISBN: 9780517459447
Size: 16,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Identifies and provides the historical background for common superstitions, symbols, customs, and bits of folklore

The Corn Maiden

Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Editor: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802195032
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Seven “masterfully told” stories of suspense and nightmarish drama from the National Book Award–winning author of Them (The Guardian). With the novella and six stories collected here, Joyce Carol Oates reaffirms her singular reputation for portraying the dark complexities of the human psyche. The title novella tells the story of Marissa, an eleven-year-old girl with hair the color of corn silk. When she suddenly disappears, mounting evidence points to a local substitute teacher. Meanwhile, an older girl from Melissa’s school is giddy with her power to cause so much havoc unnoticed. And she intends to use that power to enact a terrifying ritual called The Corn Maiden. In “Helping Hands,” published here for the first time, a widow meets an Iraq War veteran in a dingy charity shop, having no idea where the peculiar encounter is about to lead. In “Fossil-Figures,” a pair of twins—an artist and a congressman—never outgrow an ugly sibling rivalry. And in “A Hole in the Head,” a plastic surgeon gives in to an unusual and dangerous request. Together, these seven tales offer “a virtuoso performance” of “probing, unsettling, intelligent” storytelling from one of the world’s greatest writers of suspense (The Guardian). “The seven stories in this stellar collection from the prolific Oates may prompt the reader to turn on all the lights or jump at imagined noises. . . . This volume burnishes [her] reputation as a master of psychological dread.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “For horror stories to be truly horrific, the reader has to care. Oates feels this deeply in her writing, and delivers with style.” —The Independent “Further confirmation of a unique writer’s restless, preternatural brilliance.” —The Guardian

A Logger S Nightmare

Author: Carrie Peterman
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450058523
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There was no bright light. No tunnel and no out of body experience. No lifefl ashing before his eyes and no decision to live or die. Truth is, Branden never sawit coming. The tree plummeted him, driving him into the ground like a nail. It benthis body in half in very unnatural ways. Instantly, he knew he was paralyzed. Neveronce did he think this was the end. In fact, he told God he was not going to die inthe woods in the cold snow. There was peace. A peace like no other because ofhis faith in that same God that spared his life and not his legs.

The Nightmare War

Author: James Antell
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469113899
Size: 19,26 MB
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The Nightmare War is a work of speculative fiction that plays with the notion of closed loops of time. Each of the fourteen chapters contains a complete narrative incident with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Each narrative incident is followed by an appended commentary (or two) spoken from outside the loop. The fourteen chapters of The Nightmare War collectively tell a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. That story, however, begins on page 1 somewhere near the ending and ends on page 75 somewhere near the beginning. Careful readers may note that the story ends, chronologically, on page 15 with the phrase, Not another word! But that is not the last word.