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Fonte: Wikipedia. Pagine: 35. Capitoli: Album dei Nomadi, Singoli dei Nomadi, Video e DVD dei Nomadi, Danilo Sacco, Nomadi & Omnia Symphony Orchestra live 2007, Nomadi 40, The Platinum Collection, Per quando noi non ci saremo, Dio morto, Francesco Gualerzi, Cico Falzone, Le strade, gli amici, il concerto, In Italia erano i Nomadi, Augusto Daolio, Massimo Vecchi, Beppe Carletti, Album concerto, Gente come noi, Allo specchio, Naracauli e altre storie, The Platinum Collection 2, Elisa Minari, I Nomadi ed altre storie - Best & Rarities, Contro, Nomadi in concerto, Raccontiraccolti, Mille e una sera, SOS con rabbia e con amore, Io vagabondo, Chiedi chi erano i Nomadi, Ma noi no, Solo Nomadi, Sergio Reggioli, Con me o contro di me, Noi ci saremo, Ma che film la vita, Gordon, I Nomadi interpretano Guccini, Una storia da raccontare, Amore che prendi amore che dai, Un giorno insieme, Ancora Nomadi, Daniele Campani, Dante Pergreffi, Corpo estraneo, Il suono delle idee... 1963 - 1993, Ancora una volta con sentimento, La settima onda, Canzoni nel vento, Quando viene sera, Sempre Nomadi, Dove si va, Liberi di volare, Quando ci sarai, Lungo le vie del vento, I Nomadi cantano Guccini, So che mi perdonerai, Ci penser poi il computer, Tutto a posto, Un pugno di sabbia, D'amore e altre storie, Paolo Lancellotti, I Nomadi 2, Cuore vivo, I ragazzi dell'olivo, Andrea Pozzoli, I Nomadi 3, Collezione, Canzoni d'oltremanica e d'oltreoceano, I Nomadi 1. Estratto: Nomadi il nome di un gruppo musicale pop rock italiano fondato nel 1963 dal tastierista Beppe Carletti e dal cantante Augusto Daolio. Ha pubblicato fino al 2010 cinquantacinque album tra dischi registrati in studio o dal vivo e raccolte varie. Sono uno dei pi conosciuti - e longevi - complessi della musica leggera italiana. Il messaggio che sin dagli inizi i Nomadi trasmettono di denuncia e impegno sociale, mai troppo politicizzato. Questo messaggio trasportato in giro per l'Italia in maniera capillare, anche nei paes...


Autore: Gary Jennings
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Un libro che rivela ancora una volta l’abilità di Jennings nel rendere vivi sulla pagina personaggi e situazioni.Marina Taglieri, La Stampa

Mobilising Against Marginalisation In Europe

Autore: Didier Chabanet
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This book brings together twelve scholars from various universities and research centres in Europe and Canada. All look at developments in the collective action of marginalised and/or disadvantaged people such as Gypsies, migrants, cleaners, or unemployed people in contemporary West European societies. The authors analyse how these people organise and mobilise within or across countries such as Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, or Italy. They note that although the collective actions of marginalised and/or disadvantaged people are not necessarily unusual, all these nationally based or cross-national mobilisations have in common the fact that many of these people seek to overcome various cultural, social, and political obstacles, act collectively, and intervene in the public space. The various contributors in this book observe that the mobilisations of the marginalised and/or disadvantaged are often linked to new patterns and forms of social and political marginalisation and inequality. The contributors analyse, therefore, these emerging patterns and they investigate the extent to which marginalised and/or disadvantaged people are of political significance in many of today’s West European societies.

The Camps System In Italy

Autore: Riccardo Armillei
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319763180
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This book deals with the social exclusion of Romanies (‘Gypsies’) in Italy. Based on interviews with Romani individuals, institutional and Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) representatives, participant observation and a broad range of secondary sources, the volume focuses on the conditions of those living in Rome’s urban slums and on the recent implementation of the so-called ‘Emergenza Nomadi’ (Nomad Emergency). The enactment of this extraordinary measure concealed the existence of a long-established institutional tradition of racism and control directed at Romanies. It was not the result of a sudden, unexpected situation which required an immediate action, as the declaration of an ‘emergency’ might imply, but rather of a precise government strategy. By providing an investigation into the interactions between Romanies, local institutions and CSOs, this book will deliver a new perspective on the Romani issue by arguing that the ‘camp’ is not only a tool for institutional control and segregation, but also for ‘resistance’, as well as a huge business in which everyone plays their part.

Nomadi Augusto Altre Storie

Autore: Beppe Carletti
ISBN: 9788804526360
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Tende Architettura Dei Nomadi

Autore: Torvald Faegre
ISBN: 9788822008121
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From Silence To Protest

Autore: Didier Chabanet
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317131800
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The editors of this book examine social movement scholars’ use of contemporary concepts and paradigms in the study of protest as they analyse the extent to which these tools are valid (or not) in very different regional - and thus political or cultural - contexts. The authors posit that ’weakly resourced groups’ are a particularly useful point of departure to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of three key social movement schools of analysis: resource mobilization, political opportunity structures, and frame analysis. Some of the groups considered in this volume are financially disadvantaged, lacking money and work; others are economically disadvantaged, with members having precarious, part-time, or short-term jobs; some are socially disadvantaged, with fragile networks of solidarity; others are culturally disadvantaged, with members continuously victimized, stigmatized and rejected; finally some are politically disadvantaged when they have little or no access to decision-making structures. These exclusionary factors can be cumulative and give way to different outcomes. The chapters cover a large range of examples including urban riots in France and in Great Britain, the World Social Forums of Dakar and Nairobi, the struggles of precarious workers in Italy and Greece, unemployed mobilization in Germany and Ireland, the mobilization of the Roma and Muslims in Europe, the Brazilian landless movement, the mobilization of small farmers in France, as well as mobilization in authoritarian states such as Morocco and Cuba. This book will be of interest to scholars, students and activists working within social movement studies.

The Education Of Gypsy And Traveller Children

Autore: University of Hertfordshire Press
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This translation of the proceedings of the international conference organised by the Centre for Gypsy Research & held in Carcassonne in 1989 provides a vivid picture of action research into the education of Gypsy & Traveller children in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain & the UK.