Non Smettere Di Sognare Il Diario Di Giorgia

Editore: Sperling & Kupfer editori
ISBN: 8820050692
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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Diary Of An 8 Bit Warrior Crafting Alliances Book 3 8 Bit Warrior Series

Autore: Cube Kid
Editore: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449483836
Grandezza: 69,71 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: CRAFTING ALLIANCES WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS WIMPY VILLAGER KINDLES 9 & 10. Competition stiffens in book three of the 8-Bit Diary series, as Runt’s training is intensifying! After the recent mob attacks, the entire village decides to prepare for the next offensive. Fortifying the defenses, tracking down a spy, searching for new alliances . . . But Herobrine isn’t having any of it . . . Can Runt increase his efforts to be one of the five best students in school and finally become the warrior of his dreams? With the help of his friends—Breeze, Max, Emerald, and Stump—Runt will face a peril greater than anything he has ever known.

The Bastards Of Pizzofalcone

Autore: Maurizio de Giovanni
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1609453255
Grandezza: 59,79 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A new series of hardboiled crime fiction set in contemporary Naples by the author of the internationally bestselling Commissario Ricciardi series. They've made a fresh start at the Pizzofalcone precinct of Naples. They fired every member of the investigative branch after they were found guilty of corruption. Now, there's a group of detectives, a new commissario, and a new superintendent. The new cops immediately find themselves investigating a high-profile murder that has the whole town on edge. Heading the investigation is Inspector Lojacono, known as "the Chinaman," a cop with a checkered past who is currently riding a reputation as a crack investigator after having captured a serial killer known as "The Crocodile." Lojacono's partner is Aragona, who wants to be known as "Serpico," but the name doesn't stick. Luigi Palma, a.k.a. "Gigi," is the Commissario, Francesco Romano, known as "Hulk," is the slightly self-deluded lieutenant. Lojacono, Aragona, Palma, and Romano are joined by a cast of cops portrayed by bestselling author Maurizio de Giovanni with depth and intimate knowledge of the close-knit world of police investigators. De Giovanni is one of the most dexterous and successful writers of crime fiction currently working in Europe. His award-winning and bestselling novels, all set in Naples, offer a brilliant vision of the criminal underworld and the lives of the cops in Europe's most fabled, atmospheric, dangerous, and lustful city. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Wicked Pleasure

Autore: Lora Leigh
Editore: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250124298
Grandezza: 44,25 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Illicit pleasures and the most sinful of desires abound in the first part of #1 bestselling author Lora Leigh's previously published novel Wicked Pleasure, now exclusively in e. Jaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins, Chase and Cam, for seven years. Fears of the desires they arouse in her, and the knowledge of the relationship they wanted with her, spurred her to run as far as she could from their strong, demanding embrace. But now life has come full circle...

The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists

Autore: Gideon Defoe
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408828146
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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1837: the Victorian Era approaches and the golden age of piracy draws to a close. Worried that his pirates are growing bored of roaring, running people through, and sitting about on tropical beaches, the Pirate Captain decides it's time they had an adventure. A chance encounter with the young Charles Darwin leads the Captain and his crew to the fog-filled streets of London, a grisly murder and a diabolical Bishop ...

Run Boy Run

Autore: Uri Orlev
Editore: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618957065
Grandezza: 22,30 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Based on a true story, Srulik, an eight-year-old boy, escapes the Warsaw Ghetto and must survive throughout the war in the Nazi-occupied Polish countryside. An ALA Notable Book for Children. Reprint.

Darcy Elizabeth

Autore: Linda Berdoll
Editore: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402233213
Grandezza: 65,55 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mr. and Mrs. Darcy have an exceedingly passionate marriage in this continuing saga of one of the most exciting, intriguing couples in the Jane Austen Literature. As the Darcy's raise their babies, enjoy their conjugal felicity and manage the great estate of Pemberley, the beloved characters from Jane Austen's original are joined by Linda Berdoll's imaginative new creations for a compelling, sexy and epic story guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and gasping with delight. What people are saying about Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife, the bestselling Pride and Prejudice sequel. "A breezy, satisfying romance." -Chicago Tribune "While there have been other Pride and Prejudice sequels, this one, with its rich character development, has been the most enjoyable." -Library Journal "Wild, bawdy and utterly enjoyable sequel." -Booklist

White Like Milk Red Like Blood

Autore: Alessandro D'Avenia
Editore: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480418021
Grandezza: 25,97 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The riveting story of a young love forced to confront death By turns brilliant and irreverent, deeply moving and touching, Alessandro D’Avenia’s debut novel is an international literary sensation that has been translated into two dozen languages and has sat atop the Italian bestseller list for three years. This mesmerizing coming-of-age story recounts an adolescent’s discovery of suffering, fear, and death, and offers readers the powerful and intensely poetic answers he comes to find. Leo is an ordinary sixteen-year-old: He loves hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, and zipping around on his motorbike. The time he has to spend at school is a drag, and his teachers are “a protected species you hope is going to become definitively extinct,” so when a new history and philosophy teacher arrives, Leo greets him with his usual antipathy. But this young man turns out to be different. His eyes sparkle when he talks, and he encourages his students to live passionately, to follow their dreams. Leo’s dream is a girl named Beatrice, the prettiest in school. Beatrice is irresistible—one look from her is enough to make Leo forget about everything else. But when he learns that she has leukemia, he is forced to search within himself, to bleed and to be reborn. In the process, he comes to understand that dreams must never die, and he finds the strength to believe in something bigger than himself.


Autore: Roberto Saviano
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101614838
Grandezza: 44,12 MB
Formato: PDF
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“Zero zero zero” flour is the finest, whitest available. “Zero zero zero” is also the nickname among narcotraffickers for the purest, highest quality cocaine on the market. And it is the title of Roberto Saviano’s unforgettable exploration of how the cocaine trade knits the world into its dark economy and imposes its own vicious rules and moral codes on its armies and, through them, on us all. Saviano’s Gomorrah, his explosive account of the Neapolitan mob, the Camorra, was a worldwide publishing sensation. It struck such a nerve with the Camorra that Saviano has lived with twenty-four hour police protection in the shadow of death threats for more than seven years. During this time he has become intimate with law enforcement agencies around the world. Saviano has broadened his perspective to take in the entire global “corporate” entity that is the drug trade in cooperation with law enforcement officials, who have fed him information and sources and used him to guide their own thinking and tactics. Saviano has used this extraordinary access to feed his own groundbreaking reportage. The result is a truly amazing and harrowing synthesis of intimate literary narrative and geopolitical analysis of one of the most powerful dark forces in the global economy. In Zero Zero Zero, Saviano tracks the shift in the cocaine trade’s axis of power, from Colombia to Mexico, and relates how the Latin American cartels and gangs have forged alliances, first with the Italian crime syndicates, then with the Russians, Africans, and others. On the one hand, he charts an astonishing increase in sophistication and diversification as these criminal entities diversify into many other products and markets. On the other, he reveals the threat of violence to protect and extend power and how the nature of the violence has grown steadily more appalling. Saviano is a journalist of rare courage and a thinker of impressive intellectual depth and moral imagination, able to see the connections between far-flung phenomena and bind them into a single epic story. Most drug-war narratives feel safely removed from our own lives; Saviano offers no such comfort. As heart racing as it is heady, Zero Zero Zero is a fusion of a variety of disparate genres into a brilliant new form that can only be called Savianoesque.

Business Nightmares

Autore: Rachel Elnaugh
Editore: Crimson Publishing
ISBN: 185458409X
Grandezza: 18,43 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6134
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Ex Dragons Den judge, Rachel Elnaugh exclusively uncovers the moments when she and other business personalities hit crisis point. Contains Rachel's truthful account of the much-publicised crash of Red Letter Days. She then boldly interviews business celebrities such as Jeffery Archer, Donald Trump, Stelios, Karan Billamoria, the Innocent boys, Ivan Massow and many more, about their darkest times in business. Business Nightmares exposes, through detailed and insightful profiles how even the mightiest business people were fallible and did not make it plain sailing; that all business go through bad times but can still come out the other side and be hugely successful. The author, Rachel Elnaugh is the epitome of a ‘successful failure’ in that she was running the hugely profitable Red Letter Days, and lost it. Highly exposed in the media due to her celebrity status on the Dragons Den, Rachel became the scapegoat for the crash of this business. For the first time, you can hear Rachel’s side of the story, exclusively and honestly, in Business Nightmares. The book is written in a series of revealing interviews and delves into the darkest business moments of many massive business personalities, divulging what really went wrong, how the events unfolded, how they felt and how they emerged from the crisis and what they learned from their experience.