Le Orge Della Nobilt

Autore: Linnea Nilsson
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781540334077
Grandezza: 76,71 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Cinquecentocinquanta pagine di puro erotismo.ATTENZIONE! CONTIENE SCENE ESPLICITE DI SESSO - NARRATIVA EROTICA - CONSIGLIATO AD UN PUBBLICO ADULTO.In una sola raccolta tutte le storie della contessa Casati e dei suoi festini orgiastici e le avventure erotiche dell'avvocato Linnea Martini.Venite a scoprire gli intrighi della nobilt� e i loro baccanali. Un invito ad una festa particolare, carpito a un amico ubriaco. Parole chiave e codici per entrare e l'obbligo tassativo di indossare una maschera e non rivelare il proprio nome.Quello che l'avvocato Linnea e la sua amica Federica si trovano di fronte � qualcosa al di fuori delle pi� selvagge aspettative. E chi � quell'uomo coi capelli neri e la barba incolta che sembra muoversi tra le stanze come se ne fosse il padrone? E quella donna in maschera, nuda nella semi oscurit�? Sar� veramente la contessa Casati quella donna mascherata che richiama la sua attenzione durante l'orgia? Sar� mai possibile?La raccolta contiene:Le Orge della Contessa - Libro 1La Maschera del Peccato - Libro 2Caos perfetto - Libro 3E come gradita sorpresa l'erotico di ambientazione storica Oakley Grove.La vita di Octavia stava andando a pezzi. Un marito infedele, una vita che le andava stretta, e ora il rischio di essere uccisa. Un'avventura che la porter� a prendere delle decisioni che cambieranno profondamente la sua vita. Combattere o scappare da tutto e da tutti in Ohio?Tra i romanzi storici rosa, con un pizzico di erotismo nel mezzo, la storia della protagonista Octavia � un'avventura mozzafiato western che vi terr� col fiato sospeso fino alla fine.Seguite le avventure di Octavia in questo splendido libro, classificato tra i romanzi storici erotici.

Shadow Lover

Autore: Anne Stuart
Editore: Bell Bridge Books
ISBN: 1611944236
Grandezza: 47,96 MB
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Victim. Lover. Both? His dark game is seducing her-- just as it was when they were young. How can he still have that power over her? Eighteen years ago, she saw him die. Wealthy, selfish, and greedy, the McDowell family raised Carolyn McDowell--a foster child--like a modern Cinderella. Neglected and ignored, good-hearted Carolyn adored scion Alexander despite it all, though even he tormented her. When Alex ran away one night, Carolyn followed and witnessed his murder, though she never told anyone. Her beloved Alex died when he was seventeen. There was no doubt. Eighteen years later, Carolyn returns to the decadent milieu of the McDowell clan to care for her dying foster mother, Sally. As greedy relatives gather to claim their inheritances, a stunning stranger arrives, claiming to be Alexander. To Carolyn's utter shock, Sally greets her "son" without question, and no one but Carolyn believes he's a fraud. As she delves into the mysteries of both the past and present, Carolyn quickly realizes that the resurrected Alex is a dangerous combination of seduction and power. Is this stranger after the McDowell fortune, or is he really, somehow, the Alex of old, come back to claim her? How can he be an imposter and yet know family secrets only the real Alex would remember? Was someone helping him? What would you do if the boy you loved returned almost twenty years later, and you fell in love with him all over again--even if you were sure it couldn't be him?

Fear And Loathing In La Liga

Autore: Sid Lowe
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1446496635
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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It’s Messi vs Ronaldo, it’s Catalonia vs Castilla. It’s the nation against the state, freedom fighters vs Franco’s fascists. It’s majestic goals and mesmerising skills, red cards and bench brawls. It’s the best two teams on the planet going face to face and toe to toe. It’s more than a game. It’s a war. It’s Barcelona vs Real Madrid. ...Only, it’s not that simple. From the wounds left by the civil war to the teams’ recent global domination, historian and expert on Spanish football, Sid Lowe lifts the lid on sport’s greatest rivalry. Lowe has spoken to the biggest names and the forgotten heroes who defined their clubs. Men like Alfredo Di Stéfano and Johan Cruyff as well as the only survivor of the most politically charged game in history, the Barcelona striker who knocked Madrid out of the European Cup for the first time ever, and the president who celebrated his club’s defining moment by taking a midnight dip in the Thames. By exploring the history, politics, culture, economics and language, while never forgetting the drama on the pitch, Lowe demonstrates the symbiotic nature of the relationship between these two football giants. In doing so he reveals the human story behind this explosive rivalry.

Tara And Tiree Fearless Friends

Autore: Andrew Clements
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481414879
Grandezza: 76,82 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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True stories of animals that saved people's lives Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends Jim loves to go for long walks with his dogs, Tara and Tiree. One cold winter day, Jim falls through the ice on the frozen lake. Tiree tries to save him and falls through the ice too. What will happen if Tara tries to help them both?

Lady Fortune

Autore: Anne Stuart
Editore: Bell Bridge Books
ISBN: 1611944481
Grandezza: 72,96 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 5797
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Is he a half-mad court jester or a brilliant spy for the king? Lady Julianna knows this much for certain: He is no fool when it comes to the art of seduction. Nicholas Strangefellow is a scoundrel prized by King Henry himself--a court jester. Now sent to the wedding of the Earl of Fordham to entertain, but secretly under orders from the King to bring back a legendary chalice, Nicholas is a man on a mission that could easily be bollixed. Suddenly the chances of bollixing increase merrily when he meets irresistible Julianna, the widowed daughter of the bride-to-be. After a loveless arranged marriage, Julianna plans to join a convent. Yet she finds herself in wickedly provocative conversation with, of all men, the king's mocking, ribald "wedding present" to the Earl. Nicholas--the jester, the fool, and a mere commoner, who immediately decides to seduce her while procuring the chalice for King Henry. What follows is a rollicking comedy, an intrigue spiced with villains and danger, but most of all, a tender and sexy romance. Nicholas is hardly the husband a noblewoman should choose, and when he's faced with a choice between desire and betrayal, or loyalty to King and a comfortable life, he'll have to confront the shocking truth. That he's become a fool for love.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Autore: Oscar Wilde
Editore: Xist Publishing
ISBN: 168195897X
Grandezza: 76,73 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde from Coterie Classics All Coterie Classics have been formatted for ereaders and devices and include a bonus link to the free audio book. “Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray A man sells his soul for eternal youth and scandalizes the city in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

So Long Been Dreaming Postcolonial Science Fiction Fantasy

Autore: Nalo Hopkinson
Editore: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1458776174
Grandezza: 60,97 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy is an anthology of original new stories by leading African, Asian, South Asian, and Aboriginal authors, as well as North American and British writers of colour. Stories of imagined futures abound in Western writing. Writer and editor Nalo Hopkinson notes that the science fiction/fantasy genre ''speaks so much about the experience of being alienated, but contains so little writing by alienated people themselves.'' It's an oversight that Hopkinson and Mehan aim to correct with this anthology. The wealth of postcolonial literature has included many who have written insightfully about their pasts and presents. With So Long Been Dreaming they creatively address their futures. With an introduction by Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Samuel R. Delany. Contributors to So Long Been Dreaming are Opal Palmer Adisa, Celu Amberstone, Ven Begamudre, Tobias S. Buckell, Wayde Compton, Andrea Hairston, Maya Khankhoje, Tamai Kobayashi, Larissa Lai, Karin Lowachee, devorah major, Suzette Mayr, Carole McDonnell, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Eden Robinson, Nisi Shawl, Vandana Singh, Sheree R. Thomas, and Greg van Eekhout.