Oceanographic Processes Of Coral Reefs

Author: Eric Wolanski
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420041673
Size: 15,38 MB
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Demonstrating the relevance and need of science in planning the future of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs worldwide, Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef emphasizes multi-disciplinary processes - physical and biological links - that have emerged as the dominant forces shaping and controlling the ecosystem. The book draws heavily on data from coral reefs in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef covers: Climate and global change Coastal oceanography Wetlands ecology Estuaries Marine biology Land use management in the tropics Fisheries management Coral Reef ecological modeling Biodiversity and the human impact Explore how the ecosystem responds to both physical and biological stimuli, and how they interact Understand processes imperative to create sustainable design strategies Comprehend the connectivity of biotopes - land, mangroves, seagrass, and corals Discover the relationship between managing marine resources and managing adjoining land use Learn how fish behavior and migration patterns control fisheries

Advances In Coastal Modeling

Author: V.C. Lakhan
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080526645
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This book unifies and enhances the accessibility of contemporary scholarly research on advances in coastal modeling. A comprehensive spectrum of innovative models addresses the wide diversity and multifaceted aspects of coastal research on the complex natural processes, dynamics, interactions and responses of the coastal supersystem and its associated subsystems. The twenty-one chapters, contributed by internationally recognized coastal experts from fourteen countries, provide invaluable insights on the recent advances and present state-of-the-art knowledge on coastal models which are essential for not only illuminating the governing coastal process and various characteristics, but also for understanding and predicting the dynamics at work in the coastal system. One of the unique strengths of the book is the impressive and encompassing presentation of current functional and operational coastal models for all those concerned with and interested in the modeling of seas, oceans and coasts. In addition to chapters modeling the dynamic natural processes of waves, currents, circulatory flows and sediment transport there are also chapters that focus on the modeling of beaches, shorelines, tidal basins and shore platforms. The substantial scope of the book is further strengthened with chapters concentrating on the effects of coastal structures on nearshore flows, coastal water quality, coastal pollution, coastal ecological modeling, statistical data modeling, and coupling of coastal models with geographical information systems.

Physical Oceanographic Processes Of The Great Barrier Reef

Author: Eric Wolanski
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849380471
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Physical Oceanographic Processes of the Great Barrier Reef is the first comprehensive volume describing the water circulation and its influence in controlling the distribution of marine life on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The book uses exhaustive field and numerical studies to show how the influence of the salient topography occurs at all scales. Scales include:

The Biology Of Coral Reefs

Author: Charles Sheppard
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198787340
Size: 12,72 MB
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Coral reefs represent the most spectacular and diverse marine ecosystem on the planet as well as a critical source of income for millions of people. However, the combined effects of human activity have led to a rapid decline in the health of reefs worldwide, with many now facing complete destruction. Their world-wide deterioration and over-exploitation has continued and even accelerated in many areas since the publication of the first edition in 2009. At the same time, there has been a near doubling in the number of scientific papers that have been written in this short time about coral reef biology and the ability to acclimate to ocean warming and acidification. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, incorporating the significant increase in knowledge gained over the last decade whilst retaining the book's focus as a concise and affordable overview of the field. The Biology of Coral Reefs provides an integrated overview of the function, physiology, ecology, and behaviour of coral reef organisms. Each chapter is enriched with a selection of 'boxes' on specific aspects written by internationally recognised experts. As with other books in the Biology of Habitats Series, the emphasis in this book is on the organisms that dominate this marine environment although pollution, conservation, climate change, and experimental aspects are also included. Indeed, particular emphasis is placed on conservation and management due to the habitat's critically endangered status. A global range of examples is employed which gives the book international relevance.

The Great Barrier Reef

Author: Pat Hutchings
ISBN: 0643099972
Size: 14,45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is 344 400 square kilometres in size and is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. This comprehensive guide describes the organisms and ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the biological, chemical and physical processes that influence them. Contemporary pressing issues such as climate change, coral bleaching, coral disease and the challenges of coral reef fisheries are also discussed. In addition,the book includes a field guide that will help people to identify the common animals and plants on the reef, then to delve into the book to learn more about the roles the biota play. Beautifully illustrated and with contributions from 33 international experts, The Great Barrier Reef is a must-read for the interested reef tourist, student, researcher and environmental manager. While it has an Australian focus, it can equally be used as a baseline text for most Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Winner of a Whitley Certificate of Commendation for 2009.

The Sea

Author: Allan R. Robinson
ISBN: 9780674021174
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Detecting Patterns Of Natural Selection Using Bayesian Generalized Linear Models

Author: Daniel M. Merl
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