Oltre La Finestra

Autore: Davide Stanic
ISBN: 9788865341025
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The Pilgrimage

Autore: Paulo Coelho
ISBN: 9788172235390
Grandezza: 57,26 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An extraordinary mixture of adventure story and guide to self-knowledge, this book recounts the spectacular trials of Paulo and his mentor, Petrus, as they journey across Spain in search of a miraculous sword.

Practicing Peace

Autore: Pema Chodron
Editore: Shambhala
ISBN: 9781611806137
Grandezza: 23,11 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Inspiring teachings on what each of us can do to promote peace from the inside out. With geopolitical tensions and the threat of violence flaring all over the world, people everywhere are experiencing a heightened sense of vulnerability and helplessness. But there is hope. Pema Ch�dr�n here shows us how to identify the underlying causes of these tensions and how we can really contribute to creating a more peaceful world--by starting right where we are. She draws on Buddhist teachings to explore the origins of aggression, hatred, and war, explaining that they lie nowhere but within our own hearts and minds. And she offers practical techniques all of us can use to work for peace in our own lives, at the level of our habits of thought and action. It's never too late, she tells us, to look within and discover a new way of living and to transform not only our personal lives but our whole world.

Krishnamurti To Himself

Autore: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062506498
Grandezza: 43,68 MB
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Krishnamurti's last journal, spoken into a tape recorder at his home, Pine Cottage, in the Ojai Valley, brings the reader close to this renowned spiritual teacher. Dictated in the mornings, from his bed, undisturbed, Krishnamurti's observations are captured here in all their immediacy and candor, from personal reflections to poetic musings on nature and a serene meditation on death. Reflecting the culmination of a life of spiritual exploration, these remarkable final teachings engage and enlighten.

Monsieur Proust

Autore: Céleste Albaret
Editore: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 9781590170595
Grandezza: 39,40 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Celeste Albaret was Marcel Proust's housekeeper in his last years, when he retreated from the world to devote himself to writing. Her reminiscences of her employer present a fond and winning picture of the daily life of a great writer, including his foibles, worries, and kindnesses.

Salt Boundaries

Autore: VVAA
Editore: Vision Libros coedición Editorial Quijote
ISBN: 8490117020
Grandezza: 30,45 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 2981
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We live in this planet since time immemorial, a tiny dot in an ocean of darkness. All the people we know and love live here. Here are our dreams and our disappointments. This planet is our country; this planet is us. In this planet we live as our ancestors did. This land belongs to all religions, faiths and their representatives, teachers of ethics, fair men, people who create but also people who destroy. Some people whose only goal is ending up with the civilization. Corrupt people who do not respect the essence of the human being and whose desire is their enrichment based on the death of others. War lords turned this planet into a theatre where they represent a terrible play in which the death is the main character. A play in which blood flows as rivers and floods the corpses of its innocent victims. Why is this happening? Why this willingness to kill each other it is so uncontrollable? I know that nobody will come to help us in case of a hecatomb; a savior will not come from another planet to rid us of ourselves. There is no place for us to flee or to emigrate to. Why do not we treat ourselves with love and respect? Why do not we build rather than destroy? Why is the human being so selfish? This planet is our homeland. This planet is us, and we are killing it. Why do not we unite our voices against those doers of death? A unique voice that defends the right of a dignified, safe and peaceful life. A unique voice that raises against destruction, death, torture and exiles caused by wars. No one wants to be forced to leave behind his family or friends. No one wants to leave his land, the place of his childhood or deprive his children of it. (Con ilustraciones a color y texto a varios idiomas).

A Rage Of Love

Autore: Alda Merini
Editore: Guernica Editions
ISBN: 9781550710137
Grandezza: 34,58 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 961
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'The mentally ill suffer unnameable persecutions, no one knows why. They assume the role of the saint in today's society, since it is presumed that they, rarefied by their own madness, do not suffer like everyone else.' -- Alda Merini. 'In these pages, everything that is touched, even the most painful theme, is transformed into poetry. Every word is a key that finds organ pipes ready to amplify and sublimate the desperation. It's like finding one's self in front of a phenomenon of unconscious lyric power.' -- Ambrogio Borsani, from the Afterword.

Boris Godunov Illustrated

Autore: Aleksandr Pushkin
Editore: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1635370159
Grandezza: 11,65 MB
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Pushkin wrote of the play: "The study of Shakespeare, Karamzin, and our old chronicles gave me the idea of clothing in dramatic forms one of the most dramatic epochs of our history. Not disturbed by any other influence, I imitated Shakespeare in his broad and free depictions of characters, in the simple and careless combination of plots; I followed Karamzin in the clear development of events; I tried to guess the way of thinking and the language of the time from the chronicles. Rich sources! Whether I was able to make the best use of them, I don't know — but at least my labors were zealous and conscientious."

The Call Of Ice

Autore: Simone Moro
Editore: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594859043
Grandezza: 47,53 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3748
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* Adventure memoir from a renowned winter climber at the top of his game * Moro reflects on some of his most significant climbs * A bestseller in Italy, this is the first English-language edition of Moro’s story Simone Moro is a celebrated Italian alpinist who specializes in winter climbing: He holds the record for first winter ascents of 8000-meter peaks——Shisha Pangma, Makalu, and Gasherbrum II. A passionate climber, he is also an accomplished helicopter pilot and founder of a helicopter rescue program in Nepal. The Call of the Ice was written during Moro’s dramatic winter attempt on Nanga Parbat in 2012——his twelfth attempt on that mountain——during weather delays and other breaks in the climb. Moro reflects on past climbs and partners, including the death of his longtime friend and climbing partner, Anatoli Boukreev, on Annapurna, his mourning when Boukreev died, and his subsequent recovery; Denis Urubko and the nature of climbing partnerships; two attempts on Shisha Pangma; Broad Peak; Makalu; and Gasherbrum II, which he, Urubko, and Cory Richards completed in February 2011 despite near-tragic moments when they miraculously escaped after being swept away by an avalanche. Many of Moro’s climbs do not result in a summit and he explains why his interest lies in the attempt itself. In addition to these reflections, we relive in real-time his attempt on Nanga Parbat, which he and Urubko had to abandon after 51 days and 6600 meters! “I will go in winter. Again. Yes in winter. Just because it’s my dream. Just because exploration never ends.” – Simone Moro

Architecture And Participation

Autore: Peter Blundell Jones
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134370962
Grandezza: 79,47 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Bringing together leading international practitioners and theorists in the field, ranging from the 1960s pioneers of participation to some of the major contemporary figures in the field, Architecture and Participation opens up the social and political aspects of our built environment, and the way that the eventual users may shape it. Divided into three sections, looking at the politics, histories and practices of participation, the book gives both a broad theoretical background and more direct examples of participation in practice. Respectively the book explores participation's broader context, outlining key themes and including work from some seminal European figures and shows examples of how leading practitioners have put their ideas into action. Illustrated throughout, the authors present to students, practitioners and policy makers an exploration of how a participative approach may lead to new spatial conditions, as well as to new types of architectural practices, and investigates the way that the user has been included in the design process.