Oltre La Finestra

Autore: Davide Stanic
ISBN: 9788865341025
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Mountain Bike Alto Garda 54 Percorsi Monte Baldo Monte Velo Monte Tremalzo Valle Dei Laghi Val Di Ledro Vallagarina Val Di Gresta Ediz Inglese

Autore: Marco Giacomello
ISBN: 9788898609345
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Orlando In Love

Autore: Matteo Maria Boiardo
Editore: Parlor Press LLC
ISBN: 9781932559019
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Like Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, Boiardo's chivalric stories of lords and ladies first entertained the culturally innovative court of Ferrara in the Italian Renaissance. Inventive, humorous, inexhaustible, the story recounts Orlando's love-stricken pursuit of "the fairest of her Sex, Angelica" (in Milton's terms) through a fairyland that combines the military valors of Charlemagne's knights and their famous horses with the enchantments of King Arthur's court. Today it seems more than ever appropriate to offer a new, unabridged edition of Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato, the first Renaissance epic about the common customs of, and the conflicts between, Christian Europe and Islam. Having extensively revised his earlier translation for general readers, Charles Ross has added headings and helpful summaries to Boiardo's cantos. Tenses have been regularized, and terms of gender and religion have been updated, but not so much as to block the reader's encounter with how Boiardo once viewed the world. Charles Stanley Ross has degrees from Harvard College and the University of Chicago and teaches English and comparative literature at Purdue University. "Neglect of Italian romances robs us of a whole species of pleasure and narrows our very conception of literature. It is as if a man left out Homer, or Elizabethan drama, or the novel. For like these, the romantic epic of Italy is one of the great trophies of the European genius: a genuine kind, not to be replaced by any other, and illustrated by an extremely copious and brilliant production. It is one of the successes, the undisputed achievements." -C. S. Lewis

Practicing Peace

Autore: Pema Chodron
Editore: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9781611801897
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Inspiring teachings on what each of us can do to promote peace from the inside out--now available as a Shambhala Pocket Classic. With war and violence flaring all over the world, many of us are left feeling vulnerable and utterly helpless. In this book Pema Chödrön draws on Buddhist teachings to explore the origins of aggression, hatred, and war, explaining that they lie nowhere but within our own hearts and minds. She goes on to offer practical techniques any of us can use to work for peace in our own lives, at the level of our habits of thought and action. It's never too late, she tells us, to look within and discover a new way of living and transform not only our personal lives but our whole world. This is a pocket-sized reissue of Practicing Peace in Times of War.

Devil S Cape

Autore: Rob Rogers
Editore: Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 9780786949014
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In Devil's Cape, a town bordering on New Orleans, a horrific crime gives rise to a new breed of vigilantes, who set in motion a series of events that will transform Devil's Cape forever--but not necessarily for the better.


Autore: Achim Bednorz
ISBN: 9783848008407
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The Romanesque was the first epoch of medieval art that encompassed all of Europe. Its origins hearken back to characteristic elements of Roman construction--reflected in the name of the period--and in the course of the High Middle Ages developed into the embodiment of Christian sacred art. Architecture, painting, and sculpture were permeated with the Christian worldview and the spirit of the religion. Romanesque at hand helps us understand and even experience this tight integration and masterfully explains the manifold aspects of Romanesque artistic composition, in which the hopes and fears of the people of the timefound their expression.

In The Name Of The Son

Autore: Vittorio Sgarbi
Editore: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 9780847843893
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From the late medieval period through the Renaissance and the Baroque era, the task of conferring an image onto Christ--whose physical aspect was never described in Scripture--fell to artists, who depicted him at every stage of life and in a multitude of roles. In the 350 images in this lavishly illustrated volume, Vittorio Sgarbi considers the variety and power of these portrayals: depictions of joy, suffering, anger, surprise, unmistakable judgment, mercy, weakness, gentleness, friendship, and even whimsy. The result moves beyond art to explore the fact that it was the image of the Son, and not the Father, that amplified the words of Scripture.