Ooh La La

Autore: Jamie Cat Callan
Editore: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 080653558X
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French women seem to have a special knack for life's most important things--food, love, raising children. And in matters of beauty and style, they appear to be at an unfair advantage. But the good news is that everything French women know can be learned. . .. French women are not born more attractive than anyone else. They simply learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, inside and out. It's an allure that outlasts youth--in fact, some of France's most celebrated women are femmes d'un certain âge. Experience only makes them more irresistible. Growing up, Jamie Cat Callan had a French grand-mère to instruct her on style, grooming, and genuinely liking her reflection in the mirror. Now she shares that wisdom along with advice from other French women on fragrance, image consulting, makeup, and more, and shows you how to: Discover the power of perfume Find mentors who will help hone your personal style Begin at the ends--hands, feet, and hair Choose lingerie that makes you feel magnifique Get an internal makeover and nourish your soul Embrace your age gracefully and gorgeously Bid au revoir to Botox, fad diets, and agonizing over every imperfection, and say hello to the truly timeless beauty that comes with making the most of your own unique je-ne-sais-quoi. Praise for Jamie Cat Callan's Bonjour, Happiness "With warmth and sincerity, Callan shares that most precious of French life lessons--the art of saying 'enough.' "--Elizabeth Bard, author of Lunch in Paris "Clever, insightful. . .provides immediate happiness. Voilà!" --Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

Ooh La La

Autore: Robin Wells
Editore: Love Spell
ISBN: 9780505525031
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History professor Kate Matthews is an expert on Storyville, New Orleans' red light district. Working as a consultant on a film shooting there, Kate soon clashes with the film's director, Zack Jackson, over the accuracy of the story. Down-on-his-luck Zack soon realizes that, although she's is a pain in his behind, Kate is also the love of his life. (August)

Ooh La La Max In Love

Autore: Maira Kalman
Editore: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1681372460
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Max the dog-poet is back, this time in Paris and falling in love, in Maira Kalman's delightful picture book. It's happened. Before you can say "Pepe le Pew," Max the millionaire poet dog has landed in Paris, the city of light. The city of dreams. Everyone is in a froufrou of delight over Max. There's Fritz from the Ritz, Madame Camembert, Charlotte Russe, and Pierre Potpurri, who wants Max to perform in his Crazy Wolf Nightclub. Amidst the enchantment and beauty that is Paris in the spring, something is missing for Max. Max has made his millions; when will he find romance?

Ooh La La Connie Pickles

Autore: Sabine Durrant
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141912596
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Connie Pickles is fulfilling her destiny. She's in Paris, and she has big plans. She will fall in love with someone other than William. She will find her long lost grandparents. She will become très chic. But sometimes even destiny doesn't go to plan . . . Sabine Durrant has the laugh-out-loud humour of Louise Rennison, the sharp perception of Anne Fine and the instant girl-appeal of a younger Bridget Jones. Perfect for girls aged 11+.

Fancy Nancy Ooh La La It S Beauty Day

Autore: Jane O'connor
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062066749
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What better way to fancy Mom up for her birthday than to treat her to a super-deluxe beauty day created by Fancy Nancy herself? It's a pampering paradise, and right in the backyard! With relaxing music, fragrant lotions, colorful nail polish, and foamy mousse, Nancy gives her mom a total makeover. She even treats her to sumptuous refreshments and special entertainment. But when the pampering suddenly goes too far, has Nancy ruined her mom's big day? Complete with tips and recipes for creating a super-deluxe beauty day of your own, Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day will inspire budding beauty experts to open up shop and join in the deluxe fanciness!

A Pinch Of Ooh La La

Autore: Renee Swindle
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 0451416651
Grandezza: 76,71 MB
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To get to happily ever after, sometimes you need to start from scratch.... Abbey Ross, who runs her own bakery in Oakland, California, is known for her visually stunning wedding cakes. But lately, Abbey’s own love life has become stale. According to her best friend, Bendrix, Abbey’s not the spontaneous young woman she was when they were teenagers listening to the Cure and creating attention-grabbing graffiti. Of course, her failed relationship with a womanizing art forger might have something to do with that. Nevertheless, it’s time for Abbey to step out of the kitchen—and her comfort zone—and Bendrix has even handpicked a man for her to date. Samuel Howard is everything Abbey’s dreamed of: handsome, successful, and looking to raise a family. But a creamy icing might be needed to hide a problem or two. When Samuel complains about disrespect for the institution of marriage, Abbey’s reminded of her nontraditional family, with thirteen children from various mothers. And when Samuel rails about kids having kids, Abbey thinks of her twenty-year-old sister who’s recently revealed her pregnancy. Soon Abbey is facing one disaster after another and struggling to make sense of it all. Her search for love has led her down a bitter path, but with the help of her unique family and unwavering friends, she just might find the ooh la la that makes life sweet. READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

Ooh La La

Autore: Maxim Jakubowski
Editore: Running PressBook Pub
ISBN: 9781560259084
Grandezza: 40,32 MB
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People say the French stay slim thanks to their good wine and regular meals. This might prove to be the case, but the hottest erotica currently being written flows from the sexy pens of French women of letters. On the basis that writers of erotica are often known to find inspiration in their own lives and experiences, one can only draw certain conclusions! Dominique Aury under the penname Pauline Reage wrote "The Story of O" in 1954 and opened the floodgates for a whole new, sulphurous tradition of female erotica, since appropriated by female writers all over the world, including Anne Rice in the USA writing as A.N. Roquelaure. But the wonderfully perverse imagination of French authors has continued unabated ever since, and the daughters of O are now legions, including leading lights like Catherine Millet, Regine Deforges, Francoise Rey, Vanessa Duries, Florence Dugas, Alina Reyes, and the famous fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, all of whom contributed to this collection. French literary sex is hot, elegant, gently perverse, quietly shocking, and always arousing -- and these twenty-nine stories will leave no reader indifferent.

Ooh La La Polka Dot Boots

Autore: Ellen Olson-Brown
Editore: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 1582462879
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Illustrations and brief rhyming text sing the praises of polka-dot boots, which add panache to any outfit, from ugly pants and pretty pants to country pants and city pants. By the author of Ten Stinky Babies.

Fancy Nancy Big Book

Autore: Jane O'Connor
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061719447
Grandezza: 60,36 MB
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No one knows fancy like Nancy.

Bonjour Happiness

Autore: Jamie Cat Callan
Editore: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0806534974
Grandezza: 18,91 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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French women didn't invent happiness. But they know a thing or two about joie de vivre--being alive to each delicious moment. As a young girl, Jamie Cat Callan was fascinated by her French grandmother. Though she had little money, Jamie's grand-mère ate well, dressed well, and took joy in simple, everyday pleasures. As Jamie journeyed through France as an adult, she gained more insight into the differences between French and American women. French women--whether doctors, shop owners, or housewives--don't worry about being thin enough, young enough, or accomplished enough. They age gracefully and celebrate their bodies. They know how to balance their lives--to love food without overeating, to work hard but not too much, to relish friends and family, and still make time for themselves. Now Jamie draws on everything French women have taught her and shows you how to: Buy and consume less--and enjoy more Look like a million Euros on a few francs Find time to be alone Flirt à la française Rediscover your own mystery Perfection isn't attainable, but happiness always is. And this uplifting, revelatory book shows every woman how to embrace it--and savor it.