Practice Of Consumption And Spaces For Goods

Author: Francesca Murialdo
Editor: Francesca Murialdo
ISBN: 889086611X
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The change in the significance of goods is a process which has triggered far-reaching changes in society as the term has lost any meaning in relation to its purely functional character and increasingly come to represent symbolic and cultural contents. The practice of consumption seems today to be one of the distinctive features by means of which we can describe the social, political and economic phenomenologies which, for better or worse, influence our lives. What becomes increasingly evident and necessary is the role of design culture as a structure for the coordination of the networks of knowledge, to interpret the world of things and design in order to influence behaviours, in the final analysis, bringing about the rise of new economies. The practice of consumption and the spaces for goods are in continuous evolution, constantly eluding typological and functional definition. One of the objectives of this research, besides an attempt to explore not only the spaces but also the practices of consumption from the designer’s perspective, is to understand what mechanisms are at work, what competences, the roles which have impacted on, still impact on today and will continue to impact on this sector in the future.

Design Innovations For Contemporary Interiors And Civic Art

Author: Crespi, Luciano
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522506675
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In some post-industrial areas, re-designing structural interiors in an attractive way is becoming increasingly important to community members, as it helps promote local pride and a higher quality of life. Design Innovations for Contemporary Interiors and Civic Art examines novel techniques in structural designs in various cultural and social scenarios. Featuring innovative application methods, emergent trends, and research on tools being utilized in the field, this publication is a pivotal reference source for designers, researchers, practitioners, and professionals interested in interior design, urban culture, and structural aesthetics.

Parole Nel Vento

Author: Paolo Benetti
ISBN: 1291346813
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Handbook Of Research On Form And Morphogenesis In Modern Architectural Contexts

Author: D'Uva, Domenico
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522539948
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As architectural designs continue to push boundaries, there is more exploration into the bound shape of architecture within the limits of spaces made for human usability and interaction. The Handbook of Research on Form and Morphogenesis in Modern Architectural Contexts provides emerging research on the process of architectural form-finding as an effort to balance perceptive efficiency with functionality. While highlighting topics such as architectural geometry, reverse modeling, and digital fabrication, this book details the geometric process that forms the shape of a building. This publication is a vital resource for scholars, IT professionals, engineers, architects, and business managers seeking current research on the development and creation of architectural design.

Body And Building

Author: George Dodds
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262041959
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Essays on the changing relationship of the human body and architecture.

Artibus Et Historiae

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