Autore: Menander
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With the discovery in Egypt of papyrus books we now know much more about Greek 'New Comedy' and the plays of its greatest exponent, Menander, but his second best preserved play, Samia, is not yet generally known. In this new edition the text takes account of all recent scholarly work, with the facing translation as an aid to interpretation. The commentary elucidates the text, explaining the themes and conventions of New Comedy, and emphasizing the text's dramatic nature. The Samia is among the ancestors of modern comedy, whose traditions are derived from Menander and the Greek plays adapted by Plautus and Terence for Roman audiences.


Autore: Steven Heighton
Editore: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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In 1871, nineteen men, women, and children, voyaging on the Arctic explorer USS Polaris found themselves cast adrift on an ice floe as their ship began to founder. Based on one of the most remarkable events in polar history, Afterlands tells the haunting story of this small society of castaways -- a white and a black American, five Germans, a Dane, a Swede, an Englishman, and two Inuit families -- and the harrowing six months they spend marooned in the Arctic, struggling to survive both the harsh elements and one another. As the group splinters into factions along ethnic and national lines, rivalries -- complicated by sexual desire, unrequited love, extreme hunger, and suspicion -- begin to turn violent. Steven Heighton's provocative novel fills in the blanks of the Polaris's documented history and explores the shattering emotional and psychological consequences faced by those who survive.

The Invisibles

Autore: Sebastien Lifshitz
Editore: Rizzoli International Publications
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A treasury of vintage photos of gay couples privately or secretly honoring their relationships spans the first six decades of the 20th century and is comprised of anonymous images found by the author at flea markets and garage sales, in a volume that inspired his award-winning 2013 documentary. Movie tie-in.