Perch Il Sud Rimasto Indietro

Autore: Emanuele Felice
ISBN: 9788815266101
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The Moral Basis Of A Backward Society

Autore: Edward C. Banfield
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The Spread Of Modern Industry To The Periphery Since 1871

Autore: Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019106808X
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Ever since the Industrial Revolution of the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, industrialization has been the key to modern economic growth. The fact that modern industry originated in Britain, and spread initially to north-western Europe and North America, implied a dramatic divergence in living standards between the industrial North (or 'West') and a non-industrial, or even de-industrializing, South (or 'Rest'). This nineteenth-century divergence, which had profound economic, military, and geopolitical implications, has been studied in great detail by many economists and historians. Today, this divergence between the 'West' and the 'Rest' is visibly unravelling, as economies in Asia, Latin America and even sub-Saharan Africa converge on the rich economies of Europe and North America. This phenomenon, which is set to define the twenty-first century, both economically and politically, has also been the subject of a considerable amount of research. Less appreciated, however, are the deep historical roots of this convergence process, and in particular of the spread of modern industry to the global periphery. This volume fills this gap by providing a systematic, comparative, historical account of the spread of modern manufacturing beyond its traditional heartland, to Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, or what we call the poor periphery. It identifies the timing of this convergence, finding that this was fastest in the interwar and post-World War II years, not the more recent 'miracle growth' years. It also identifies which driving forces were common to all periphery countries, and which were not.

The Oxford Handbook Of The Italian Economy Since Unification

Autore: Gianni Toniolo
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199936706
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This Oxford Handbook provides a fresh overall view and interpretation of the modern economic growth of one of the largest European countries, whose economic history is less known internationally than that of other comparably large and successful economies. It will provide, for the first time, a comprehensive, quantitative "new economic history" of Italy. The handbook offers an interpretation of the main successes and failures of the Italian economy at a macro level, the research--conducted by a large international team of scholars --contains entirely new quantitative results and interpretations, spanning the entire 150-year period since the unification of Italy, on a large number of issues. By providing a comprehensive view of the successes and failures of Italian firms, workers, and policy makers in responding to the challenges of the international business cycle, the book crucially shapes relevant questions on the reasons for the current unsatisfactory response of the Italian economy to the ongoing "second globalization." Most chapters of the handbook are co-authored by both an Italian and a foreign scholar.

If On A Winter S Night A Traveler

Autore: Italo Calvino
Editore: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544133404
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Italo Calvino imagines a novel capable of endless mutations in this intricately crafted story about writing and readers. If on a Winter's Night a Traveler turns out to be not one novel but ten, each with a different plot, style, ambience, and author, and each interrupted at a moment of suspense. Together they form a labyrinth of literatures, known and unknown, alive and extinct, through which two readers, a male and a female, pursue both the story lines that intrigue them and one another.

Industrial Policy In Europe After 1945

Autore: C. Grabas
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137329904
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Bringing together renowned scholars in the field with younger researchers, this interdisciplinary study of the history of post-war industrial policy in Europe investigates transfers across borders and locates industrial policy in the context of the Cold War from a global perspective.

Italy From Crisis To Crisis

Autore: Matthew Evangelista
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1351586920
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Italy from Crisis to Crisis seeks to understand Italy’s approach to crises by studying the country in regional, international, and comparative context. Without assuming that the country is abnormal or unusually crisis-prone, the authors treat Italy as an example from which other countries might learn. The book integrates the analysis of domestic politics and foreign policy, including Italy’s approach to military interventions, energy security, economic relations with the European Union (EU), and to the NATO alliance, and covers a number of issues that normally receive little attention in studies of "high politics," such as information policy, national identity, immigration, youth unemployment, and family relations. Finally, it puts Italy in a comparative perspective – with other European states, naturally – but also with Latin America, and even the United States, all countries that have experienced similar crises to Italy’s and similar – often populist – responses. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of, and courses on, Italian politics and history, European politics and, more broadly, comparative politics and democracy.

Routledge Handbook Of Global Economic History

Autore: Francesco Boldizzoni
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317561856
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The Routledge Handbook of Global Economic History documents and interprets the development of economic history as a global discipline from the later nineteenth century to the present day. Exploring the normative and relativistic nature of different schools and traditions of thought, this handbook not only examines current paradigmatic western approaches, but also those conceived in less open societies and in varied economic, political and cultural contexts. In doing so, this book clears the way for greater critical understanding and a more genuinely global approach to economic history. This handbook brings together leading international contributors in order to systematically address cultural and intellectual traditions around the globe. Many of these are exposed for consideration for the first time in English. The chapters explore dominant ideas and historiographical trends, and open them up to critical transnational perspectives. This volume is essential reading for both academics and students in economic and social history. As this field of study is very much a bridge between the social sciences and humanities, the issues examined in the book will also have relevance for those seeking to understand the evolution of other academic disciplines under the pressures of varied economic, political and cultural circumstances, on both national and global scales.

Un Viaggiatore Tra Borghi E Citt Dal Centro Al Sud Alle Isole D Italia Alla Scoperta Di Cultura Storia E Tradizioni

Autore: Francesco Maria Provenzano
Editore: Luigi Pellegrini Editore
ISBN: 8868225204
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Perché questo libro? Perché ho voluto proporre un percorso storico e culturale, che è stato un viaggio suggestivo, molto spesso non facile. Ho visitato luoghi, borghi e città da un fascino straordinario. Questi sono stati i miei compagni di viaggio. Un viaggio questo alla scoperta delle nostre debolezze, delle nostre capacità e di luoghi a molti di noi sconosciuti. Questo mio libro vuole essere un percorso che superi l’antico e affermi il nuovo. Spero che queste pagine coinvolgano il lettore nello scoprire paesaggi e luoghi affascinanti, interessanti e ricchi di memorie culturali e storiche. Per me il viaggiare è il sapere della conoscenza, come afferma anche in questo suo scritto l’antropologo francese Marc Augé: “Forse uno dei nostri compiti più urgenti consiste nell’imparare di nuovo a viaggiare, eventualmente nelle nostre vicinanze, per imparare di nuovo a vedere”.

Il Meglio Sud

Autore: Lino Patruno
Editore: Rubbettino Editore
ISBN: 8849845871
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Chi ha detto che il Sud è solo Divario col Nord? Perché il temuto Deserto del Sud può attendere? Sappiamo che il Sud produce più di interi Stati europei? Come mai 500 anni dopo c’è un Galileo Galilei terrone? Conosciamo il Sud in grazia di Dio? Abbiamo mai visitato il Museo degli Orrori contro il Sud? Siamo sicuri che Mafia faccia rima con Sud? Qual è il Sud cui conviene restare peggiore Sud? Davvero crediamo che non ci sia anche un peggiore Nord? Cosa spinge sempre più giovani a restare al Sud o a tornarci? Tu non conosci Il meglio Sud. Tu non conosci le Resistenze del Sud: la traversata dei cento nuovi Mosè, il fior fiore delle cento Idee creative, le trincee dei cento Ribelli positivi. Questo libro è un viaggio nel giorno buono di un Sud che entra nel Futuro del mondo tecnologico partendo dal Passato della città di pietra.