Policing The Old Mojave Desert

Author: L. A. "Buzz" Banks
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483413152
Size: 17,44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Oh lucky reader, on these pages, you will be looking over 'Buzz' Banks shoulder as he performs old fashioned police work in the rarefied High Desert of the Victor Valley, CA. back when a CHP Officer had to manage pretty much on his own, with thin technical support and far away resources. These early CHP fellows were true pioneers when it came to using plain common sense, and their personally acquired, human behavior knowledge. Buzz was a fine family man, cop, courageous, loyal to his oath, honest, and a friend to all he knew. Reading this first person account, will transport you to a time that many would trade for today's overly sanitized and impersonal law enforcement presence. He was the kind of cop that folks would wave to when he passed, children would consider him their protector, and adults respected him for his fairness and big heart. Buzz was the real deal, and all who follow in his footsteps will be the wiser if they adopted a smidgen of his persona. David C.

What Happened In Nebraska Idaho Wyoming Washington Burma With Merrill S Marauders Oregon California

Author: Robert L. Mason
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438916132
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I am one of those jolly old gray haired retired senior citizens with a world of interesting experiences to tell. I do believe that you will enjoy reading this book as it is a life story of good happenings, and of some bad happenings that everybody can relate to. We all make the trek throughout life accumulating memorable experiences, some of which we can enjoy sharing with others. I decided to share some of my experiences with other people by writing this short story in paperback form. In this way I get to talk to a lot of people, maybe not in person, but by the written word. I talk about my life from the womb, but not quite yet to the tomb. In the United States, as recorded by the August 2008 US Census Bureau report, the population was estimated to be over three hundred million, and growing every second. Wow! That is a lot of people. Of that many there are millions of people who drive a car everyday, and in doing so they might have to try proving that they did obey the traffic laws. If so, those people can learn from my near three year experience petitioning the Judicial System over a minor traffic ticket. You might be interested in another book that I wrote, 'It Is Not About Guilt!! It Is About Judicial Performance.' This is a hardback, and is entirely about my encounters with a California Traffic Trial Court, three Appellate Courts, the Judicial Performance Commission, the State Attorney General and the Governor of California, over thirty-three months. The Systems' abuse to an unrepresented defendant is a revelation.

Dark Side Of The Badge

Author: Joseph Pinkney
Editor: Booktango
ISBN: 1468950975
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Author: Derek Kompare
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444341529
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There are certain films and shows that resonate with audiences everywhere—they generate discussion and debate about everything from gender, class, citizenship and race, to consumerism and social identity. This new ‘teachable canon’ of film and television introduces students to alternative classics that range from silent film to CSI. Since its debut in September 2000, CSI’s fusion of cinematic spectacle, forensic pathology and character drama has regularly drawn in tens of millions of viewers around the world This original new study investigates CSI’s cultural importance, both for the media industry and for the criminal justice system itself, exploring its formal and narrative style, and its impact on media culture CSI provides a model for studying how genre, narrative, industry concerns, and the broad 'public life' of a television series contribute to our understanding of the nature and function of contemporary popular television

Police In Society

Author: Terence J. Fitzgerald
Editor: Hw Wilson Company
Size: 10,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examines topics relating to law enforcement and police work, ranging from the definition of police and their relationship to the community to the call to justice and law enforcement on a global scale.

Fact And Fiction

Author: Dennis J. Carroll
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465385339
Size: 17,73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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My non-fiction is primarily drawn from childhood memories of Yulan, New York, a hamlet in Sullivan County, during the late 1950s and early 60s. They are anchored in a clarity dictated by subjects illustrating and implying specific points. I consider writing an important and responsible act, part skill, part art, but always an enjoyable activity as seen through the lens of time and memory. In reading fiction, I have always been most interested in character-driven, as opposed to, plot-driven stories. Consequently, my written fictive efforts generally reflect this preference. My characters are drawn both from my experience as well as from my imagination. Their conflicts, characteristics, as well as, the way they speak, act and see themselves, stem from experience and imagination as well. These characters are generally hybrids of more than one person, either female or male, often functioning in their everyday environments. Some are soldiers, lawyers, police officers, teachers, photographers, painters . . . functioning within varied settings from urban to rural often reflecting a blue-collar nuance and culture. The plots of my stories function to support the stories that the characters tell: the natural friction between daughters, mothers, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives generally complicated by changes in their livessometimes major, other times minorthat cause them to confront those around them as well as themselves. From philandering spouses, to selfish, incompetent or overindulgent parents, or individuals who discover that their lives must change. These plots, linear as well as cyclical, reflect the human drama of strength, weakness, doubt, certainty, moral choices and consequences, love, hate, fear, hope, anxiety, despair and happiness. She stepped over the puddles and around the mud along the driveway to the mailbox by the rutted road out front. Efforts like thisalong with things like thunder and lightning storms, which terrified her, as well as woodchucks and raccoons prowling around all-night, which kept her on edgereminded her that she was not a country person. Still, for the last few weeks, the culmination of months of study, their place in Manhattan hadnt worked. She had needed the tranquility of this remote house, in the Catskills, where she had spent her summer tomboy childhood. Franca walked slowly back to the house and retraced her footprints as she flipped through the handful of mail. One return address, New York State, Certification and Licensing Unit, caught her attention, and she tore it open with her finger: From Black Still Water She climbs the three steps in front of the local high school and remembers sitting on the wide stone slabscoffee in one hand, a cigarette in the otherwaiting for her little girl to finish her dancing class on countless Saturday mornings, but the memory quickly disintegrates when she opens the large steel door, and it clangs shut after her. The escaping music is deafening; vibrations pound against her chest, and in the sudden, overpowering darkness, she finds it hard to breathe. Slowly her eyes adjust, and she makes out the dancing figures through the white smoke generated from behind the jungle of gigantic speakers and amplifiers, off in the distance. She hugs the wall, inches her way along searching and her breathing slowly returns to normal. From: Dancer Standing by the sink, looking out over the lake, Jaime listens to the sounds floating up from the basement, work noises: the hammer striking nails homeone, two three . . . four, occasionally punctuated by the high-pitched whine of the power saw and the slap of discarded wood as it falls to the tile floor. All day, he works, non-stop, framing it out, refusing lunch a couple of hours ago, and now it is almost three in the afternoon. Tonight, after working a four-to-twelve at the uti

Frank Zappa

Author: Barry Miles
Editor: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 1782396780
Size: 10,50 MB
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Barry Miles knew Frank Zappa intimately and was present at the recording of some of his most important albums. This sparkling biography brings the Zappa the musician and composer, Zappa the controversialist and Zappa the family man (despite his love of groupies, he was married for more than 30 years) together for the first time. Barry Miles' biography follows Zappa from his sickly Italian-American childhood in the 1940s (when his father, Frank senior, worked for the US military and was used to test the efficacy of new biological warfare agents) to his death from cancer in the 1990s. Miles shows how Zappa's goal had been to become a classical composer, until he realised that he would starve to death pursuing this ambition in post-war America. In an effort to make music people would actually listen to, in the mid-1960s he joined a noisy new band called 'The Mothers of Invention'. Before long, Zappa had taken over as singer, song writer and lead guitarist and together they exploded on to the San Francisco freak scene. Following the release of recordings such as Freak Out, Absolutely Free, We're Only In It For the Money and Hot Rats, Zappa's reputation in the United States and in Europe, especially the UK, Germany and Holland, took off. When the Berlin wall fell, Frank was surprised to learn that his extravagant music embodied sixties liberty for a generation of dissidents (including Vaclav Havel, who invited Zappa to be his minister for culture). Frank Zappa is an authoritative and hugely enjoyable portrait of a singular man and a vivid evocation of the West Coast scene.