Private 1980 1989

Autore: Dian Hanson
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The police can't help you Former Marine helicopter pilot Jack Morgan runs Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe. It is where you go when you need maximum force and maximum discretion. The secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily--and his staff of investigators uses the world's most advanced forensic tools to make and break their cases. The press will destroy you Jack is already deep into the investigation of a multi-million dollar NFL gambling scandal and the unsolved slayings of 18 schoolgirls when he learns of a horrific murder close to home: his best friend's wife, Jack's former lover, has been killed. It nearly pushes him over the edge. Instead, Jack pushes back and devotes all of Private's resources to tracking down her killer. Only one place to turn: Private But Jack doesn't have to play by the rules. As he closes in on the killer and chooses between revenge and justice, Morgan has to navigate a workplace love affair that threatens to blow the roof off his plans. With a plot that moves at death-defying speeds, Private is James Patterson sleekest, most exciting thriller ever.

Private L A

Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448108438
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The new novel in James Patterson's bestselling Private series. Jack Morgan is having a bad week. His twin brother is up on a murder charge and determined to frame him for the crime, and one of Jack’s clients has just called to report the burnt bodies of four surfers on his beach. But what seems like a random mugging gone wrong soon reveals something far worse – a killer calling themselves No Prisoners is holding the city to ransom. And there’s more bad news: Hollywood’s golden couple, Thom and Jennifer Harlow, have been kidnapped, along with their adopted children. It looks like the whole world is about to discover whether Private are really as good as they say they are...

Private Peaceful

Autore: Michael Morpurgo
Editore: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545359635
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From the Children's Laureate of England, a stunning novel of the First World War, a boy who is on its front lines, and a childhood remembered. Includes After Words bonus features. As the enemy lurks in the darkness, Thomas struggles to stay awake through the night. He has lived through the terror of gas attacks and watched friends die by his side. But in the morning, Thomas will be forced to confront an even greater horror. As the minutes tick by, Thomas remembers his childhood spent deep in the countryside with his mother, his brothers, and Molly, the love of his life. But each minute that passes brings Thomas closer to something he can't bear to to think about--the moment when the war and its horrific consequences will change his life forever.

Private Paris

Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316408999
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Someone is targeting the most powerful people in Paris--only Jack Morgan can make it stop. When Jack Morgan stops by Private's Paris office, he envisions a quick hello during an otherwise relaxing trip. But Jack is quickly pressed into duty after getting a call from his client Sherman Wilkerson, asking Jack to track down his young granddaughter, who is on the run from a brutal drug dealer. Before Jack can locate her, several members of France's cultural elite are found dead-murdered in stunning, symbolic fashion. The only link between the crimes is a mysterious graffiti tag. As religious and ethnic tensions simmer in the City of Lights, only Jack and his Private team can connect the dots before the smoldering powder keg explodes.

Private 1 Suspect

Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316097411
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Unsolvable cases Since former Marine Jack Morgan started Private, it has become the world's most effective investigation firm--sought out by the famous and the powerful to discreetly handle their most intimate problems. Private's investigators are the smartest, the fastest, and the most technologically advanced in the world--and they always uncover the truth. Impossible murders When his former lover is found murdered in Jack Morgan's bed, he is instantly the number one suspect. While Jack is under police investigation, the mob strong-arms him into recovering $30 million in stolen pharmaceuticals for them. And the beautiful manager of a luxury hotel chain persuades him to quietly investigate a string of murders at her properties. The #1 suspect is Jack Morgan While Jack is fighting for his life, one of his most trusted colleagues threatens to leave Private, and Jack realizes he is confronting the cleverest and most powerful enemies ever. With more action, more intrigue, and more twists than ever before, PRIVATE: #1 SUSPECT is James Patterson at his unstoppable best.

Private L A 101 Amazing True Facts You Didn T Know

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Did you know James Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for most #1 New York Times bestsellers by any author.? Or, did you Mark Sullivan has a 4th degree black belt in Aikido? What are the amazing facts of Private LA by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan? Do you want to know the golden nuggets of facts readers love? If you've enjoyed the book, then this will be a must read delight for you! Collected for readers everywhere are 101 book facts about the book & author that are fun, down-to-earth, and amazingly true to keep you laughing and learning as you read through the book! Tips & Tricks to Enhance Reading Experience • Enter "G Whiz" after your favorite title to see if publication exists! ie) Harry Potter G Whiz • Enter "G Whiz 101" to search for entire catalogue! • Tell us what title you want next! • Combine your favorite titles to receive bundle coupons! • Submit a review and hop on the Wall of Contributors! “Get ready for fun, down-to-earth, and amazing facts that keep you laughing & learning!" - G Whiz DISCLAIMER: This work is an derivative work not to be confused with the original title. It is a collection of facts from reputable sources generally known to the public with source URLs for further reading and enjoyment. It is unofficial and unaffiliated with respective parties of the original title in any way. Due to the nature of research, no content shall be deemed authoritative nor used for citation purposes. Refined and tested for quality, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


Autore: Afshin Shahidi
Editore: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250134447
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Featuring a foreword by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. When Prince wanted to document his One Nite Alone tour in 2002, he turned to Afshin Shahidi. Again in 2004, he went along on Prince’s record breaking Musicology Tour. Afshin met Prince in 1989 and became his cinematographer and later his photographer. He was the photographer closest to Prince for the last fifteen years of Prince’s life. Afshin is the only photographer to shoot the legendary 3121 private parties in Los Angeles that became the most sought after invitations in Hollywood. Prince: A Private View compiles his work into a journey through Prince's extraordinary life. With many never-before-seen photos, this is the ultimate collection of – some intimate, some candid, some in concert – shots of Prince, but all are carefully directed in the artist-as-art style that we associate with him. Deep photo captions are brief, but complete stories about Prince's life at that moment - some are incisive, others are personal and even funny.


Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Longanesi
ISBN: 8830431729
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Sono Jack Morgan, ex pilota dei Marines sopravvissuto per miracolo a una missione in Afghanistan dalla quale molti dei miei commilitoni e amici non sono tornati. Il passato mi pesa addosso come una cappa di piombo e cerco di dimenticare i miei incubi buttandomi nel lavoro. Vivo a Los Angeles, dove dirigo la sede centrale della Private Investigations, forse la migliore agenzia di investigazioni del mondo, quella alla quale ci si rivolge quando servono il massimo della decisione e della discrezione. Lo dico senza falsa modestia, soprattutto perché con me lavora un team di esperti eccezionale: una profiler geniale, un’abilissima hacker, un tecnico scientifico a cui non sfugge nulla. Giochiamo fuori dalle regole, abbiamo a che fare ogni giorno con i segreti dei personaggi più influenti del pianeta e ci avvaliamo dei più moderni strumenti dell’indagine scientifica. E in questo modo abbiamo sempre vinto. Finora. Perché non bastava indagare su un caso di corruzione ai massimi livelli e su un assassino seriale che a Los Angeles ha già ucciso dodici ragazzine e non intende fermarsi... C’è stato anche il barbaro omicidio della moglie del mio miglior amico, la dolce e adorabile Shelby Cushman: un’esecuzione in stile mafioso, assolutamente incomprensibile per una ragazza solare che non aveva nulla da nascondere. Forse. Sono Jack Morgan, ex pilota dei Marines e porterò a casa la pelle anche questa volta.

Private Games

Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316206814
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On your mark Private, the world's most renowned investigation firm, has been commissioned to provide security for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Its agents are the smartest, fastest, and most technologically advanced in the world, and 400 of them have been transferred to London to protect more than 10,000 competitors who represent more than 200 countries. Get set The opening ceremony is hours away when Private investigator and single father of twins, Peter Knight, is called to the scene of a ruthless murder. A high-ranking member of the games' organizing committee has been killed. It's clear to Peter that this wasn't a crime of passion, but one of precise calculation and execution. Die Newspaper reporter Karen Pope receives a letter from a person who calls himself Cronus claiming responsibility for the murders. He promises to restore the Olympics to their ancient glory and to destroy all those who have corrupted the games with lies, corruption, and greed. Immediately, Karen hires Private to examine the letter, and she and Peter uncover a criminal genius who won't stop until he's completely destroyed the modern games. "America's #1 storyteller" (Forbes) delivers an exhilarating, action-packed thriller that brings the splendor and emotion of the Olympics to a wildly powerful climax.

Private Pensions Series Private Pension Systems And Policy Issues

Autore: OECD
Editore: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264181210
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This book provides an overview of recent developments in the private pension systems of four OECD countries (Hungary, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States) as well as an analysis of institutional investors in Latin America.