Progettare Per Competenze

Author: Mario Castoldi
ISBN: 9788843059089
Size: 11,39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Verso Le Competenze Una Bussola Per La Scuola Un Percorso Di Ricerca

Author: Mario Castoldi
Editor: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8856829983
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Curricolo Per Competenze Percorsi E Strumenti

Author: Mario Castoldi
ISBN: 9788843068005
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Digital Resources Creativity And Innovative Methodologies In Language Teaching And Learning

Author: Adriana Teresa Damascelli
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443896047
Size: 17,92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The concept of university language centres has changed in recent decades. Initially conceived as laboratories for practical and autonomous language-learning, they are now considered as places with more specific and complex functions in language teaching and learning. University language centres now constitute networks for exchanging knowledge and know-how in order to respond to ever-changing, multilingual and multicultural contexts. At the same time, the availability and acquisition of new technologies is contributing to the creation of new tools for the provision of appropriate services and training. This collection covers a wide range of topics related to the activities, experiences and applied research carried out in Italian university language centres. It provides further evidence of the important role university language centres play in promoting language expertise, developing tools and adopting digital resources, and providing support and training for language teaching. Technology, creativity, methodologies and plurilingualism are key topics in the book as they constitute the essential ingredients for effective and successful language teaching and learning. The volume’s thirty-three chapters provide multi-perspective approaches, showing how the real contexts of current language education need the integration of theoretical backgrounds with the best practices resulting from practical experience.

Dall Ex Tempore Al Workshop

Author: Elio Trusiani
Editor: Gangemi Editore spa
ISBN: 8849296142
Size: 20,68 MB
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Collana Geo_Urban&Landscape Planning (GULP) diretta da Elio Trusiani Il volume raccoglie alcune esperienze significative di workshop realizzate in Italia e all'estero nell'ambito dell'europrogettazione, della formazione accademica e della vita professionale. La potenziale forza innovativa e l'applicazione operativa del workshop costituiscono un filone di ricerca non solo per gli aspetti propositivi quanto, e sempre di più, come riflessione sul ruolo fondamentale che può assumere nella sperimentazione progettuale. L'approccio multifocale, imperniato sul confronto, sul dialogo aperto e sull'individuazione degli strumenti più adatti, diviene l'elemento portante per un lavoro di ricerca, didattico e professionale che ponga al centro la pratica del progetto. Elio Trusiani architetto e urbanista, ricercatore presso Sapienza Università di Roma, svolge attività di docenza e di ricerca in Italia e all'estero. Responsabile scientifico e coordinatore tecnico di programmi europei (RKM e Euroscapes) e di ricerche nazionali e internazionali, ha coordinato numerosi workshop di progettazione (Moskonstruct, RKM e Euroscapes), sperimentandone le innovazioni nella ricerca e nel progetto.

Costruire Valutare Certificare Competenze Proposte Di Attivit Per La Scuola

Author: Roberto Trinchero
Editor: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 882041774X
Size: 11,37 MB
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L Insegnante Di Scuola Primaria Identit Competenze E Profilo Professionale

Author: Davide Capperucci
Editor: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8891723797
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Preparing Teachers For A Changing World

Author: Linda Darling-Hammond
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119461162
Size: 13,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on rapid advances in what is known about how people learn andhow to teach effectively, this important book examines the coreconcepts and central pedagogies that should be at the heart of anyteacher education program. Stemming from the results of acommission sponsored by the National Academy of Education,Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends thecreation of an informed teacher education curriculum with thecommon elements that represent state-of-the-art standards for theprofession. Written for teacher educators in both traditional andalternative programs, university and school system leaders,teachers, staff development professionals, researchers, andeducational policymakers, the book addresses the key foundationalknowledge for teaching and discusses how to implement thatknowledge within the classroom. Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends that,in addition to strong subject matter knowledge, all new teachershave a basic understanding of how people learn and develop, as wellas how children acquire and use language, which is the currency ofeducation. In addition, the book suggests that teachingprofessionals must be able to apply that knowledge in developingcurriculum that attends to students' needs, the demands of thecontent, and the social purposes of education: in teaching specificsubject matter to diverse students, in managing the classroom,assessing student performance, and using technology in theclassroom.

Educative Assessment

Author: Grant P. Wiggins
Editor: Wiley (NPR)
ISBN: 9780787908485
Size: 10,70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Learning expert Grant P. Wiggins advocates an approach to assessment that gives a more accurate picture of students' abilities than standardized testing. These new "performance-based" assessments force students to demonstrate their knowledge in complex projects, essays, oral presentations, and other such exhibitions. Wiggins claims this new approach to assessment can bring out the best in everyone in schools.