Resisting The Biker A Free Mc Biker Romance Thriller

Author: Cassie Alexandra
Editor: Cassie Alexandra
Size: 14,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Written by USA Today bestselling author, Cassie Alexandra. Twenty-one-year-old college student, Adriana Nikolas, doesn't really know what to make of Raptor, the sexy biker who seems to be obsessed with getting into her pants. Hot or not, she knows from their first encounter that he's dangerous, both in and out of bed. What Raptor wants, Raptor gets. Right now, he wants Adriana and will do whatever it takes to claim her as his woman. But, she keeps resisting, which isn't something that the Road Captain of the Gold Vipers is accustomed to. Arrogant, cocky, and stubborn, Raptor takes on the challenge, and in the meantime, gets much more than what he'd bargained for. Meanwhile, Slammer, President of the Gold Vipers, seeks justice for the rape of his Old Lady's daughter. Warning - cliffhanger. For readers 18 and older This is a gritty erotic biker thriller. Fans of Joanna Wylde, Madeline Sheehan, and Ann Mayburn may enjoy Resisting The Biker. Graphic Themes, Language, Violence, Sexual Situations, Crude Language, Drugs Search Terms: MC biker romance, The Biker Series, biker, mc romance, steamy romance, sexy, dark erotica, dark romance, billionaire obsession, Billionaire, Billionaire bad boys club, billionaire romance, Motorcycle Action Adventure, contemporary romance, romance, Motorcycle Club Romance, Motorcycle Club, best seller series, MC biker romance, biker, mc romance, steamy romance, sexy, dark erotica, dark romance, billionaire obsession, Billionaire, Billionaire bad boys club, billionaire romance, Motorcycle Action Adventure, contemporary romance, romance, Motorcycle Club Romance, Motorcycle Club, best seller series, lexy timms, Cassie Alexandra, 0.00, romance, free romance, free suspense, free thriller, free biker books, free mc biker books, freebie, free ebook, free romance books, free erotica, biker romance, Top Free In Books, free alpha male romance, motorcycle club romance, mc romance, free romance ebook, free fantasy book, free dark fantasy, free romance book, new adult, alpha male fantasy, college romance, billionaire romance, rich wealthy, royalty, women's fiction, quick read, short, serial, romance, suspense, thriller, erotic romance, free romance books, free romance book, new adult, college, suspense, humor, funny, rich, wealthy, romance, erotic romance, female protagonist, racy, free, freebie, free book, free ebook, free romance ebook, free romance book, free romance novel, secret, suspense, thriller, free book, free romance books,free new adult fantasy, free fantasy, free, freebie, free book, free books, book, books, free ebook, ebook, free novel, rich, quick read, read, short, serial, series, college, funny, female protagonist, novel, secret, suspense, thriller, alpha male, literature, story, stories, hero, fiction, box, box set, boxed, boxed set, romance, free romance, free romance ebook, free romance ebooks, free romance book, free romance books, billionaire, wealthy, millionaire, women's fiction, racy, legal, free romance novel, free romance books,free romance books for young adults, second chances, freebie, romance freebie, free, free book, free books, free romance books, free romance books to download, free alpha male billionaire romance books, free bad boy romance books, free romance short stories, free second chance romance, free steamy romance books, free contemporary romance books, free hot romance books, women freebies, free fiction books for young adults, free love story and romance books, free office romance books, boss romance books free, beach reads, new adult, free romantic fiction, romance fiction books free, bwwm free, bwwm romance, bwwm interracial romance books, India, India romance, interracial romance books free, wealthy, millionaire, billionaire, free romance books, billionaire romance, wealthy, free romance novel, alpha male, free novel, rich, quick read, read, short, serial, series, college, funny, female protagonist, novel, secret, suspense, thriller, alpha male, literature, story, stories, hero, fiction, seduction, sexy, sensual, urban, contemporary, 21st century, current

Try To Love Me

Author: Sylvia Kant
Editor: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8822719824
Size: 18,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 799
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The X-rated Italian bestseller that has scandalised readers Antony Barker is a handsome, muscular gigolo. Officially, he's the lover of cold, unscrupulous Rachel Norton, head of the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States, but Antony's legendary services are also in demand from many other clients in New York's jet set... Antony has relationships with men, women and even with groups, but he never lets himself fall in love: cool and professional, his sensuality is second only to his determination. Not long after arriving in New York from Italy to work in Rachel's marketing office, young Angela Palmieri has become her boss's favourite, and reluctantly finds herself immersed in a world of luxury, excess and decadence. The X-rated writer who tops the Italian bestseller lists A breathtaking story and a huge hit with thousands of readers on the web. «In her first day on sale, Sylvia Kant was already breathing down E.L. James' neck.» La Stampa «Try to love me is the story of a gigolo which broke out from the world of self-publishing.» Il Corriere della Sera «If something is going to change in the New Adult genre, it will be the complexity of the plot, because as well as explicit images, female eroticism also needs narration. Like in Sylvia Kant's book.» D La Repubblica delle donne Readers' comments: «Warning: may cause addiction.» «Try to love me grabs hold of you, pulls you in intimately and envelops you in an atmosphere that is raw and sensual. You can't put it down, and once you've finished it you'll feel abandoned and empty, and you'll realise that you want more, and more, and more...» Sylvia KantHer self-published first novel was a runaway success on the Internet. She is currently writing the sequel to the red-hot story of Antony.

Diary Of A Seducer

Author: Søren Kierkegaard
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826418470
Size: 12,96 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 191
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Diary of a Seducer records Johannes's discovery of a girl with the Shakespearean name Cordelia, whom he sets out to control. Intricately, meticulously, cunningly, the seduction proceeds. No detail is too small to escape Johannes. "She sits on the sofa by the tea table and I sit on a chair at her side. This position has an intimate quality and at the same time a detaching dignity." Less erotic than an intellectual depiction of seduction, Diary of a Seducer shows the casuist Kierkegaard in what he characterized as the aesthetic mode. A new introduction by Michael Dirda puts this influential novella into high relief.

The Book Of The Courtier

Author: conte Baldassarre Castiglione
Size: 18,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 442
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Zeno S Conscience

Author: Italo Svevo
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 1101970227
Size: 19,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 966
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Long hailed as a seminal work of modernism in the tradition of Joyce and Kafka, and now available in a supple new English translation, Italo Svevo’s charming and splendidly idiosyncratic novel conducts readers deep into one hilariously hyperactive and endlessly self-deluding mind. The mind in question belongs to Zeno Cosini, a neurotic Italian businessman who is writing his confessions at the behest of his psychiatrist. Here are Zeno’s interminable attempts to quit smoking, his courtship of the beautiful yet unresponsive Ada, his unexpected–and unexpectedly happy–marriage to Ada’s homely sister Augusta, and his affair with a shrill-voiced aspiring singer. Relating these misadventures with wry wit and a perspicacity at once unblinking and compassionate, Zeno’s Conscience is a miracle of psychological realism.

Women Who Love Too Much

Author: Robin Norwood
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416550216
Size: 12,18 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 148
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Updated with a new foreword and revised text, a twentieth anniversary release of a top-selling reference counsels women on how to end destructive cycles of co-dependence and misogyny, in a guide that shares case histories of women who have ended or improved relationships with emotionally unavailable, addicted, or unfaithful partners. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

The Mysteries Of Udolpho

Author: Ann Ward Radcliffe
Size: 20,82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 619
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Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton
Size: 20,97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 805
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Marianna Sirca

Author: Grazia Deledda
Editor: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838640685
Size: 12,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 388
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Jan Kozma's translation of Marianna Sirca is the near-literal rendering of a novel written by Grazia Deledda (1871-1936), the celebrated Italian author from Sardinia who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. Almost all of Deledda's stories treat the lives, loves, tragedies, and triumphs of the author's native land - the remote, isolated, and often forbidding island of Sardinia. This new translation includes an introduction that highlights the salient episodes of Grazia Deledda's life and which situates Marianna Sirca both literarily within the author's opera omnia and as part of the general literary trends of the early European twentieth century. Jan Kozma presents the homonymous protagonist, Marianna Sirca, as one of the great literary precursors of the liberated, independent, modern woman - an ironic twist, given the repressive culture in which Marianna lives. The translator also provides numerous explanatory foot-notes that elucidate particular arcane aspects of Sardinian life in the late nineteenth century. Marianna Sirca is a 30-year-old woman of inherited wealth who lives in Nuoro, Sardinia. Because of her strong will and sense of independence, Marianna is the family "black sheep" - refusing to be married off to a distant relative in a social arrangement of convenience. Instead Marianna becomes involved with Simone Sole, a younger man who was a servant in the Sirca household in his youth and who is now an outlaw - wanted for banditry. Against the will of her entire family, the lovers plan to marry, but at Marianna's insistence only after Simone "gets right with the law." The novel traces the story of these two emarginated lovers through various twists and turns, ending with a typical Deleddan flourish that leaves the reader with a real awareness of Sardinian, social mores, values, attitudes, and tradition.

Calendar Girl

Author: Audrey Carlan
Editor: Waterhouse Press
ISBN: 1943893993
Size: 11,99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 277
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Editorial Reviews “Fresh, fun, and unbelievably hot, Audrey Carlan's Calendar Girl series will have you falling in love over and over again and craving the next installment." –Meredith Wild, #1 NYT Bestselling Author "Sinfully delicious from start to finish! Sexy, smart, and so unique! I was completely immersed in Mia's journey." –Katy Evans, NYT Bestselling Author "A sexy, fast-paced, and downright addictive read. I devoured every word of Mia's journey." –Meghan March, USA Today Bestselling Author "This was a KILLER start to Ms. Carlan's monthly series!" –Give Me Books "Damn, Audrey did it again! Made me smile, made me laugh & made me cry with her beautiful words! I am in love with these books. –Hooks & Books Blog "This story was exciting, quick; but well paced and full of loveable characters. I haven't met a character in this series that I haven't liked yet!" –Nice and Nau Synopsis It’s really simple. I needed money. A lot of money. One million dollars to be exact. The amount didn’t matter. All that mattered is that at the end of that price tag held my father’s life. No money. No life. The time limit was one year. On January 1st I had to pay up or my Father was going to be killed. When you’re faced with an ultimatum like this, you do whatever you have to do. And that’s exactly what I did. The job…Exquisite Escorts. My role, serve as high priced arm candy to anyone that can afford the $100,000 price tag for a month of my company. Sex is optional (for me) and a 20% increase on the price. Mia Saunders just barely escaped a paltry life back home in Las Vegas until she gets the call that her Father has been beaten to within an inch of his life for not paying his gambling debt. Problem is, the lone shark is her lousy, ruthless ex-boyfriend. Another guy in a long line of men she’d fallen head over heels for. Not anymore. Mia’s mission is simple. Serve as a high-priced escort for her Aunt’s company and pay monthly against her Father’s bad debt. A month with a rich man who she doesn’t have to sleep with if she doesn’t want to? Easy money. At least that’s the way it was supposed to go.