Representing The Good German In Literature And Culture After 1945

Author: Pól Ó Dochartaigh
Editor: Camden House
ISBN: 1571134980
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Essays analyzing postwar literary, cultural, and historical representations of "good Germans" during the Second World War and the Nazi period.

Max Schmeling And The Making Of A National Hero In Twentieth Century Germany

Author: Jon Hughes
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 331951136X
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This book presents the first in-depth study of the German boxer Max Schmeling (1905-2005) as a national hero and representative figure in Germany between the 1920s and the present day. It explores the complex relationship between sport, culture, politics and national identity and draws on a century of journalism, film, visual art, life writing and fiction. Detailed chapters analyse Schmeling’s emergence as an icon in the Weimar Republic, his association with America, his celebrity status in the Third Reich, and his rivalry with Joe Louis as a focus for an extraordinary propaganda and ideological contest. The book also examines how Schmeling’s post-war success in business associated him with the culture of the ‘zero hour’ nation in the era of ‘economic miracle’, and how he was later claimed as ‘good German’ and moral example for a post-war generation of Germans determined to ‘come to terms’ with the past. This book will appeal to readers with an interest in the history and representation of sport and boxing, in sports discourse and political culture, and in questions of national identity in modern German history.

Spatiality And Symbolic Expression

Author: Bill Richardson
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137488514
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In this volume, scholars from a wide range of fields within the humanities explore the links between space and place and their relation to cultural expression. This collection shows that a focus on the spatial can help elucidate important facets of symbolic expression and cultural production, whether it be literature, music, dance, films, or art.

The Long Aftermath

Author: Manuel Bragança
Editor: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1782381546
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In its totality, the “Long Second World War”—extending from the beginning of the Spanish Civil War to the end of hostilities in 1945—has exerted enormous influence over European culture. Bringing together leading historians, sociologists, and literary and film scholars, this broadly interdisciplinary volume investigates Europeans’ individual and collective memories and the ways in which they have shaped the continent’s cultural heritage. Focusing on the major combatant nations—Spain, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Russia—it offers thoroughly contextualized explorations of novels, memoirs, films, and a host of other cultural forms to illuminate European public memory.

Lexikon Der Vergangenheitsbew Ltigung In Deutschland

Author: Torben Fischer
Editor: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 383942366X
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In seinem interdisziplinären Zugriff konkurrenzlos, in seiner diskursgeschichtlichen Anlage ein Nachschlagewerk völlig neuen Typs: Das Lexikon der »Vergangenheitsbewältigung« präsentiert erstmals die politischen und künstlerischen, juristischen und gesellschaftlichen, wissenschaftlichen und medialen Auseinandersetzungen mit der NS-Vergangenheit. Die kritische Aufarbeitung der zentralen Ereignisse und Debatten des BRD-Erinnerungsdiskurses mündet so zugleich in eine aufschlussreiche Kulturgeschichte deutscher Befindlichkeiten nach dem Holocaust. Für die 3. Auflage wurde das Lexikon erstmals gründlich überarbeitet. Neue Artikel beschäftigen sich etwa mit der Debatte um Grass' Waffen-SS-Mitgliedschaft, der NSU-Mordserie oder der Erinnerungskultur in den Neuen Medien. Mit einem Vorwort von Micha Brumlik.

Hitlers Willige Vollstrecker

Author: Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Editor: Siedler Verlag
ISBN: 3641107490
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Das Standardwerk: Über die »ganz gewöhnlichen Deutschen« als Täter Daniel Goldhagen hat mit seiner Studie über die Vollstrecker des Holocaust heftige Debatten ausgelöst. Seine These: Schon lange vor Hitler war der Antisemitismus tief verwurzelt in der deutschen Gesellschaft. Es waren nicht nur einige SS-Leute, sondern ganz gewöhnliche Deutsche, die millionenfach Juden erniedrigten und ermordeten.

M Usefest

Author: Johannes Bobrowski
ISBN: 9783803113252
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Dialektik Und Utopie

Author: Christiane Schönfeld
Editor: Königshausen & Neumann
ISBN: 9783826010934
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Culture In The Federal Republic Of Germany 1945 1995

Author: Reiner Pommerin
Editor: Berg Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781859731000
Size: 10,72 MB
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Postwar German culture - East and West - and the political implications of various cultural developments are the focus of this provocative study by some of Germany's leading cultural and intellectual historians. Many of the contributors - Hermann Glaser and Kurt Sontheimer, in particular - have played important roles in the development of cultural activities in the Federal Republic and offer an insider's perspective on the literature, architecture, performing arts, theatre and cinema of this tumultuous period. Another insider, distinguished biomathematical scholar Jens Reich, renowned for his personal struggle for civil rights in the former German Democratic Republic and for his presidential candidacy in the last German elections, analyzes the political culture of the former GDR and the relationship between East and West Germans. This book presents the first historical perspective on Germany's postwar cultural history and offers students and scholars a vivid picture of politics and culture during a unique period in German history.