Resisting Empire

Autore: Jason A. Whitlark
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567008266
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This book offers a fresh reading about the purpose for which Hebrews was written. In this book Whitlark argues that Hebrews engages both the negative pressures (persecution) and positive attractions (honor/prosperity) of its audience's Roman imperial context. Consequently, the audience of Hebrews appears to be in danger of defecting to the pagan imperial context. Due to the imperial nature of these pressures, Hebrews obliquely critiques the imperial script according to the rhetorical expectations in the first-century Mediterranean world-namely, through the use of figured speech. This critique is the primary focus of Whitlark's project. Whitlark examines Hebrews's figured response to the imperial hopes boasted by Rome along with Rome's claim to eternal rule, to the power of life and death, and to be led by the true, victorious ruler. Whitlark also makes a case for discerning Hebrews's response to the challenges of Flavian triumph. Whitlark concludes his study by suggesting that Hebrews functions much like Revelation, that is, to resist the draw of the Christians' Roman imperial context. This is done, in part, by providing a covert opposition to Roman imperial discourse. He also offers evaluation of relapse theories for Hebrews, of Hebrews's place among early Christian martyrdom, and of the nature of the resistance that Hebrews promotes.

Slavery And Society At Rome

Autore: Keith Bradley
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521378871
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The harshness of the institution of slavery as well as its importance in Roman civilization is conveyed through this view of the experience of being a slave in Rome from a slave's point of view. It is the only comprehensive treatment of Roman slavery currently available.

The History Of Rome The Republic

Autore: Mike Duncan
Editore: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365331318
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THE ROMAN EMPIRE STANDS as the greatest political achievement in the history of Western civilization. From its humble beginnings as a tiny kingdom in central Italy, Rome grew to envelope the entire Mediterranean until it ruled an empire that stretched from the Atlantic to Syria and from the Sahara to Scotland. Its enduring legacy continues to define the modern world. Mike Duncan chronicled the rise, triumph, and fall of the Roman Empire in his popular podcast series "The History of Rome". Transcripts of the show have been edited and collected here for the first time. Covering episodes 1-46, The History of Rome Volume I opens with the founding of the Roman Kingdom and ends with the breakdown of the Roman Republic. Along the way Rome will steadily grow from local power to regional power to global power. The Romans will triumph over their greatest foreign rivals and then nearly destroy themselves in a series of destructive civil wars. This is the story of the rise of Rome.

Mediterranean Anarchy Interstate War And The Rise Of Rome

Autore: Arthur M. Eckstein
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520932302
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This ground-breaking study is the first to employ modern international relations theory to place Roman militarism and expansion of power within the broader Mediterranean context of interstate anarchy. Arthur M. Eckstein challenges claims that Rome was an exceptionally warlike and aggressive state—not merely in modern but in ancient terms—by arguing that intense militarism and aggressiveness were common among all Mediterranean polities from ca 750 B.C. onwards. In his wide-ranging and masterful narrative, Eckstein explains that international politics in the ancient Mediterranean world was, in political science terms, a multipolar anarchy: international law was minimal, and states struggled desperately for power and survival by means of warfare. Eventually, one state, the Republic of Rome, managed to create predominance and a sort of peace. Rome was certainly a militarized and aggressive state, but it was successful not because it was exceptional in its ruthlessness, Eckstein convincingly argues; rather, it was successful because of its exceptional ability to manage a large network of foreign allies, and to assimilate numerous foreigners within the polity itself. This book shows how these characteristics, in turn, gave Rome incomparably large resources for the grim struggle of states fostered by the Mediterranean anarchy—and hence they were key to Rome's unprecedented success.

Ancient Rome Handbook A Historical Guide For Travelers

Autore: Luisa Maesano
Editore: goWare
ISBN: 8867976982
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Scipio, Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Marcus Aurelius ... what was the secret to their power? And the famous Republic, was it really democracy? How were the legions structured? Who exactly were the slaves, the gladiators and the barbarians? What caused the mighty Empire to finally fall? The Handbook is a comprehensive summary of ancient Rome’s history, organized in a totally new format that makes it understandable and easy to scroll. It is the compelling story of Rome from its humble beginnings to the fall of a dominant empire. The book is made up of brief paragraphs with a clear focus on events put into their political and social context. With more than 500 photographs all linked to Google Maps, "A History of Ancient Rome - Handbook for Travelers" couples the historical facts to the places where they actually occurred, making it a truly unique historical guide. The Handbook is an especially useful tool for an archaeological exploration of Rome. Using the internal links in the text you can quickly return to key passages, characters, clarify unfamiliar words and deepen political, military and social aspects of events. There is no shortage of curiosities and anecdotes. The Handbook never veers from the facts and is always reliably historical. The date abbreviations BC (before Christ) and AD (anno domini) are used throughout the book as they are most familiar to the author. The author apologizes for she is well aware of the modern terms BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) used by the academic community and NASA. These modern terms actually reflect historical correctness given that Christ’s birth date should be around 6 BCE. And why is that? Well, you’ll just have to check it out in the Handbook.

The Historical Jesus For Dummies

Autore: Catherine M. Murphy, PhD
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118051764
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The History Of Rome

Autore: Wilhelm Ihne
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The Cambridge World History Of Slavery Volume 1 The Ancient Mediterranean World

Autore: Keith Bradley
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052184066X
Grandezza: 79,92 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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"Most societies in the past have had slaves, and almost all peoples have at some time in their pasts been both slaves as well as owners of slaves. Recent decades have seen a significant increase in our understanding of the historical role played by slavery and wide interest across a range of academic disciplines in the evolution of the institution. Exciting and innovative research methodologies have been developed, and numerous fruitful debates generated. Further, the study of slavery has come to providestrong connections between academic research and the wider public interest at a time when such links have in general been weak. The CambridgeWorld History of Slavery responds to these trends by providing for the first time, in four volumes, a comprehensive global history of this widespread phenomenon from the ancient world to the present day. Volume I surveys the history of slavery in the ancient Mediterranean world. Although chapters are devoted to the ancient Near East and the Jews, its principal concern is with the societies of ancient Greece and Rome. These are often considered as the first examples in world history of genuine slave societies because of the widespread prevalence of chattel slavery, which is argued to have been a cultural manifestation of the ubiquitous violence in societies typified by incessant warfare"--Provided by publisher.

The Reception Of Ancient Greece And Rome In Children S Literature

Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004298606
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The Reception of Ancient Greece and Rome in Children’s Literature: Heroes and Eagles investigates the varying receptions of Ancient Greece and Rome in children’s literature, covering the genres of historical fiction, fantasy, mystery stories and classical mythology, and considering the ideological manipulations in these works.

The Fall Of Rome

Autore: Michael Curtis Ford
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429932523
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476 a.d.: The Roman Empire, riddled with corruption and staggered by centuries of barbarian onslaughts, now faces its greatest challenge---not only to its wealth and prestige, but to its very existence. In his riveting novel The Sword of Attila, Michael Curtis Ford thrilled readers with his recounting of a cataclysmic clash of ancient civilizations. Now, in The Fall of Rome, he takes on the bloody twilight of empire, as the legacy of Attila---once thought destroyed on the battlefield---emerges again to defy the power of the Western World. In this powerful saga of Roman warfare, the sons of Attila's great officers wage battle with one another as the dramatic confrontation between Rome's last emperor and Rome's barbarian conqueror leads to the thrilling dénouement that becomes the fall of a mighty empire. Pulsing with intrigue, saturated with historical detail, The Fall of Rome brings readers to new places—pressed into the trenches as catapult bolts fly overhead, lurking within the palace where betrayal is plotted, imprisoned in a tower stronghold where an emperor turns mad. Once again, Ford demonstrates his mastery as a chronicler of battle, honor, and ancient worlds in this masterfully plotted epic novel that will leave readers begging for more. Praise for the Novels of Michael Curtis Ford The Sword of Attila "Supremely well executed . . . again, Ford offers solidly researched and lustily violent military historical fiction." ---Kirkus Reviews The Last King "Michael Curtis Ford's love for the ancient world emanates from every page: in his magical settings and spectacular re-creation of monuments and landscapes, in his bold portraits of the protagonists, and in his intriguing and swiftly moving plot." ---Valerio Massimo Manfredi, author of the Alexander Trilogy and Spartan "This is Ford's best so far, and only those who have read his first two know just how good that makes this book." ---The Statesman Journal Gods and Legions "Powerful and passionate. A truly compelling story---one not just of gods and legions but of men." ---Library Journal (starred review) "Thanks to the author's excellent research of both his subject and era, the reader experiences this great man's transformation step by determined step. Highly recommended." ---The Historical Novels Review The Ten Thousand "A worthy successor to Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire." ---Library Journal (starred review) "Michael Curtis Ford's moving account of the fighting and dying of these heroic Greek mercenaries is not only historically sound, but very human, in making Xenophon's tale come alive in a way that no ancient historian or classicist has yet accomplished." ---Professor Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Soul of Battle