Resisting Empire

Autore: Jason A. Whitlark
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567008266
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This book offers a fresh reading about the purpose for which Hebrews was written. In this book Whitlark argues that Hebrews engages both the negative pressures (persecution) and positive attractions (honor/prosperity) of its audience's Roman imperial context. Consequently, the audience of Hebrews appears to be in danger of defecting to the pagan imperial context. Due to the imperial nature of these pressures, Hebrews obliquely critiques the imperial script according to the rhetorical expectations in the first-century Mediterranean world-namely, through the use of figured speech. This critique is the primary focus of Whitlark's project. Whitlark examines Hebrews's figured response to the imperial hopes boasted by Rome along with Rome's claim to eternal rule, to the power of life and death, and to be led by the true, victorious ruler. Whitlark also makes a case for discerning Hebrews's response to the challenges of Flavian triumph. Whitlark concludes his study by suggesting that Hebrews functions much like Revelation, that is, to resist the draw of the Christians' Roman imperial context. This is done, in part, by providing a covert opposition to Roman imperial discourse. He also offers evaluation of relapse theories for Hebrews, of Hebrews's place among early Christian martyrdom, and of the nature of the resistance that Hebrews promotes.

Mediterranean Anarchy Interstate War And The Rise Of Rome

Autore: Arthur M. Eckstein
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520259920
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"A major contribution to the study of Roman imperialism and ancient international relations."—John Rich, University of Nottingham

The History Of Rome The Republic

Autore: Mike Duncan
Editore: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365331318
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THE ROMAN EMPIRE STANDS as the greatest political achievement in the history of Western civilization. From its humble beginnings as a tiny kingdom in central Italy, Rome grew to envelope the entire Mediterranean until it ruled an empire that stretched from the Atlantic to Syria and from the Sahara to Scotland. Its enduring legacy continues to define the modern world. Mike Duncan chronicled the rise, triumph, and fall of the Roman Empire in his popular podcast series "The History of Rome". Transcripts of the show have been edited and collected here for the first time. Covering episodes 1-46, The History of Rome Volume I opens with the founding of the Roman Kingdom and ends with the breakdown of the Roman Republic. Along the way Rome will steadily grow from local power to regional power to global power. The Romans will triumph over their greatest foreign rivals and then nearly destroy themselves in a series of destructive civil wars. This is the story of the rise of Rome.

The Historical Jesus For Dummies

Autore: Catherine M. Murphy, PhD
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118051764
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Rom Und Der Griechische Ostens

Autore: Hatto Herbert Schmitt
Editore: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 9783515066631
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Aus dem Inhalt: F. G. Maier: Endzeit und Historie u H. Beister: Pragmatische Geschichtsschreibung und zeitliche Dimension u E. F. Bloedow: oThat great puzzle in the history of Alexandero u W. Beierwaltes: Hegel und Platon u H. Grziwotz: Prolegomena zur Stellung des Fremden im Recht u L.-M. G nther: L. Aemilius Paullus und aseino Reiterdenkmal in Delphi u W. G nther: Ein Proxenie-Dekret aus Myus u N. Holzberg: Zum Umgang mit Geschichte im griechischen Roman u M. Huttner: M. Antonius und Herakles u W. Jakob-Sonnabend: Tiberius auf Rhodos u D. Kienast: Die Rolle Delphis im grossen Perserkrieg u S. Kreuter: Rom und Kreta u C. G. Leidl: Zum Hannibalbrief u S. L cke: Die M nzpropaganda des Pyrrhos u N. Mautel: Der B ndnisvertrag Hannibals mit Philipp V. u T. S. Scheer: Die Restitution gottlichen Eigentums in Kleinasien durch Augustus u P. Schrombges: Alexanderrezeption in julisch-claudischer Zeit u C. Schubert: Mischverfassung und Gleichgewichtssystem u J. Seibert: Invasion aus dem Osten? u E. Simon: Die Constitutio Antoniana und ein syrisches Portrat u W. Suerbaum: Rhetorik gegen Pyrrhos u u.a.

Resisting The Tide

Autore: Daniele Albertazzi
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441171061
Grandezza: 49,89 MB
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Edited by members of the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Birmingham, and bringing together academics in Britain, Ireland, the US and Italy, this volume takes an international perspective on Italian events. It investigates how resistance to the new conservative culture has been articulated, and how this has been expressed and explained by those involved. The volume is divided into four areas: 1. The Economic and Media Landscapes, which sets the scene for the rest of the book by explaining how Italian society, and particularly its media environment, have developed in recent years; 2. Political Challenges, which discusses the main threats to the authority and policies of Berlusconi coming from within his own centre-right coalition, the left and social movements; 3. Texts, which analyses films, internet sites, television programmes, novels, newspaper articles and theatre performances that sought to resist increasingly dominant conservative norms and/or respond to events set in motion by the Berlusconi governments;Ã? 4.Experiences, covering the voices and practices of those who have opposed Berlusconi from within the cultural industries and identity movements, such as journalists, LGBT activists, feminists and associations representing immigrant communities. Wide-ranging, innovative and challenging, this volume should appeal to all those who have an interest in Italy, political-, media- and cultural studies. Ã?Â

Resisting Injustice And The Feminist Ethics Of Care In The Age Of Obama

Autore: David A.J. Richards
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135099693
Grandezza: 35,66 MB
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David A. J. Richards’s Resisting Injustice and The Feminist Ethics of Care in The Age of Obama: "Suddenly,...All The Truth Was Coming Out" builds on his and Carol Gilligan’s The Deepening Darkness to examine the roots of the resistance movements of the 1960s, the political psychology behind contemporary conservatism, and President Obama’s present-day appeal as well as the reasons for the reactionary politics against him. Richards begins by laying out the basics of the ethics of care and proposing an alternative basis for ethics: relationality, which is based in convergent findings in infant research, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology. He critically analyzes patriarchal politics and states that they are rooted in a reactionary psychology that attacks human relationality and ethics. From there, the book examines the 1960s resistance movements and argues that they were fundamentally oriented around challenging patriarchy. Richards asserts that the reactionary politics in America from the 1960s to the present are in service of an American patriarchy threatened by the resistance movements ranging from the 1960s civil rights movements to the present gay rights movement. Reactionary politics intend to marginalize and even reverse the ethical achievements accomplished by resistance movements—creating, in effect, a system of patriarchy hiding in democracy. Richards consequently argues that Obama’s appeal is connected to his challenge to this system of patriarchy and will examine both Obama’s appeal and the reactions against him in light of the 2012 presidential election. This book positions recent American political development in a broad analysis of the role of patriarchy in human oppression throughout history, and argues that a feminist-based ethics of care is necessary to form a more humane and inclusive democratic politics.

Resisting The Holocaust Upstanders Partisans And Survivors

Autore: Paul R. Bartrop
Editore: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610698797
Grandezza: 48,48 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book enables readers to learn about upstanders, partisans, and survivors from first-hand perspectives that reveal the many forms of resistance—some bold and defiant, some subtle—to the Nazis during the Holocaust. • Provides readers with insights into how and when resistance activities took place during the Holocaust—historical information that is both deeply saddening and inspirational • Documents the myriad ways in which upstanders sought to minimize the worst effects of Nazi anti-Jewish measures • Explains how those who came to be recognized as the Righteous among the Nations engaged in their life-saving work • Supplies document introductions and scholarly analysis that help readers to better understand the primary source material as well as a comprehensive bibliography that serves as a gateway to further research

The Cambridge World History Of Slavery Volume 1 The Ancient Mediterranean World

Autore: Keith Bradley
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052184066X
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Formato: PDF, Docs
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"Most societies in the past have had slaves, and almost all peoples have at some time in their pasts been both slaves as well as owners of slaves. Recent decades have seen a significant increase in our understanding of the historical role played by slavery and wide interest across a range of academic disciplines in the evolution of the institution. Exciting and innovative research methodologies have been developed, and numerous fruitful debates generated. Further, the study of slavery has come to providestrong connections between academic research and the wider public interest at a time when such links have in general been weak. The CambridgeWorld History of Slavery responds to these trends by providing for the first time, in four volumes, a comprehensive global history of this widespread phenomenon from the ancient world to the present day. Volume I surveys the history of slavery in the ancient Mediterranean world. Although chapters are devoted to the ancient Near East and the Jews, its principal concern is with the societies of ancient Greece and Rome. These are often considered as the first examples in world history of genuine slave societies because of the widespread prevalence of chattel slavery, which is argued to have been a cultural manifestation of the ubiquitous violence in societies typified by incessant warfare"--Provided by publisher.

The Reception Of Ancient Greece And Rome In Children S Literature

Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004298606
Grandezza: 74,97 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Reception of Ancient Greece and Rome in Children’s Literature: Heroes and Eagles investigates the varying receptions of Ancient Greece and Rome in children’s literature, covering the genres of historical fiction, fantasy, mystery stories and classical mythology, and considering the ideological manipulations in these works.