Selected Poetry

Author: Karl Marx
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Karl Marx: Selected Poetry is a project of Panic! Poetry and Arts, and is meant not only to make available the poetic works of Karl Marx, but also, to show that Marx must be understood against the Romantic and Idealist background of his youth in the German university. Marx felt so strongly about his poetry that he not only prepared a book for his father in 1837, but also published two of his poems in Athen�um in 1841. Such an understanding will allow us to see Marx with new eyes, and to more fully understand the connection of his early philosophical works such as the Economic and Philosophical manuscripts of 1844 and Introduction to a Critique of Hegel's Doctrine of the State (1843) to his later so-called 'scientific' works, such as Capital and its discussion of alienation. Such an understanding will allow us to understand Marx at an existential level, and to comprehend the intensity of emotion that was connected to his commitment to world revolution. His work in the socialist movement was not merely a scientific affair, as Althusser would have us believe.Marx wrote much of this poetry when he was nineteen, around the year 1837, while he was at university. He makes ready use of mythological themes, theological references, love poetry to Jenny, fables and personal, philosophical explorations and disclosures, such as in the poem Transformation. He even wrote a poem To Hegel, and in others mentioned Schiller and Goethe. He also wrote a few plays, one of which, Oulanem: A Tragedy, the first act, is included in this volume. It is important to keep in mind that most of Marx's early works in philosophy and poetry were not published until 1932 and thus had no impact upon the early socialist movements, including Leninism. With the failure of the 20th century communist experiments, perhaps it is possible to re-assess Marx's work and his commitments from a more inclusive, non-scientistic perspective. ------ JL, 31 December 2013James Luchte

Love Poems Of Karl Marx

Author: Karl Marx
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How To Prepare And Present A Labor Arbitration Case

Author: Charles S. Loughran
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An American Postal Portrait

Author: United States Postal Service
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The mail has a powerful connection with the American people. Who hasn't shared the experience of waiting eagerly for a letter to arrive or felt the rush of excitement at hearing footsteps near the door signaling the arrival of a delivery? This first-ever photographic history of the United States Postal Service pays tribute to the everyday people who have worked through rain, sleet, and snow to bring mail to American families. In over 200 rarely seen photographs, beginning with the advent of photography in 1860 and continuing to the present, An American Postal Portrait celebrates the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, the innovative technological accomplishments, and the unique imprint the Postal Service workforce has made on American life. Starting with the earliest Post Office outposts on the remote western frontier, the photographs highlight the great events, ideas, and inventions of the past century and a half--from mail delivery by stagecoach and horseback to the rapid utilization of the railroads and airplanes to the sophisticated sorting machines automating the processing of mail today. Captivating and unforgettable, these pages trace our nation's progress from its rural and isolated past to the high-tech, information-driven present, revealing a Postal Service that has helped to bind our growing nation together--one that continues to march in unison with America into the future. Compiled from the collection of the United States Postal Service, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and other sources, An American Postal Portrait is a well-deserved tribute to our nation's foremost communications institution and the enduring American spirit. For more than 200 years, the United States Postal Service has provided the American people with a secure and efficient delivery connection that binds our nation together. Today, postal employees handle approximately 41 percent of the world's volume--more than 650 million pieces every day, 3.9 billion pieces every week--delivering to a total of 130 million households and businesses. The United States Postal Service is the universal gateway to the American household.