Autore: John Firman
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791487865
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Psychotherapists Firman and Gila were both trained in psychosynthesis in the early 1970s; Firman trained with its founder, Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assaglio. Their text elaborates on much of the traditional material found in psychosynthesis literature since the 1970s, and incorporates current advances in the area. It is intended as a companion to the authors' 1997 text, The Primal Wound: A Transpersonal View of Trauma, Addiction, and Growth, and is suitable as a student text in general psychology courses and in beginning and advanced training in psychosynthesis, as support for individuals seeking to understand and facilitate their own self-realization journey, and as a resource for practitioners in psychotherapy, counseling, and related fields. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Transpersonal Development

Autore: Roberto Assagioli
Editore: HarperThorsons
ISBN: 9781855382916
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The author was the founder of psychosynthesis, a discipline working on both psychological and transpersonal levels, in which there is widespread interest. valuable insights into his theories both in general and specific areas of psychosynthesis. The first part of this book describes the reality of the superconscious, the second delves into the problems and difficulties of the spiritual path while the third deals with everyday applications of those insights.

The Act Of Will

Autore: Dorothy T. Firman
ISBN: 9789678570664
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This is Dr. Roberto Assagioli's second book on the psychological system he formulated known as Psychosynthesis. It continues where his first book left off and delves into the important process of willing as a psychological function based on a higher self rather on guilt or determination as in the Victorian concept of the will.


Autore: Hans Thomas Hakl
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317548132
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A detailed account of a vital incubator for global humanism.

The Freud Jung Letters

Autore: Sigmund Freud
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691036434
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Vista: 1680
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This abridged edition makes the Freud/Jung correspondence accessible to a general readership at a time of renewed critical and historical reevaluation of the documentary roots of modern psychoanalysis. This edition reproduces William McGuire's definitive introduction, but does not contain the critical apparatus of the original edition.This abridged edition makes the Freud/Jung correspondence accessible to a general readership at a time of renewed critical and historical reevaluation of the documentary roots of modern psychoanalysis. This edition reproduces William McGuire's definitive introduction, but does not contain the critical apparatus of the original edition.

Mastering Wushu

Autore: Jiang Bangjun
ISBN: 9781933901312
Grandezza: 74,28 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Breathtaking to watch and exciting to perform, Wushu has become a global phenomenon with tremendous crossover appeal. Finally, a well-produced comprehensive instructional book that encompasses all fundamental skills, training principles, and terminology of Wushu is available in a convenient single volume in the English language. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced competitor, or a coach, this book is a must for those in search of a solid source of information compiled by one of the most sought-after champions and masters of all time, Jiang Bangjun, and Emilio Alpanseque, a highly- accomplished and well-known international Wushu authority from Madrid, Spain. The topics covered are: History, Stretching and Flexibility Exercises, Hand Forms and Hand Techniques, Stances and Footwork, Basic Combinations, Balance Techniques, Jumping Techniques, Tumbling Techniques, and a Basic Compulsory Routine. Fully illustrated with more than 400 photographs, detailed step-by-step descriptions, an

Loving God

Autore: N. Kasturi
Editore: Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust, Publications Division
ISBN: 9350690934
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This is the biography of Professor N. Kasturi, the chosen biographer of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This book is his autobiography, his story, his journey to the feet of the Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In his own words, "Each of us has to live the volume of biography, which we bring with us, as often as we are born, page after page, chapter after chapter, howsoever punctuated with dots and dashes, interrogations and exclamations, commas and colons, until the sentence ends ultimately with a Full Stop. But, luckily, I have as my inseparable companion and counsel, Bhagawan Himself; He dots the i’s and crosses the t’s as I live the lines on every page. He has made the Book of Life, my biography – momentous and meaningful for me. I must, however, confess that I do not deserve this book on me, by me. There are, I know, millions, who are absorbing the Love of the Living Loving God much deeper, who can, therefore, stand forth as messengers of His Love. They can lead the unloved and the unloving with surer and firmer steps, to the Presence of the Redeemer, the Comforter, the Saviour, the Avatar, the Sai. Nevertheless, when Bhagawan manifested a faint, favourable interest, when someone ventured to whisper to me in His Presence, that a bunch of my reminiscences may be welcomed by many, I was promoted by that smile to embark on this audacious adventure. My memory assumed the role of Chief Editor and hence, the chronicle suffers from imperfect chronology. Since the four parts of “Sathyam Sivam Sundram” relate most of that I have yearned to communicate, this book has become a personal testament, often perhaps too personal to be tolerated, for which act of indiscretion, I ask for pardon. Flattery is the food of fools, say those, who are denied that pabulum. I dare not deny my taste, for I have been fooled by flatterers, who threw appellations like poet, scholar, linguist, humourist, philosopher, and even ant-hill sage! Please dear reader, remember that I am struggling my best to eliminate the poison of the ego and sympathise with me, whenever you find the reptile raising its hood between the lines of this book. A few ‘old students’ of my classes at the University, my grandson, his wife, and a few brothers at Prasanthi Nilayam demanded that I should not give up the work and insisted on the completion of the book. As a result, this book, ‘Loving God’ is now placed at the Feet of the Lord and on the palms of those, who live in the Love of the Lord. Jai Sai Ram."

Italian Psychology And Jewish Emigration Under Fascism

Autore: Patrizia Guarnieri
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137306564
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Fascism and the racial laws of 1938 dramatically changed the scientific research and the academic community. Guarnieri focuses on psychology, from its promising origins to the end of the WWII. Psychology was marginalized in Italy both by the neo-idealistic reaction against science, and fascism (unlike Nazism) with long- lasting consequences. Academics and young scholars were persecuted because they were antifascist or Jews and the story of Italian displaced scholars is still an embarrassing one. The book follows scholars who emigrated to the United States, such as psychologist Renata Calabresi, and to Palestine, such as Enzo Bonaventura. Guarnieri traces their journey and the help they received from antifascist and Zionist networks and by international organizations. Some succeeded, some did not, and very few went back.

Esoterismo E Fascismo

Autore: Gianfranco De Turris
Editore: Edizioni Mediterranee
ISBN: 9788827218310
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Alla Ricerca Delle Coccole Perdute

Autore: Giulio Cesare Giacobbe
Editore: Ponte alle Grazie
ISBN: 8862207778
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Il bambino ha sempre bisogno di qualcuno che gli faccia le coccole. L’adulto si fa le coccole da solo e non ha bisogno di nessuno. Il genitore è l’unico capace di fare le coccole agli altri. Sull’equilibrio e lo sviluppo di queste tre personalità, che coesistono in noi, si giocano tutta la nostra vita, il nostro benessere, il nostro rapporto con gli altri, la nostra felicità. In natura, in noi e negli animali, le tre personalità si sviluppano armonicamente e in tempi precisi. Purtroppo però, nelle società industrializzate ricche e iperprotette l’evoluzione naturale non avviene, e noi rimaniamo bambini. Questa è la base di tutte le nostre nevrosi. Paure, fobie, panico, ansia, depressione sono tutte manifestazioni di una personalità infantile non evoluta, sempre alla ricerca di amore, di sicurezza, di coccole. Questo saggio insegna in modo facile e umoristico a fare il bambino imparando a farsi umili, a diventare un adulto imparando a difendersi e a diventare un genitore imparando ad amare.