Sociolinguistica Dell Italiano Contemporaneo

Author: Gaetano Berruto
ISBN: 9788843063499
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Ne viene ora presentata una revisione che tiene conto del notevole incremento delle conoscenze sul tema avutosi negli ultimi anni. La nuova edizione mantiene l’articolazione complessiva e tutto il contenuto della prima, migliorando singole formulazioni e aggiungendo a ogni capitolo un paragrafo di aggiornamento sugli snodi principali delle tematiche toccate.

Nuovi Quaderni Ditals I Livello

Author: Stefania Semplici
ISBN: 9788898433513
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Voicing The Word

Author: Marina Spunta
Editor: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039102518
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Drawing on the recent renewal of interest in the debate on orality and literacy this book investigates the varying perceptions and representations of orality in contemporary Italian fiction, providing a fresh perspective on this rich and fast-developing debate and on the study of the Italian literary language. The book brings together a number of complementary approaches to orality from the fields of linguistics, literary and media studies and offers a detailed analysis of a broad variety of authors and texts that appeared over the last three decades - ranging from internationally acclaimed writers such as Celati, Duranti and Tabucchi, through De Luca and Baricco, to the latest generation of writers, such as Campo, Ballestra and Nove. By exploring the complementary facets of Italian orality, and its diachronical developments since the seventies, this study questions the traditionally dichotomic approach to the study of orality and literacy and posits a more flexible, cross-modal approach that accounts for the increasing hybridisation of text forms and media and for the greater interaction between the spoken and the written as well as their representations.

Orality And Literacy In Modern Italian Culture

Author: Michael Caesar
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351196014
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"In our highly literate culture, orality is all-pervasive. Different kinds of media and performance - theatre, film, television, story-telling, structured play - make us ask what is the relation between improvisation and premeditation, between transcription and textualization, between rehearsal, recollection and re-narration. The challenge of writing down what is spoken is partly technical, but also political and philosophical. How do young writers represent the spoken language of their contemporaries? What are the rules governing the transcription of oral evidence in fiction and non-fiction? Is the relationship between oral and written always a hierarchical one? Does the textualization of the oral destroy, more than it commemorates or preserves, the oral itself? Twelve wide-ranging essays, the majority on contemporary Italian theatre and literature, explore these questions in the most up-to-date account of orality and literacy in modern Italian culture yet produced. With the contributions: Michael Caesar, Marina Spunta- Introduction Michael Caesar- Voice, Vision and Orality: Notes on Reading Adriana Cavarero Arturo Tosi- Histrionic Transgressions: The Dario Fo-Commedia dell'Arte Relationship Revisited Gerardo Guccini- Le poetiche del 'teatro narrazione' fra 'scrittura oralizzante' e oralita-che-si-fa-testo Richard Andrews- Composing, Reciting, Inscribing and Transcribing Playtexts in the Community Theatre of Monticchiello David Forgacs- An Oral Renarration of a Photoromance, 1960 Alessandra Broccolini- Identita locali e giochi popolari in Italia tra oralita e scrittura Marina Spunta- The Facets of Italian Orality: An Overview of the Recent Debate Kate Litherland- Literature and Youth in the 1990s: Orality and the Written in Tiziano Scarpa's Cos'e questo fracasso? and Caliceti and Mozzi's Quello che ho da dirvi Elena Porciani- Note su oralita e narrazione inattendibile Marco Codebo- Voice and Events in Manlio Calegari's Comunisti e partigiani: Genova 1942-1945 Hanna Serkowska- Oralita o stile? La trasmissione orale e le modalita narrative ne La Storia di Elsa Morante Catherine O'Rawe- Orality, Microhistory and Memory: Gesualdo Bufalino and Claudio Magris between Narrative and History"

Congruence In Contact Induced Language Change

Author: Juliane Besters-Dilger
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110338459
Size: 12,70 MB
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Modern contact linguistics has primarily focused on contact between languages that are genetically unrelated and structurally distant. This compendium of articles looks instead at the effects of pre–existing structural congruency between the affected languages at the time of their initial contact, using the Romance and Slavic languages as examples. In contact of this kind, both genetic and typological similarities play a part.

The Oxford Guide To The Romance Languages

Author: Adam Ledgeway
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191063258
Size: 18,16 MB
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The Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages is the most exhaustive treatment of the Romance languages available today. Leading international scholars adopt a variety of theoretical frameworks and approaches to offer a detailed structural examination of all the individual Romance varieties and Romance-speaking areas, including standard, non-standard, dialectal, and regional varieties of the Old and New Worlds. The book also offers a comprehensive comparative account of major topics, issues, and case studies across different areas of the grammar of the Romance languages. The volume is organized into 10 thematic parts: Parts 1 and 2 deal with the making of the Romance languages and their typology and classification, respectively; Part 3 is devoted to individual structural overviews of Romance languages, dialects, and linguistic areas, while Part 4 provides comparative overviews of Romance phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. Chapters in Parts 5-9 examine issues in Romance phonology, morphology, syntax, syntax and semantics, and pragmatics and discourse, respectively, while the final part contains case studies of topics in the nominal group, verbal group, and the clause. The book will be an essential resource for both Romance specialists and everyone with an interest in Indo-European and comparative linguistics.

Towards A New Standard

Author: Massimo Cerruti
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 1614518831
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In many European languages the National Standard Variety is converging with spoken, informal, and socially marked varieties. In Italian this process is giving rise to a new standard variety called Neo-standard Italian, which partly consists of regional features. This book contributes to current research on standardization in Europe by offering a comprehensive overview of the re-standardization dynamics in Italian. Each chapter investigates a specific dynamic shaping the emergence of Neo-standard Italian and Regional Standard Varieties, such as the acceptance of previously non-standard features, the reception of Old Italian features excluded from the standard variety, the changing standard language ideology, the retention of features from Italo-Romance dialects, the standardization of patterns borrowed from English, and the developmental tendencies of standard Italian in Switzerland. The contributions investigate phonetic/phonological, prosodic, morphosyntactic, and lexical phenomena, addressed by several empirical methodologies and theoretical vantage points. This work is of interest to scholars and students working on language variation and change, especially those focusing on standard languages and standardization dynamics.

Linee Di Tendenza Dell Italiano Contemporaneo

Author: Bruno Moretti
Size: 12,94 MB
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Phonological Theory And The Dialects Of Italy

Author: Lori Repetti
Editor: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9027237190
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These articles provide new explorations into phonological patterns attested in the minor Romance languages ('dialects') spoken in Italy. The goal of this book is both theoretical and empirical. First, it aims to introduce non-Italianists to the phonological structures of the Italian dialects, including northern Gallo-Romance dialects, central and southern dialects, plus a Francoprovencal dialect spoken in southern Italy and a Catalan dialect spoken in Sardinia. Second, the collection provides readers with sophisticated analyses of complex and poorly understood and under-studied phonological phenomena. Over half of the articles contain data collected by the authors, and most of the data have not been available in English language publications. The richness of the empirical material and the sophistication of the theoretical analyses make this collection a particularly important contribution to both phonology and Romance language studies.