Spray King

Author: Shin Mikuni
ISBN: 9788864683324
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Spiritual Merchants

Author: Carolyn Morrow Long
Editor: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 9781572331105
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They can be found along the side streets of many American cities: herb or candle shops catering to practitioners of Voodoo, hoodoo, Santería, and similar beliefs. Here one can purchase ritual items and raw materials for the fabrication of traditional charms, plus a variety of soaps, powders, and aromatic goods known in the trade as "spiritual products." For those seeking health or success, love or protection, these potions offer the power of the saints and the authority of the African gods. In Spiritual Merchants, Carolyn Morrow Long provides an inside look at the followers of African-based belief systems and the retailers and manufacturers who supply them. Traveling from New Orleans to New York, from Charleston to Los Angeles, she takes readers on a tour of these shops, examines the origins of the products, and profiles the merchants who sell them. Long describes the principles by which charms are thought to operate, how ingredients are chosen, and the uses to which they are put. She then explores the commodification of traditional charms and the evolution of the spiritual products industry--from small-scale mail order "doctors" and hoodoo drugstores to major manufacturers who market their products worldwide. She also offers an eye-opening look at how merchants who are not members of the culture entered the business through the manufacture of other goods such as toiletries, incense, and pharmaceuticals. Her narrative includes previously unpublished information on legendary Voodoo queens and hoodoo workers, as well as a case study of John the Conqueror root and its metamorphosis from spirit-embodying charm to commercial spiritual product. No other book deals in such detail with both the history and current practices of African-based belief systems in the United States and the evolution of the spiritual products industry. For students of folklore or anyone intrigued by the world of charms and candle shops, Spiritual Merchants examines the confluence of African and European religion in the Americas and provides a colorful introduction to a vibrant aspect of contemporary culture. The Author: Carolyn Morrow Long is a preservation specialist and conservator at the the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

Daddy By Surprise

Author: Pat Warren
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460355385
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LITTLE—AND BIG!—DARLIN'(S) Devin Gray had long ago made two resolutions about what was NOT in his future—marriage and fatherhood. And then along came beautiful, lovable and sexy neighbor Molly Shipman to test his resolve on the former. As to the latter, well, when adorable six-year-old Emily showed up on his doorstep, with only a ratty old teddy bear… and a note, claiming HE was her father, well… what was a bachelor to do? Learn to braid hair, for starters. And have tea parties. And chase away bad dreams. And maybe, just maybe… learn how to make both Molly and Emily his own?

Rita Dove S Cosmopolitanism

Author: Malin Pereira
Editor: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252028373
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Pulitzer Prize-winner and former poet laureate of the United States, Rita Dove has written prolifically since the early 1970s. In this, the first full-length critical study of her entire body of work by an American scholar, Malin Pereira traces the development of Dove's literary voice, looking at the ways she combines racial specificity with the perspective of the unraced universal. Pereira examines Dove's poetry, fiction, drama, and literary criticism closely and chronologically, charting her path through the racially charged culture wars of the 1970s and 1980s. She demonstrates how Dove eventually transcended racial protocols that threaten to define her work and moves into a nomadic poetic articulation of her cosmopolitan identity. As Pereira addresses Rita Dove's cosmopolitanism, she also examines the thematic concerns that reoccur in Dove's work - themes, such as incest, miscegenation, nomadism, the blues, and patriarchal oppression.

The Weather Experiment

Author: Peter Moore
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448155975
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**Book of the Week on Radio 4** 'Gripping' The Times 'Exhilarating' Sunday Times In an age when a storm was evidence of God’s wrath, pioneering meteorologists had to fight against convention and religious dogma to realise their ambitions. But buoyed by the achievements of the Enlightenment, a generation of mavericks set out to unlock the secrets of the atmosphere. Meet Luke Howard, the first to classify the clouds, Francis Beaufort, quantifier of the winds, James Glaisher, explorer of the upper atmosphere by way of a hot air balloon, Samuel Morse, whose electric telegraph gave scientists the means by which to transmit weather warnings, and at the centre of it all Admiral Robert FitzRoy: master sailor, scientific pioneer and founder of the Met Office. Peter Moore’s exhilarating account navigates treacherous seas, rough winds and uncovers the obsession that drove these men to great invention and greater understanding.

Grimm S Fairy Tales

Author: Various
Editor: Litres
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Engineering And Contract Record

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