Author: Sheldon Culver
Editor: Ig Pub
ISBN: 9780977197286
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Shows how a strident theocratic minority is attacking - or steeplejacking - mainstream churches in order to eliminate progressive voices and take control.

Religious Right

Author: A.F. Alexander
Editor: A.F. Alexander
ISBN: 162095608X
Size: 18,97 MB
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There is a deceptive movement to take over the government, courts, education system, media outlets, and American culture with stealth - and it's true. How is this possible? Find out in the pages of this expose, written by an insider who left the Religious Right fold, and now shares why they believe they are mandated to have dominion over every aspect of life in the United States. It reveals how their vision for America is not a democracy at all. - Understand the Religious Right network's blueprint for America. - Meet the Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists. - Understand the Seven Mountains Mandate, which provides the strategy for a successful takeover. - See why Quiverfull is the template for a proper, traditional family. - Finally, understand the attacks on public schools and teachers. - Find out who the leaders of the movement really are and their successful tactics. - This book explains the rewriting of our nation's history. - Complete with interviews, research, and bibliography included. - Presentation is organized and systematic, while in plain English. - Shares how to get involved and make a difference in your community to protect your rights and preserve democracy.

Blueprint For Theocracy

Author: James C. Sanford
Editor: Metacomet Books
ISBN: 0974704245
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This investigation sheds new light on the confrontational stance the religious right has taken toward contemporary America by examining the nature and origins of its highly charged ideas. It traces its belief system, commonly called the "Christian Worldview," to four Christian thinkers (Abraham Kuyper, Cornelius Van Til, Rousas John Rushdoony, and Francis Schaeffer) known for their anti-modernist, authoritarian, and in some cases, openly theocratic ideas. Although virtually unknown to most Americans, these men have been treated like patron saints by the religious right. Their ideas, seriously discussed within the movement and codified in Christian Worldview documents during the 1980s, have been widely disseminated to followers through textbooks and seminars, evolving over time into standard talking points. The book then examines how the ideology buttresses the movement's controversial, right-wing agenda. It explores how the Christian Worldview advances a concept of “total truth” that is unique to biblical Christians and enables them to redefine freedom, law, government, and even history and science, in their own infallible terms. A vision for the future and plan of action are formed on the basis of these certainties. The book concludes by discussing the danger the ideology poses to pluralist society and offers intelligent ways of confronting it.

Aware Saga

Author: Terence Chong
Editor: Flipside Digital Content Company Inc.
ISBN: 9971697092
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In March 2009, the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) was briefly taken over by a Christian faction. Their coup was overturned within a matter of weeks, but the episode highlighted a variety of issues, including the role of religion in civil society, sex education, homosexuality, state intervention and media engagement. Although the immediate issue was control of an activist group concerned with women's rights, it has implications for the agendas and concerns of NGOs, 'culture wars', the processes of citizenry mobilization, mass participation and noisy democracy, and liberal voices in contemporary Singapore.In this book, academics and public intellectuals examine the AWARE saga within the context of Singapore's civil society, considering the political and historical background and how the issues it raised relate to contemporary societal trends. In addition to documenting a milestone event for Singapore's civil society, the authors offer provocative interpretations that will interest a broad range of readers.

Author: دانيال ستيل
Editor: ناشرون الدار العربية للعلوم
ISBN: 9789953299020
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Den kendte advokat Allegra Steinberg som har filmstjerner blandt sine kunder, bliver forelsket i en forfatter. Hun begynder at planlægge brylluppet, hvilket ikke er helt problemfrit.


Author: Max Von Oppenheim
ISBN: 9781900700313
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