Storia Della Filosofia

ISBN: 9788846831477
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Indagini Di Storia Della Filosofia

Autore: Pietro Piovani
Editore: Liguori Editore Srl
ISBN: 9788820739515
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Storia Della Filosofia

Autore: Giovanni Reale
Editore: Giunti
ISBN: 8858762517
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L'affascinante cammino della conoscenza dalle sue origini all'epoca contemporanea. Una nuova edizione della "Storia della filosofia" di due dei più importanti studiosi del nostro tempo, Giovanni Reale e Dario Antiseri, arricchita con le biografie dei filosofi, brani antologici significativi, dettagliate appendici critiche e un denso apparato iconografico. Alla scoperta di autori e correnti che hanno determinato lo sviluppo del pensiero e la storia dell'umanità, con una particolare attenzione al pensiero contemporaneo. Storia della filosofia, la patristica e la scolastica, in questo volume: Gregorio di Nissa Massimo Il confessore Boezio Scoto Eriugena Anselmo d’Aosta Avicenna Averroè Alberto Magno Tommaso d’Aquino Bonaventura da Bagnoregio Duns Scoto Guglielmo di Ockham

Italian Psychology And Jewish Emigration Under Fascism

Autore: Patrizia Guarnieri
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137306564
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Fascism and the racial laws of 1938 dramatically changed the scientific research and the academic community. Guarnieri focuses on psychology, from its promising origins to the end of the WWII. Psychology was marginalized in Italy both by the neo-idealistic reaction against science, and fascism (unlike Nazism) with long- lasting consequences. Academics and young scholars were persecuted because they were antifascist or Jews and the story of Italian displaced scholars is still an embarrassing one. The book follows scholars who emigrated to the United States, such as psychologist Renata Calabresi, and to Palestine, such as Enzo Bonaventura. Guarnieri traces their journey and the help they received from antifascist and Zionist networks and by international organizations. Some succeeded, some did not, and very few went back.

Compendio Delle Cose Piu Degne A Sapersi Nella Storia Della Filosofia Trad Di Domenico Meschinelli

Autore: Johann Ritter Peithner von Lichtenfels
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History Of Italian Philosophy

Autore: Giorgio A. Pinton
Editore: Rodopi
ISBN: 904202321X
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Ideological Profile Of Twentieth Century Italy

Autore: Norberto Bobbio
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400864178
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Anyone interested in the entire sweep of political thought over the last hundred years will find in Norberto Bobbio's Ideological Profile of Twentieth-Century Italy a masterful, thought-provoking guide. Home to the largest communist party in a democratic society, Italy has been a unique place politically, one where Christian democrats, liberals, fascists, socialists, communists, and others have co-existed in sizable numbers. In this book, Bobbio, who himself played an outstanding role in the development of Italian civic culture, follows each of the major ideologies, explaining how they developed, describing the key actors, and considering the legacies they left to political culture. He wrote Ideological Profile in 1968 to explain from a personal perspective the history behind that decade's tumultuous politics. Bobbio's defense of democracy and critique of capitalism are among the themes that will particularly interest American readers of this updated edition, the first to appear in English. Beginning in the late nineteenth century with positivism and Marxism, Bobbio next presents the ideological currents that developed before the outbreak of the First World War: Catholic, socialist, irrational and anti-democratic thought, the reaction against positivism, and the thinking of Benedetto Croce. After discussing the impact of the war, the author turns to the revolutionary-reactionary polarization of the postwar period and the ideology of fascism. The final chapters consider Croce's opposition to fascism and the ideals of the resistance and conclude with the post-Second World War "Years of Involvement." Originally published in 1995. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.