Storia Di Due Anime Romanzo

Autore: Matilde Serao
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Luigi E Luigia Cortesi Frammenti Della Storia Di Due Anime Gemelle Innamorate Di Ges Diario 1 1937 E Diario 19 Luglio Luned 17 Dicembre 1937 Venerd

Autore: U. Midali
ISBN: 9788896607008
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Matilde Serao The Conquest Of Rome

Autore: Matilde Serao
Editore: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814779646
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"Tells of life in turn-of-the-century Roman times. The novel's insights into the social and political temperaments of the times makes for involving reading." —The Bookwatch An indefatigable writer and the author of over 40 books, Matilde Serao (1857-1927) was arguably the most famous Italian woman journalist of the nineteenth century. The Conquest of Rome (1885), which tells the story of the arrival in Rome of a provincial deputy from the poor South, paints a brilliant portrait of political and social life in contemporary Rome. Upon his arrival in Rome, Frencesco Sangiorgio dreams of a glittering future there. Although the Eternal City greets the young man's ambition with indifference, he gradually makes his mark on his parliamentary colleagues, soon establishing a place in high society. His fate is sealed, however, when he falls under the sway of the enigmatic Angelica Vargas, and the conquest of Rome that seemed so tantalizingly close begins to slip away.

La Storia Della Poesia Il Seme Del Fuoco Achille E Odisseo

Autore: Salvatore Lo Bue
Editore: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 9788846430755
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Italian Women Writers

Autore: Rinaldina Russell
Editore: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313283475
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"This important work, effectively presenting a wealth of new material, is suitable for all Italian literature and women's studies collections." ARBA

Gendered Genres

Autore: Laura Anne Salsini
Editore: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838638019
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Matilde Serao's richly detailed narratives created a metamorphical city of women negotiating the social and cultural byways of turn-of-the-century Italy. With each text, Serao (1856-1927) added another stratum to her imaginary metropolis, grounding her works in realistic detail and acute social observation. Over the course of almost thirty novels, more than one hundred short stories, and innumerable newspaper articles, Serao articulated her own vision of female destiny in a society governed by traditional, often restrictive, paradigms of female behavior. This study examines how Serao refashioned traditional genres throughout her long literary career, a narrative strategy that allowed her to focus specifically on the depiction of female experiences.

Italian Women S Theatre 1930 1960

Autore: Daniela Cavallaro
Editore: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1841505552
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Between 1930 and 1960, popular female dramatists, including Paola Riccora, Anna Bonacci, Clotilde Masci, and Gici Ganzini Granata, set the stage for a new generation of feminist theatre and the development of contemporary Italian women's theatre as a whole. Now largely forgotten, the lives and works of these dramatists are reintroduced into the scholarly conversation in Italian Women's Theatre, 1930-1960. Following a general introduction, the book presents a selection of dramatic works, rounded out by commentary, performance histories, critical analyses, and biographical information.

Modelli Della Mente Modelli Della Persona Le Due Anime Della Psicologia

Autore: Marcello Lostia
Editore: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9788809205567
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Due Anime

Autore: Arsenio Siani
ISBN: 9788891062956
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Le Due Anime Del Mondo

Autore: Deepak Chopra
ISBN: 8873395538
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Un libro illuminante sul "conflitto" tra scienza e spiritualità: le risposte alle grandi domande della vita da due punti di vista diversi ma non sempre inconciliabili.