The Jews And Modern Capitalism

Autore: Werner Sombart
Editore: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412826921
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Since its first appearance in Germany in 1911, Jews and Modern Capitalism has provoked vehement criticism. As Samuel Z. Klausner emphasizes, the lasting value of Sombart's work rests not in his results-most of which have long since been disproved-but in his point of departure. Openly acknowledging his debt to Max Weber, Sombart set out to prove the double thesis of the Jewish foundation of capitalism and the capitalist foundation of Judaism. Klausner, placing Sombart's work in its historical and societal context, examines the weaknesses and strengths of Jews and Modern Capitalism.

Tolerance And Intolerance On The Triplex Confinium

Autore: International Research Project "Triplex Confinium." International Conference
ISBN: 9788861293007
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The Triplex Confinium, or triple border, was an actual point in the proximity of the town of Knin in Croatia, between the Habsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice after the peace treaty of Karlowitz in 1699. The Triplex Confinium, as an area and experience of living on the crossroads of different civilizations, cultures and religions in a long historical perspective, inspired an international research project focused upon the comparative history and intercultural approaches of borders and borderlands in Southeast Europe, where three distinctive political, cultural and confessional contexts encountered each other over the centuries. The Triplex Confinium is above all a metaphor of cultural challenges in the areas of multiple borderlands.

The Art Of Fiction

Autore: David Lodge
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448137799
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In this entertaining and enlightening collection David Lodge considers the art of fiction under a wide range of headings, drawing on writers as diverse as Henry James, Martin Amis, Jane Austen and James Joyce. Looking at ideas such as the Intrusive Author, Suspense, the Epistolary Novel, Magic Realism and Symbolism, and illustrating each topic with a passage taken from a classic or modern novel, David Lodge makes the richness and variety of British and American fiction accessible to the general reader. He provides essential reading for students, aspiring writers and anyone who wants to understand how fiction works.

Prison Notebooks

Autore: Antonio Gramsci
ISBN: 9780231157551
Grandezza: 61,26 MB
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Columbia University Press's multivolume Prison Notebooks is the only complete critical edition of Antonio Gramsci's seminal writings in English. Based on the authoritative Italian edition of Gramsci's work, Quaderni del Carcere, this comprehensive translation presents the intellectual as he ought to be read and understood, with critical notes that clarify Gramsci's history, culture, and sources; an index of names; and a contextualization of the thinker's ideas against his earlier writings and letters. This set includes notebooks 1 through 8 with all attendant notes and materials and is an indispensible resource for scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

A History Of Architectural Conservation

Autore: Jukka Jokilehto
Editore: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780750655118
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This text describes the origin and development of the modern approach to the conservation and restoration of ancient monuments and historic buildings, the influence that this has had on international collaboration, and present consequences.

La Linguistica

Autore: Gaetano Berruto
ISBN: 9788860083432
Grandezza: 31,92 MB
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Il volume rifonde in una nuova stesura ¡1 Corso elementare di linguistica generale e ne amplia i contenuti già sperimentati in numerosi corsi di Linguistica generale con l'aggiunta di un capitolo sul mutamento e la variazione, di un sintetico profilo di storia della linguistica e di numerosi e aggiornati materiali di approfondimento, documentazione ed esercitazione. Del volume di cui è rifacimento non solo riprende interamente il taglio e la materia, allargando anche il panorama alla linguistica storica e alla sociolinguistica, ma soprattutto cerca di mantenere l'equilibrio fra necessario rigore scientifico, chiarezza di esposizione e accessibilità da parte degli studenti. Il maggior dettaglio presente in punti cruciali della trattazione e il materiale di corredo aggiunto consentono approfondimenti selezionati anche per studenti non più principianti assoluti nella materia.