Storia Notturna

Autore: Carlo Ginzburg
ISBN: 9788806193072
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The Cheese And The Worms

Autore: Carlo Ginzburg
Editore: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421409895
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The Cheese and the Worms is an incisive study of popular culture in the sixteenth century as seen through the eyes of one man, the miller known as Menocchio, who was accused of heresy during the Inquisition and sentenced to death. Carlo Ginzburg uses the trial records to illustrate the confusing political and religious conditions of the time. For a common miller, Menocchio was surprisingly literate. In his trial testimony he made references to more than a dozen books, including the Bible, Boccaccio's Decameron, Mandeville's Travels, and a "mysterious" book that may have been the Koran. And what he read he recast in terms familiar to him, as in his own version of the creation: "All was chaos, that is earth, air, water, and fire were mixed together; and of that bulk a mass formed—just as cheese is made out of milk—and worms appeared in it, and these were the angels." Ginzburg’s influential book has been widely regarded as an early example of the analytic, case-oriented approach known as microhistory. In a thoughtful new preface, Ginzburg offers his own corollary to Menocchio’s story as he considers the discrepancy between the intentions of the writer and what gets written. The Italian miller’s story and Ginzburg’s work continue to resonate with modern readers because they focus on how oral and written culture are inextricably linked. Menocchio’s 500-year-old challenge to authority remains evocative and vital today. -- Lauro Martines


Autore: Carlo Ginzburg
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226296937
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Weaving early accounts of witchcraft—trial records, ecclesiastical tracts, folklore, and popular iconography—into new and startling patterns, Carlo Ginzburg presents in Ecstasies compelling evidence of a hidden shamanistic culture that flourished across Europe and in England for thousands of years.

The Judge And The Historian

Autore: Carlo Ginzburg
Editore: Verso
ISBN: 9781859843710
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In The Judge and the Historian, Carlo Ginzburg draws on his work on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century witchcraft trials to dissect the weaknesses and contradictions of Italy's case against Adriano Sofri, figurehead of the Italian Left. Through an analysis of this late-twentieth-century political show-trial, Ginzburg demonstrates the importance of intellectual rigour and passion against political opportunism and dishonesty at the end of the twentieth-century.

Lingu Rivista Di Lingue E Culture Moderne 1 2011

Autore: AA.VV.
Editore: LED Edizioni Universitarie
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Linguæ & is a peer-reviewed journal which provides a new outlet for interdisciplinary research on language and literature, giving voice to a cross-cultural and multi-genre koine. While the idea for the journal was developed in the ambit of the post-graduate programme in European Intercultural Studies at the University of Urbino, Italy, its scope goes far beyond that of exploring pre-established cultural paradigms. Indeed, its strongly experimental and dialogic approach to the ongoing debate should serve as encouragement for the submission of new work by young researchers.

From Reliable Sources

Autore: Martha C. Howell
Editore: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801485602
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A lively introduction to historical methodology, an overview of the techniques historians must master in order to reconstruct the past.

Medieval Italy

Autore: Christopher Kleinhenz
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135948801
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This Encyclopedia gathers together the most recent scholarship on Medieval Italy, while offering a sweeping view of all aspects of life in Italy during the Middle Ages. This two volume, illustrated, A-Z reference is a cross-disciplinary resource for information on literature, history, the arts, science, philosophy, and religion in Italy between A.D. 450 and 1375. For more information including the introduction, a full list of entries and contributors, a generous selection of sample pages, and more, visit the Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia website.


Autore: Susan Sarah Cohen
Editore: K. G. Saur
ISBN: 9783598237003
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Frammenti Di Cultura Del Novecento

Autore: Ivan Pozzoni
Editore: Gilgamesh Edizioni
ISBN: 8897469442
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Rivisitare le filosofie del Novecento significa oggi ripensare una crisi di identità del pensiero filosofico, che non va comunque considerata come la fine della filosofia, ma piuttosto come un passaggio ulteriore rispetto alla prima emergenza del negativo, rappresentata dalla filosofia della crisi. Si tratta, a nostro avviso, di una svolta metodologica che prelude a un rinnovamento filosofico diretto a polarizzare la meraviglia sulla tematizzazione del dubbio, insita nella semantica del pensiero interrogativo. In questa prospettiva, si delineano heideggerianamente quei sentieri interrotti del filosofare che, nel successivo orizzonte del post-moderno o della fine della modernità, coniugano in vari modi e in diversi registri le vie, spesso divergenti, del post-metafisico. In questa situazione poliedrica e complessa, l’espressione schegge del Novecento, assume una ineludibile connotazione metaforica dalla quale esce sconfitto il pensiero sistematico Prof. Aurelio Rizzacasa