Autore: Agent Kasper
Editore: Nan A. Talese
ISBN: 0385540086
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In the Cambodian hinterlands, a lone Western prisoner suffers through a hot, muddy, interminable sentence. Wasted by repeated torture, lack of sleep, malnutrition, and psychotropic drugs, he has been abandoned. His years of exemplary service to his government mean nothing. No one is coming for him. This is Agent Kasper, a man with a staggering résumé: commercial airline pilot, firearms expert, highly accomplished practitioner of several of the martial arts, a secret agent par excellence. It is this incredible competence that will be his undoing. While investigating Mafia money laundering in Phnom Penh, Kasper is approached by the CIA to track down the source of the so-called supernotes—illegal U.S. banknotes counterfeited so perfectly that they are undetectable, even by sophisticated machines—that are flooding Southeast Asia. With patience, skill, and courage, Kasper uncovers the explosive secret behind them and is badly burned by the truth. Meanwhile, back in Rome, a sharp, scrappy lawyer named Barbara Belli has been hired by Kasper’s family to work for his release. She has contacts in the foreign ministry, and while officials make sweeping claims about moving heaven and earth, nothing happens. It’s more than just creaking bureaucracy. Kasper has really pissed off the wrong people. Based on true events in the life of a former spy, Kasper’s journey makes for a shocking and spellbinding page-turner of petty corruption, high-level betrayal, and state secrets so powerful that governments will protect them by any means. From the Hardcover edition.

The Supernotes Affair

Autore: Agent Kasper
Editore: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1782115749
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Agent Kasper is kidnapped in Cambodia whilst on a mission for the CIA to investigate counterfeit money schemes. He is supposed to disappear forever. Because Kasper has uncovered something so terrible, so explosive and so damaging that the intelligence service he works for wants him dead. When Kasper finds himself in the appalling squalor of one of the world's most notorious prison camps near Phnom Penh, the corrupt guards sent to execute him spot an opportunity and wonder - is Kasper worth more alive? A page-turning and nail-biting read, The Supernotes Affair tells the sensational story of an innocent man's determination to survive.


Autore: Agente Kasper
ISBN: 9788804639831
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L Affaire Supernotes

Autore: Agent Kasper
Editore: XO Éditions
ISBN: 2845637306
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L’histoire d’un agent qui aurait dû mourir pour avoir découvert l’un des secrets les mieux gardés du monde : L’affaire Supernotes. Depuis trente ans, Kasper travaille pour différentes agences de renseignements : les services secrets italiens, la CIA. À chaque mission, il change d’identité. Formé au maniement des armes, expert en arts martiaux, il est, sous la couverture d’un pilote de ligne, espion dans les réseaux néofascistes, puis infiltré chez les narcotrafiquants, ce qui fait de lui l’un des plus brillants agents secrets des services occidentaux. Mais en mars 2008, son enquête sur les supernotes l’entraîne dans un véritable cauchemar. Les supernotes sont des faux billets de banque de cent dollars, imprimés en millions d’exemplaires hors du territoire américain. Par qui ? Pour qui ? Kasper découvre la vérité sur cette ahurissante machine. Arrêté par des miliciens cambodgiens, il est séquestré et torturé pendant 373 jours dans des camps proches de Phnom Penh. Ni son pays ni la CIA n’interviennent. Son destin est sciemment caché aux yeux de tous, y compris des médias. Ses découvertes l’ont condamné à mort : il doit disparaître. Réchappé in extremis de l’enfer, Kasper veut briser le silence pour se protéger. Son histoire dépasse, en rythme et en intensité, le plus fort des romans d’espionnage, et nous plonge dans un monde que personne, avant lui, n’avait osé dévoiler. Un livre explosif !

Counterfeit Lies

Autore: Oliver North
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147671438X
Grandezza: 57,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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From Oliver North—whose New York Times bestseller Heroes Proved was praised by Sean Hannity as “a heart-thumping ‘must-read’ for every American”—comes a gripping, nonstop thriller that could only be written by someone who has “been there, done that.” Veteran undercover FBI agent Jake Kruse is investigating a smuggling ring in southern California when his assignment is cut short. A prominent criminal defense attorney wants to hire Jake on another kind of mission: to kill the daughter of a local crime boss. What began as a “contract killing” soon captures the attention of the CIA, the US Secret Service, and high-level officials in Washington. The undercover agent is plunged into a deadly underworld of North Korean espionage, Hezbollah terror, and the sinister deception Iran uses to acquire nuclear weapons. Caught in a web of international intrigue that goes to the top of the US government, Kruse is forced to confront the ultimate moral quandary: doing what’s right when everything seems wrong. Now, national security expert and decorated war hero Oliver North and former US Marine and FBI undercover agent Bob Hamer bring their real life experience to this tightly written tale of international intrigue and down-to-the-wire suspense. They say it’s fiction. But it’s all too real.

Seal Team Seven 04 Direct Action

Autore: Keith Douglass
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101558792
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During an attack on a terrorist group in Port Sudan, Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEAL team uncover three million dollars in counterfeit currency. When officials link the money to an economic terrorism plot on the U.S. currency system, there is only one solution—infiltrate and terminate. Murdock and his SEALs have their marching orders: destroy the Lebanese warehouse that’s producing the fake cash. But there’s one minor problem. The warehouse is teeming with well-armed terrorists who would like nothing more than to take on Navy SEALs.

Jane S Intelligence Digest

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Eternal Life

Autore: John O'Loughlin
Editore: Centretruths Digital Media
ISBN: 1446103714
Grandezza: 61,10 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Cryptically subtitled 'Supernotes from Beyond', ETERNAL LIFE is by any standards a substantial compilation of essayistic aphorisms which cycle, or pass through several turns of the spiral of metaphysical ascension, on their otherworldly way towards philosophical perfection (theosophy), always with a view to advancing and enhancing the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism. With a full quadruplicity of Elemental postulates, that is, fire, water, vegetation (earth) and air, few contexts evade a thoroughgoing critique of their respective components, whether in relation to space, time, volume, or mass, but continue to portend the possibility of definitive presentation.

Currency Wars

Autore: John K. Cooley
Editore: Skyhorse Publishing
Grandezza: 36,44 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Argues that counterfeit money is being used as a weapon of mass destruction as well as a medium for organized crime, explaining how foreign states use forgery to destabilize enemy governments and wage economic warfare, in an account that also describes the practices of counterfeiting in earlier historical periods.

North Korea Issues

Autore: Larinda B. Pervis
Editore: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781600216558
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North Korea is officially described as a socialist republic governed according to the ideology of Juche (loosely, "self-reliance"). Kim Il-Sung, the founder of North Korea, was the country's first and only president; in the North Korean constitution he is described as the Eternal President of the Republic: "The DPRK and the entire Korean people will uphold the great leader Comrade Kim Il-sung as the eternal President of the Republic." The de facto head of state and government is Kim Jong-Il, who is Chairman of the National Defence Commission. The legislature of North Korea is the Supreme People's Assembly, or SPA; the current President of the SPA is Kim Yong Nam. The other senior government leader is the Premier, currently Pak Pong-ju. North Korea is a single-party state. The governing party is the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland, a coalition made up of three smaller parties, the Workers Party of Korea, the Korean Social Democratic Party and the Chondoist Chongu Party. These parties nominate all candidates for office and hold all seats in the Supreme People's Assembly. North Korea seems to delight in its self-appointed role as an international trouble-maker, rogue state and budding nuclear power. Much of the world seems to regard it as a lose cannon -- but a potentially dangerous one rather than simply an irritating tiny, poverty-stricken, isolated country led by a short person with tall hair. This book focuses on the flurry of activities engaged in by North Korea.