Terra Matta

Autore: Vincenzo Rabito
ISBN: 9788806223250
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Terra Matta

Autore: Alberto Nessi
Editore: Dadò
ISBN: 9788882811662
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Antologia Del Terra Matta Poetry Slam 2015

Autore: Autori Vari (a Cura Di Paolo Gulfi)
Editore: Autori Vari (a Cura Di Paolo Gulfi)
ISBN: 6050380546
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Quattordici presenze poetiche con le loro voci e le loro parole verranno presentati in questa prima edizione antologica del TERRA MATTA Poetry Slam. Per poter raccogliere le emozioni e i momenti di questa serata, abbiamo inserito le foto dell'evento scattate dalla fotografa Ariane Deschamps ed accompagnato le poesie con una breve nota biografica dell'autore.

Fascist Voices

Autore: Christopher Duggan
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199730784
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While Duggan looks at some famous diaries-by such figures as the anti-fascist constitutional lawyer Piero Calamandrei; the philosopher Benedetto Croce; and the fascist minister Giuseppe Bottai-the majority of the voices here come from unpublished journals, diaries, and transcripts. Utilizing a rich collection of untapped archival material, Duggan explores "the cult of Il Duce," the religious dimensions of totalitarianism, and the extraordinarily intimate character of the relationship between Mussolini and millions of Italians. Duggan shows that the figure of Mussolini was crucial to emotional and political engagement with the regime; although there was widespread discontent throughout Italy, little of the criticism was directed at Il Duce himself.

From Multiculturalism To Hybridity

Autore: Karin Baumgartner
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443825190
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From Multiculturalism to Hybridity: New Approaches to Teaching Switzerland places Switzerland within the context of transnational labor migration and examines how this German-, French-, Italian-, and Romansh-speaking nation is being transformed by the influx of migrants from all over the world who now constitute a fifth of the population. This dynamic mixture of cultures and races is embodied by a new generation of citizens who call themselves “Secondas and Secondos,” the second generation. Today, Switzerland is leading all industrial nations in growth potential and economic benefits from migration (OECD). The articles in this volume analyze the challenges, successes, and ongoing struggles Switzerland experiences with migration, focusing specifically on what it means to shape a nation-state by political will rather than linguistic and cultural unity. From Multiculturalism to Hybridity also offers teaching suggestions for the French, German, and Italian language and literature classroom as well as for courses in Social, Cultural, and Political Studies. Articles address the hybrid literatures and cultures of Switzerland including films, pageants, smellscapes, and women’s issues and place Switzerland in the context of a unifying European continent. Readers will find ideas and resources for critically investigating and teaching the concepts of cultural hybridity and transculturalism in the high school and college classroom.

From Terrone To Extracomunitario

Autore: Grace Russo Bullaro
Editore: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1848761767
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With the emergence of immigration in the last thirty years, and the arrival into Italy of people of different races and colors, the bigotry, racism and pernicious stereotypes that have been present since the nation was created in 1861, especially those expressing the North-South divide, have acquired new relevance and stronger dimensions. Bigotry, racism and pernicious stereotypes, present in Italian society are examined through its cinema. This volume offers an informative, challenging and thought-provoking mosaic.

Italy And The Cultural Politics Of World War I

Autore: Graziella Parati
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1611479517
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Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I dialogues with the variety of texts recently published to commemorate the Great War. It explores Italian socialist pacifism, the role of women during the conflict and a dominant cultural movement, Futurism, whose leader, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, glorified war and enlisted in the fight. Other soldiers created documents about the war that differ from the heroic and virile endeavor that Marinetti placed at the center of his works on war. Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I pays attention to the representations of the soldiers through an analysis of their letters, dominated by descriptions of the terrible hunger they suffered. In contrast, popular film absorbed the cultural lessons in Marinetti's writings and represented soldiers as modernist heroes in comedies and dramas. However, film did not shy away from representing cowards who could only be baffoons and fools in propaganda films. In another medium, the concern was to publish texts that would serve the fighting soldier and inform readers about ideological and historical motivations for the conflict. The publishing industry supported national propaganda efforts. Only socialism could endanger anti-war publication, but after its initial opposition to the conflict, socialists occupied a neutral position. Italian socialism still remained the only European socialist party that did not renege its pacifism in order to embrace nationalism and the war, but it was also not in favor of actions that would sabotage in the Italian war industry. ltalian socialism is only one feature of Italian culture that was dramatically changed during the war. WWI impacted every aspect of Italian and of European cultures. For instance, as an essay in Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I explores, the war industry needed workers. The solution was to bring Chinese men France to contribute in the war effort. After the war, they moved to other countries and in Milan, Italy, they founded one of the oldest Chinatowns in Europe, dramatically changing the human landscape of Italy as they later moved to other Italian cities. Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I supplies essential research articles to the construction of an inclusive portrayal of WWI and Italian culture by deepening our understanding of the transformative role it played in 20th century Italy and Europe.

Approaches To The History Of Written Culture

Autore: Martyn Lyons
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319541366
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This book investigates the history of writing as a cultural practice in a variety of contexts and periods. It analyses the rituals and practices determining intimate or ‘ordinary’ writing as well as bureaucratic and religious writing. From the inscribed images of ‘pre-literate’ societies, to the democratization of writing in the modern era, access to writing technology and its public and private uses are examined. In ten studies, presented by leading historians of scribal culture from seven countries, the book investigates the uses of writing in non-alphabetical as well as alphabetical script, in societies ranging from Native America and ancient Korea to modern Europe. The authors emphasise the material characteristics of writing, and in so doing they pose questions about the definition of writing itself. Drawing on expertise in various disciplines, they give an up-to-date account of the current state of knowledge in a field at the forefront of ‘Book History’.

The Ethics Of Memory In A Digital Age

Autore: A. Ghezzi
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137428457
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This edited volume documents the current reflections on the 'Right to be Forgotten' and the interplay between the value of memory and citizen rights about memory. It provides a comprehensive analysis of problems associated with persistence of memory, the definition of identities (legal and social) and the issues arising for data management.

Britannica Book Of The Year 2008

Autore: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Editore: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
ISBN: 1593394942
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This yearbook presents information on the dates, people, events, and world affairs of 2007. The section entitled "Britannica World Data," updated annually, presents geographic, demographic, and economic details.