The Dig Tree Text Classics

Autore: Sarah Murgatroyd
Editore: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1921921862
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The story of Burke and Wills is legend. Sarah Murgatroyd reveals new historical and scientific evidence to tell the story of the disaster with all its heroism and romance, its discoveries, coincidences and lost opportunities. Generously illustrated with photographs, paintings and maps, The Dig Tree is a spell-binding book.

The Dig Tree

Autore: Sarah Murgatroyd
Editore: Bloomsbury Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780747562986
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In August 1860, an expedition team left Melbourne to make the journey into the Gulf of Carpentaria in the northern coast. Only three of them reached their destination. They later discovered that the rest of the party had disappeared, leaving behind only a carved message on a coolibah tree.

The Aboriginal Story Of Burke And Wills

Autore: Ian Clark
ISBN: 0643108106
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The Aboriginal Story of Burke and Wills is the first major study of Aboriginal associations with the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860–61. A main theme of the book is the contrast between the skills, perceptions and knowledge of the Indigenous people and those of the new arrivals, and the extent to which this affected the outcome of the expedition. The book offers a reinterpretation of the literature surrounding Burke and Wills, using official correspondence, expedition journals and diaries, visual art, and archaeological and linguistic research – and then complements this with references to Aboriginal oral histories and social memory. It highlights the interaction of expedition members with Aboriginal people and their subsequent contribution to Aboriginal studies. The book also considers contemporary and multi-disciplinary critiques that the expedition members were, on the whole, deficient in bush craft, especially in light of the expedition’s failure to use Aboriginal guides in any systematic way. Generously illustrated with historical photographs and line drawings, The Aboriginal Story of Burke and Wills is an important resource for Indigenous people, Burke and Wills history enthusiasts and the wider community. This book is the outcome of an Australian Research Council project.

Burke Wills

Autore: Tim Bonyhady
Editore: Vantage Press, Inc
ISBN: 9780642107480
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Few colonial events have inspired as many artistic responses as the expedition led by Burke & Wills in 1860 to cross the Australian continent from south to north. This publication, produced in connection with the travelling exhibition of the same name, explores the myths that surround the ill-fated explorers and reveals the creativity Burke and Wills have inspired.

The Last Explorer

Autore: Simon Nasht
Editore: Arcade Publishing
ISBN: 9781559708258
Grandezza: 14,40 MB
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In the tradition of "The Ice Master" and "The Endurance" comes the incredible story of the first truly modern explorer whose death-defying adventures and uncommon modesty made him a pioneer in weather forecasting and a true hero of the earth.

Cooper S Creek

Autore: Alan Moorehead
Editore: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1628730404
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In 1860, an expedition set out from Melbourne, Australia, into the interior of the country, with the mission to find a route to the northern coast. Headed by Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills, the party of adventurers, scientists, and camels set out into the outback hoping to find enough water and to keep adequate food stores for their trek into the bush. Almost one year later, Burke, Wills, and two others from their party, Gray and King, reached the northern shore but on their journey back, they were stranded at Cooper’s Creek where all but King perished. Cooper’s Creek is a gripping, intense historical narrative about the harshness of the Australian outback and the people who were brave enough to go into the very depths of that uncharted country.

The Story Of My Life

Autore: Helen Keller
Editore: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486422497
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Left blind, deaf, and mute after an illness in infancy, Helen Keller overcame her disabilities with the help of Anne Sullivan, her inspired teacher. This special large print edition of Keller's classic autobiography, first published in 1903, covers her first 22 years. This deeply moving memoir offers an unforgettable portrait of one of the 20th century's most remarkable women. Large print edition.

Australian Explorers

Autore: Gunter Schymkiw
Editore: R.I.C. Publications
ISBN: 1863114998
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Australian explorers (blackline master)

The Good Earth

Autore: Pearl S. Buck
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743272935
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A Chinese peasant overcomes the forces of nature and the frailties of human nature to become a wealthy landowner.

The Last Blank Spaces

Autore: Dane Kennedy
Editore: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674074971
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The challenge of opening Africa and Australia to British imperial influence fell to a coterie of proto-professional explorers who sought knowledge, adventure, and fame but often experienced confusion, fear, and failure. The Last Blank Spaces follows the arc of these explorations, from idea to practice, intention to outcome, myth to reality.