The Pilgrimage To Santiago

Autore: Edwin Mullins
Editore: Signal Books
ISBN: 9781902669311
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The Long Road to Heaven", the annual pilgrimage to the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela has taken place for over a thousand years. In the great cathedral of Santiago are said to lie the bones of St. James of the Great, cousin to Christ, an original disciple and later "resurrected" as the legendary slayer of the Moors. From the Middle Ages onwards, this most evocative of Christian shrines has attracted pilgrims to the Spanish city from all over Europe and further afield. A network of routes, lined with statues and other symbols, leads to Santiago, but the most celebrated is that from Paris, across the Pyrenees and through the arid uplands of northern Spain.

Walking The Camino

Autore: Tony Kevin
Editore: Scribe Publications
ISBN: 1921753838
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In May 2006, armed only with a small rucksack and a staff, Tony Kevin, an overweight, sedentary, 63-year-old former diplomat, set off on an eight-week trek across Spain. But this was not just a very long walk — it was a pilgrimage. From Granada, in the southeast, to Santiago de Compostela, in the far northwest, Tony followed the Via Mozarabe and the Via de la Plata, two of the many pilgrim trails that crisscross Spain and Portugal and that all lead to a single destination. In the Middle Ages, the cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela was Europe’s most famous centre of pilgrimage, and in recent years it has enjoyed a remarkable revival; every day towards noon, hundreds of hot, tired, and dusty pilgrims stream into Santiago Cathedral for the daily Pilgrim’s Mass. What, in our busy, materialistic 21st century, is this apparently anachronistic phenomenon all about? What drives tens of thousands of people of all nationalities and creeds to make long, exhausting walks across the cold mountains and hot tablelands of Spain, to take part finally in a medieval Christian liturgy of spiritual renewal and reconciliation with God? Walking the Camino beautifully captures the flavour of what it was like to walk the camino, and is filled with fascinating observations and anecdotes about the nature of contemporary Spain. And because pilgrimage is such a deeply personal experience that has the potential to unlock the deepest recesses of hidden memory and conscience, it is also a profound personal meditation on the nature of modern life. It will be of interest to people who contemplate making, or who have made this walk; to those interested in the politics and culture of contemporary Spain; and indeed anyone who appreciates fine travel writing.

Walking With Stones A Spiritual Odyssey On The Pilgrimage To Santiago

Autore: William S. Schmidt
Editore: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781466909359
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William S. Schmidt is an associate professor of the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago. He is the author of two books and numerous articles in the fi elds of counseling and spirituality. He is the editor of the Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health published by Taylor and Francis.

A Pilgrim S Guide To The Camino De Santiago

Autore: John Brierley
Editore: Camino Guides
ISBN: 9781844096244
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Representing the most popular Christian pilgrimage anywhere in the world, this guide combines maps, photographs, and hospitality information to help travelers in their journey. It includes daily stage maps including contour guides, information on all pilgrim hostels, details of alternative accommodation, and more

A Food Lover S Pilgrimage To Santiago De Compostela

Autore: Dee Nolan
Editore: Penguin Global
ISBN: 9781920989910
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A thousand-year-old pilgrimage route and food traditions stretching back 'de toda la vida' – since forever. These are what Dee Nolan set out to experience on her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela – through the rich farming lands of southern France and northern Spain.

The Pilgrimage To Santiago De Compostela

Autore: Barbara A. Hermans
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This thesis deals with the comparison between the political and ecclesiastical climate that prevailed at the birth of the pilgrimage and the conditions in which the Council of Europe operates. The approach entails an investigation of the nature of pilgrimage, the choice of St. James as figurehead and the political forces at play. A study of the life and time of the pilgrim at both periods of history becomes relevant when considered in the light of modern developments. The Council's decision has precipitated much activity along the ancient ways in the form of restoration and cultural programs. The interface between pilgrim and tourist becomes blurred as the trail gains popularity with the leisure industry. My personal journeys to Spain and France have enabled me to experience first-hand the life of a pilgrim and the effects of 'modernisation' at the hands of the Council.

The Pilgrimage

Autore: Paulo Coelho
Editore: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0722534876
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A Compelling Tale That Delivers A Powerful Brew Of Magic And Insight, The Pilgrimage Recounts The Amazing Trials Of Paulo Coelho And His Mysterious Mentor, Petrus, As They Journey Across Spain In Search Of A Miraculous Sword On A Legendary Road Travelled By Pilgrims Of San Tiago Since The Middle Ages. Paulo'S Visionary Blend Of Mysticism, Magical Realism And Folklore Makes This An Adventure Story With A Difference.

Pilgrim Stories

Autore: Nancy Louise Frey
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520217515
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Reading Pilgrim Stories is as close as one will ever get to the sights, sounds, anxieties, pains and deeper meanings of the Santiago pilgrimage, short of making the pilgrimage oneself. This is probably the most comprehensive as well as the most vivid account of the pilgrimage ever written. . . . A triumph of anthropological fieldwork unraveling a fine web of cultural and spiritual meanings."--Robert Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart "The best thing about this book is the author's ear and attentiveness. She takes her often confused and disoriented subjects seriously, and in her reporting allows us to glimpse the dissatisfactions and frustrations of the contemporary West."--William A. Christian, Jr., author of Visionaries

Travels With My Donkey

Autore: Tim Moore
Editore: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 146687046X
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"'A donkey?' blurted my family as one. For a moment it didn't seem they'd ever be able to list all the reasons that made this so entertainingly ludicrous. . . .Yes, I'd never ridden a donkey on a beach or petted one at a city farm, never even pinned a cardboard tail to one's throat after the cake and ice cream....A donkey would be my hairy-coated hair shirt, making my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela a truer test of the will, a trial." With these words, having no knowledge of Spanish and even less about the care and feeding of donkeys, Tim Moore, Britain's indefatigable traveling Everyman, sets out on a pilgrimage to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela with a donkey named Shinto as his companion. Armed only with the Codex Calixtinus, a twelfth-century handbook to the route, and expert advice on donkey management from Robert Louis Stevenson, Moore and his four-legged companion travel the ancient five-hundred-mile route from St. Jean Pied-de-Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees, to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, which houses the remains of Spain's patron saint, St. James. Over sun-scorched highways, precipitous bridges, dirt paths shaded by leafy trees, and vineyards occasionally lashed by downpours, Moore and Shinto pass through some of the oldest towns and cities in northern Spain in colorful company, both past and present. Pilgrims real and imagined have traveled this route throughout the ages, a diverse cast of wayfarers spanning Charlemagne, St. Francis of Assisi, Chaucer's Wife of Bath, and New Age diva, Shirley MacLaine. Moore's present-day companions are no less florid or poignant. Clearly more interested in Shinto than in Moore, their fellow walkers are an assortment of devout Christian pilgrims, New Age spirituality seekers, travelers grieving over a lost love affair, Baby Boomers contemplating the advent of middle age, and John Q. Public just out for a cheap, boozy sun-drenched outdoor holiday. As Moore pushes, pulls, wheedles, cajoles, and threatens Shinto across Spain toward the crypt of St. James in a quest to find the spiritual pilgrim within, the duo overnights in the bedrooms, dormitories, and---for Shinto---adjacent grassy fields of northern Spain's hostels, inns, convents, seminaries, and farmhouses. Shinto, a donkey with a finely honed talent for relieving himself at the most inopportune moments, has better luck in the search for his next meal than Moore does in finding his inner St. Francis. Undaunted, however, Man and Beast finally arrive at the cathedral and a successful end to their journey. For readers who delighted in his earlier books, Travels with My Donkey is the next hilarious chapter in the travels of Tim Moore, a book that keeps the bones of St. James rattling till this day.

Among The Pilgrims

Autore: Mary Victoria Wallis
Editore: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412007968
Grandezza: 16,56 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Mary Victoria Wallis's Among the Pilgrims is the story of her two pilgrimages - one by bicycle in 1997 and one on foot in 1998 - in northern Spain along the thousand year old route to the shrine of St. James the Apostle at Santiago de Compostela. In ten chapters covering everything from medieval miracle tales to the modern perils of shin splints and flat tires, she gives her view, as a medievalist, outdoor enthusiast, and inquiring pilgrim with Buddhist leanings, of the five hundred mile trail to Santiago. Among the Pilgrims takes the reader through a landscape of both the past and the present, the real and the imagined, through a topography not only of village and field, but of mind and spirit as well. In the cultural remains of medieval pilgrimage, Mary searches for the spiritual seeds of modern pilgrimage. Using a personal and impressionistic style, Among the Pilgrims brings into relief the treasury of literature, art, architecture, music, philosophy and science that was born and transmitted along the Camino de Santiago. Early in her first trip, for instance, Mary climbs the pass over the Pyrenees into the Spanish town of Roncesvalles. Here, in 779 AD, Count Roland was slain, blowing a dying note upon his magical oliphant to summon help from King Charlemagne - thereby giving birth to Le Chanson de Roland - and French literature. On the dry plains of northern Castile, she discovers the cradle of many Western musical traditions. Further west, she comes upon a 12th-century Templars castle that Napoleon thought about blowing up only two hundred years ago. Far from being isolated cultural artifacts, these stories, places and treasures are part of a heritage reaching into our own time. They are also mirrors in which we can find ourselves.