Seven Deadly Sins 11

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Autore: Michael Eric Dyson
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198036470
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Of the seven deadly sins, pride is the only one with a virtuous side. It is certainly a good thing to have pride in one's country, in one's community, in oneself. But when taken too far, as Michael Eric Dyson shows in Pride, these virtues become deadly sins. Dyson, named by Ebony magazine as one of the 100 most influential African Americans, here looks at the many dimensions of pride. Ranging from Augustine and Aquinas, MacIntyre and Hauerwas, to Niebuhr and King, Dyson offers a thoughtful, multifaceted look at this "virtuous vice." He probes the philosophical and theological roots of pride in examining its transformation in Western culture. Dyson discusses how black pride keeps blacks from being degraded and excluded by white pride, which can be invisible, unspoken, but nonetheless very powerful. Dyson also offers a moving glimpse into the teachers and books that shaped his personal pride and vocation. Dyson also looks at less savory aspects of national pride. Since 9/11, he notes, we have had to close ranks. But the collective embrace of all things American, to the exclusion of anything else, has taken the place of a much richer, much more enduring, much more profound version of love of country. This unchecked pride asserts the supremacy of America above all others--elevating our national beliefs above any moral court in the world--and attacking critics of American foreign policy as unpatriotic and even traitorous. Hubris, temerity, arrogance--the unquestioned presumption that one's way of life defines how everyone else should live--pride has many destructive manifestations. In this engaging and energetic volume, Michael Eric Dyson, one of the nation's foremost public intellectuals, illuminates this many-sided human emotion, one that can be an indispensable virtue or a deadly sin.

Seven Deadly Sins

Autore: Kevin Vost
Editore: Sophia Institute Press
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The seven deadly sins are generals leading a vast and deadly army. The soldiers are a variety of sins and misdeeds, and the capital sins are the officers who sent them on their nefarious tasks. With the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas as his guide, best-selling author Kevin Vost tackles the deadly sins one-by-one, showing how they take root in our soul and give birth to offspring — other sinful thoughts and deeds that help it reach its sinful goals. You’ll learn how they attacks us, and how they become ingrained habits that prevent virtue from raising us to heaven. Indeed, these sins hold us down to earth — and possibly, ultimately, even much lower. The deadly sins can be conquered, and in these pages you’ll learn the methods employed by saints to vanquish vicious habits and replace them with virtuous ones. Follow the advice in this book, and you’ll soon strike at the head of sin and walk more positively in the light and love of Christ. You’ll also learn: Which sin can truly be called the deadliest in the world Why there are only seven deadly sins What takes place within our souls when we grapple with sin The relationship between vices and sins - and how to sever their bonds How each and every deadly sin is outnumbered by several opposite virtues Six deadly dominoes: Do you know the sins that almost always cause us to commit additional sins? How “the mother of the virtues” dethrones “the queen of the vices” Seven sacramental and saint-sanctioned strategies to call forth God’s graces to grapple with each deadly sin

The Seven Deadly Sins

Autore: Nakaba Suzuki
Editore: Kodansha Comics
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The Seven Deadly Sins

Autore: Anne Kearns
Editore: Karnac Books
ISBN: 9781855753532
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"The Seven Deadly Sins" grew out of a post-qualification training course of the same name. It aims to make more accessible some concepts from the world of psychoanalysis, self-psychology, and affective neuroscience, as well as commenting on the challenge of working "in the real world." This is achieved by offering an integrative and anecdotal perspective on issues that have been generally un- or under-explored in trainings that have a humanistic emphasis, issues such as envy, shame, love and hate, trauma, addiction, money, and eating disorders. These issues are illustrated through the judicious use of clinical case studies. One case study in particular is referred to in several chapters, including one in depth, to emphasize that the same clinical presentation can be viewed through different lenses. Various "maps" are provided to assist the supervisor and clinician in holding opposing diagnostic models and in working with psychotherapy and counselling trainees. The book follows a logical path with the first chapter exploring the beginnings of supervision and the supervisory relationship, while the latter chapters look at the issues detailed above, as well as other things such as the reasons for "labels" like the DSM categories. Kearns highlights the need to watch out for dogma and to deconstruct the myths that build up in the different therapies. The chapters can be read in isolation, which makes the book an ideal tool for the supervisor and clinician to use in response to specific issues.

The Seven Deadly Sins Of London

Autore: Thomas Dekker
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Seven Deadly Sins

Autore: David Walsh
Editore: Simon and Schuster
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Love Thy Colleague

Autore: William Morris
Editore: Monarch Books
ISBN: 0857217178
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Margaret Of York Simon Marmion And The Visions Of Tondal

Autore: Thomas Kren
Editore: Getty Publications
ISBN: 0892362049
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Presented at a symposium held in 1990 to celebrate the Getty Museum's acquisition of the only known illuminated copy of The Visions of Tondal, twenty essays address the celebrated bibliophilic activity of Margaret of York; the career of Simon Marmion, a favorite artist of the Burgundian court; and The Visions of Tondal in relation to illustrated visions of the Middle Ages. Contributors include Maryan Ainsworth, Wim Blockmans, Walter Cahn, Albert Derolez, Peter Dinzelbacher, Rainald Grosshans, Sandra Hindman, Martin Lowry, Nigel Morgan, and Nigel Palmer.

Gluttony The Seven Deadly Sins

Autore: Francine Prose
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199760688
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In America, notes acclaimed novelist Francine Prose, we are obsessed with food and diet. And what is this obsession with food except a struggle between sin and virtue, overeating and self-control--a struggle with the fierce temptations of gluttony. In Gluttony, Francine Prose serves up a marvelous banquet of witty and engaging observations on this most delicious of deadly sins. She traces how our notions of gluttony have evolved along with our ideas about salvation and damnation, health and illness, life and death. Offering a lively smorgasbord that ranges from Augustine's Confessions and Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale, to Petronius's Satyricon and Dante's Inferno, she shows that gluttony was in medieval times a deeply spiritual matter, but today we have transformed gluttony from a sin into an illness--it is the horrors of cholesterol and the perils of red meat that we demonize. Indeed, the modern take on gluttony is that we overeat out of compulsion, self-destructiveness, or to avoid intimacy and social contact. But gluttony, Prose reminds us, is also an affirmation of pleasure and of passion. She ends the book with a discussion of M.F.K. Fisher's idiosyncratic defense of one of the great heroes of gluttony, Diamond Jim Brady, whose stomach was six times normal size. "The broad, shiny face of the glutton," Prose writes, "has been--and continues to be--the mirror in which we see ourselves, our hopes and fears, our darkest dreams and deepest desires." Never have we delved more deeply into this mirror than in this insightful and stimulating book.