The Way Of Tarot

Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594776563
Size: 14,21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 341

Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s insights into the Tarot as a spiritual path • Works with the original Marseille Tarot to reveal the roots of Western wisdom • Provides the key to the symbolic language of the Tarot’s “nomadic cathedral” • Transforms a simple divination tool into a vehicle for self-realization and healing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s profound study of the Tarot, which began in the early 1950s, reveals it to be far more than a simple divination device. The Tarot is first and foremost a powerful instrument of self-knowledge and a representation of the structure of the soul. The Way of Tarot shows that the entire deck is structured like a temple, or a mandala, which is both an image of the world and a representation of the divine. The authors use the sacred art of the original Marseille Tarot--created during a time of religious tolerance in the 11th century--to reconnect with the roots of the Tarot’s Western esoteric wisdom. They explain that the Tarot is a “nomadic cathedral” whose parts--the 78 cards or “arcana”--should always be viewed with an awareness of the whole structure. This understanding is essential to fully grasp the Tarot’s hermetic symbolism. The authors explore the secret associations behind the hierarchy of the cards and the correspondences between the suits and energies within human beings. Each description of the Major Arcana includes key word summaries, symbolic meanings, traditional interpretations, and a section where the card speaks for itself. Jodorowsky and Costa then take the art of reading the Tarot to a depth never before possible. Using their work with Tarology, a new psychological approach that uses the symbolism and optical language of the Tarot to create a mirror image of the personality, they offer a powerful tool for self-realization, creativity, and healing.

The Way Of The Tarot

Author: Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Editor: Piatkus Books
ISBN: 9780749917814
Size: 12,59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 295

This exciting and in-depth book is for readers who want something more than just a 'reading of the moment'. Karen Hamaker-Zondag explores the symbolism that has been used for centuries, how the numbers work, and how the archetypes explained by C G Jung reveal themselves in the Major Arcana. She shows how you can use the cards to guide your life.

Tarot As A Way Of Life

Author: Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9780877288787
Size: 19,14 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 912

Using Jungian archetypes, the I-Ching, and color/number combinations, Hamaker-Zondag shows you how to interpret the tarot without having to refer to a guidebook for definitions. Her methods will help you use the tarot to understand your personal innerchanges and their potential manifestations in daily life. She also makes an engaging comparison of the imagery in various decks, so that you can choose the deck that you like the best.

Tarot And The Path Of Initiation

Author: Henry Ho
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491881399
Size: 12,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 492

This book came into being from the author’s exasperation at the ignorance of many users of the Thoth tarot deck. They prefer to go by their “intuition” rather than study Crowley’s companion book to the deck, The Book of Thoth. “It’s too dense” they cry. “I’m not interested in these philosophies; I just want to read Tarot.” The above sentence is the greatest insult to Aleister Crowley, the creator of the Thoth deck. For the deck’s purpose was to convey the higher mysteries to the diviner. Crowley intended for the deck never to be sold separately from the Book of Thoth. And so, heart full of elitist snobbery and sense of obligation to Crowley, the author of this book set out to spoon feed this dense material to the masses, without watering down its contents. In the spirit of Crowley who sought to enlighten the world, the author has added his own contribution to Crowley’s legacy, out of duty. It was due to Crowley’s belief in freedom of information, during an era of politics and secrecy, that the author was able to get his own hands on the gem of all spiritual writing, the Book of Thoth.

The Way Of The Woman Writer Second Edition

Author: Janet Lynn Roseman
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 131771900X
Size: 19,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 751

The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition continues the work of the inspirational original, offering guidance to women who wish to document their lives in writing. More a template than a how-to manual, this insightful book addresses the concerns, needs, and issues of women writers (both aspiring and experienced), concentrating on the internal process of putting thought to paper, including new chapters on the creative process and the ethics and integrity of writing. The author, Dr. Janet Lynn Roseman, offers writing exercises in women's autobiography that draw on the significant rhythms of a woman's life, utilizing visualization and meditation techniques to amplify the inner writing voice. From the author: "What strikes me in re-examining the text of this book is just how timeless the subject of chronicling women's lives is. When we pass down our stories and share them with family and friends, we provide future generations with the opportunity to not only understand the lives of each woman, but we are able to gain insight into their unique experiences." The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition includes new writing samples and new chapters on: “The Creative Spirit,” which presents a seven-step guide to the creative process-ritual, surrender, silence, waiting, trust, recognition, and distance “The Ethics and Integrity of Writing,” which addresses the discipline and courage a writer needs when dealing with the effects of her autobiographical “truths” on others The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition is an essential resource for creative writing courses, oral history courses, writer's workshops, and women's studies programs, and an invaluable guide for any woman who wishes to tell her story.

The True Nature Of Tarot

Author: Diane Wing
Editor: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 1615990216
Size: 17,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 658

Get Better Results by Increasing Your Psychic Sensitivity! "The True Nature of Tarot" dispels the myths and negative connotations that surround the tarot by sharing the personal experiences of the author, Diane Wing, a tarot reader with 25 years of experience. Tarot is discussed as a tool of enlightenment and understanding. Diane Wing shares intuitive techniques for reading that take you beyond the conventional card meanings and deep into tarot as a tool to channel energy and increase psychic sensitivity: Develop your own style of reading tarot, from choosing your deck to pulling information from the cards. Learn how a reading is experienced from the perspectives of both the reader and the inquirer. Understand the variables that impact the accuracy of your reading. Discover ways to increase the amount of information pulled from the tarot. Become expert at grounding and centering to maximize your energetic stability on a daily basis. Learn powerful spreads that give you ways to see interactions between the cards. Increase your awareness of the ethics of imparting information. Acclaim for The True Nature of Tarot "The True Nature of Tarot encourages readers to learn and explore the art of tarot. Wing provides readers with insight into the world of tarot in easy to understand terms. After reading this book you will have a desire to practice the tarot! Thank you Diane." --Robin Marvel, author of "Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide" "The True Nature of Tarot will open the eyes of the reader on how one can utilize the knowledge obtained through the tarot in achieving higher spiritual awareness and growth." --Tracy Griffin, human performance professional, Griffin Consulting, Toronto, Canada Learn More At: Another empowering book from Marvelous Spirit Press

The Way Of Magic

Author: Gordon Strong
Editor: Skylight Press
ISBN: 190801153X
Size: 18,48 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 628

A journeyman's guide to magic in the Western Mystery Tradition, giving a concise overview of meditation and contacts, Tarot, Qabalah, shamanism and polarity magic, in the context of the British and Egyptian mysteries.

The Egyptian Tarot

Author: Bernd A. Mertz
ISBN: 9781456777005
Size: 16,86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 811

Bernd A. Mertz made various trips to Egypt after he had begun to specialize in astrology and to work on its important links to modern psychology. He tells us himself why he was so fascinated that he wished to create an 'Egyptian Tarot' for our times. During his extensive reading he discovered that in the Paris of 1781 the occultist Court de Gebelin had attracted great attention in esoteric circles by asking: 'Imagine the surprise which might occur if an Egyptian book were to be discovered today, a book from ancient Egypt which might have been spared from the flames in the burning of the famous libraries and which were to contain the deep and clearest knowledge. Would I not surprise you very much if I were to assert that this book had in fact never been lost at any time past and that it has been in the hands of, so to speak, everyone in most parts of Europe? The most astonishing thing would be if one were assured that no-one ever suspected that it was Egyptian. The fact is: this Egyptian work is the only one to have survived to the present day after all the treasures and all the knowledge of the Egyptian libraries had been lost. It has become so popular that no wise person has ever taken the trouble to think about its origin. No-one has done so apart from me.. It is the Tarot." Bernd A. Mertz decided to issue his own edition of this tarot with his commentary. Michael Lacey and Rick Leaman resolved to provide a new edition to a wider public in the English language with a website offer as a challenge for those interested to take more control over their lives.

Tarot My Way

Editor: Lauraley Brown Dilgard
ISBN: 0557790174
Size: 15,31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 729

Sex Magic Tantra And Tarot

Author: Christopher S Hyatt, Ph.D
Editor: Original Falcon Press
ISBN: 9781935150237
Size: 20,13 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 976

With this book, the student of Western Tantra may attain the knowledge and inner truth that has been hidden from us since conception. Within this new, expanded edition you will find a wealth of practical and passionate Tantric techniques utilising the Archetypal images of the Tarot. Nothing is held back. Every method is explicit and clearly described.