Tripping From The Fall Line

Author: David K. Brezinski
Editor: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 081370040X
Size: 10,59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Emanating from the Fall Line city of Baltimore, site of the 2015 GSA Annual Meeting, these trips reflect the diversity of geological features in the mid-Atlantic region including the Piedmont, Appalachian Mountains, and Coastal Plain, and the importance of geology on the development and construction of the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., metropolitan area"--

Integrating Biological Control Into Conservation Practice

Author: Roy van Driesche
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118392574
Size: 12,36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Invasive species have a critical and growing effect upon natural areas. They can modify, degrade, or destroy wildland ecosystem structure and function, and reduce native biodiversity. Landscape-level solutions are needed to address these problems. Conservation biologists seek to limit such damage and restore ecosystems using a variety of approaches. One such approach is biological control: the deliberate importation and establishment of specialized natural enemies, which can address invasive species problems and which should be considered as a possible component of restoration. Biological control can be an effective tool against many invasive insects and plants but it has rarely been successfully employed against other groups. Safety is of paramount concern and requires that the natural enemies used be specialized and that targeted pests be drivers of ecological degradation. While modern approaches allow species to be selected with a high level of security, some risks do remain. However, as in all species introductions, these should be viewed in the context of the risk of failing to reduce the impact of the invasive species. This unique book identifies the balance among these factors to show how biological control can be integrated into ecosystem restoration as practiced by conservation biologists. Jointly developed by conservation biologists and biological control scientists, it contains chapters on matching tools to management goals; tools in action; measuring and evaluating ecological outcomes of biological control introductions; managing conflict over biological control; and includes case studies as well as an ethical framework for integrating biological control and conservation practice. Integrating Biological Control into Conservation Practice is suitable for graduate courses in invasive species management and biological control, as well as for research scientists in government and non-profit conservation organizations.

Tree And Forest Measurement

Author: P. W. West
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319147080
Size: 20,56 MB
Format: PDF
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Forests must be measured if they are to be managed and conserved properly. This book describes the essential principles of modern forest measurement, whether using simple hand-held equipment or sophisticated satellite imagery. It particularly focuses on measuring forest biomass over large forest areas, a key aspect of climate change studies, as well as the volumes of wood that are commercially available. Written in a straightforward style, it will be accessible to anyone who works with forests, from the professional forester to the layperson. It considers not only how and why forests are measured but also the scientific basis of the measurements taken.

The Fir Tree

Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Editor: Scandinavia Publishing House
ISBN: 8771326766
Size: 18,29 MB
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Thirty of Hans Christian Andersen's most cherished stories in single volumes Illustrator various artists. Known all over the world, these fairytales hold stories of great value and are a source of inspiration for both young and old.

Proceedings Of The 9th International Conference On Computer Recognition Systems Cores 2015

Author: Robert Burduk
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319262270
Size: 14,77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The computer recognition systems are nowadays one of the most promising directions in artificial intelligence. This book is the most comprehensive study of this field. It contains a collection of 79 carefully selected articles contributed by experts of pattern recognition. It reports on current research with respect to both methodology and applications. In particular, it includes the following sections: Features, learning, and classifiers Biometrics Data Stream Classification and Big Data Analytics Image processing and computer vision Medical applications Applications RGB-D perception: recent developments and applications This book is a great reference tool for scientists who deal with the problems of designing computer pattern recognition systems. Its target readers can be the as well researchers as students of computer science, artificial intelligence or robotics.

Storm Data

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Responses Of Fruit Trees To Global Climate Change

Author: Fernando Ramirez
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319142003
Size: 12,97 MB
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​Global climate change is expected to produce increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, higher temperatures, aberrant precipitation patterns and a host of other climatic changes that would affect all life on this planet. This review article addresses the impact of climate change on fruit trees and the response of the trees to a changing environment. The response of fruit trees to increasing carbon dioxide levels, phenological changes occurring in the trees themselves due to increased temperature and the lower chilling hours especially in the temperate regions, ecophysiological adaptations of the trees to the changing climate, impact of aberrant precipitation, etc. are reviewed. There is very little data on the impact of rising CO2 levels on fruit tree performance or productivity including the temperate region. Based on a large number of observations on the phenology, there is reason to believe that the flowering and fruiting of most species have advanced by quite a few days, but with variations in different crops and on different continents. The chilling hours have also grown shorter in many regions, causing considerable reductions in yield for several species. In the tropics, there is very little work on fruit trees; however, the available data show that precipitation is a major factor regulating their phenology and yield. The ecophysiological adaptations vary from species to species, and there is a need to develop phenological models in order to estimate the impact of climate change on plant development in different regions of the world. More research is also called for to develop adaptation strategies to circumvent the negative impacts of climate change.

A Robust Grid For 21st Century Scotland

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Scottish Affairs Committee
Editor: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780215047649
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In December 2011 and January 2012, Scotland was subject to numerous storms that caused damage to homes, road and rail infrastructure, as well as leaving tens of thousands of residents without a power supply. In some cases it took more than three days before power was restored. Although all of Scotland was affected, it appears that the most severe damage occurred in the Highlands and Islands. The Committee's inquiry focussed on: the frequency and severity of weather-related power cuts in Scotland; the consequences of such power cuts to individuals, businesses and public sector services; the current condition and technological state of Scotland's electricity transmission network, and what conditions it is built to withstand; the advantages and disadvantages of using an alternative electricity transmission infrastructure, particularly regarding its vulnerability to weather-related damage; whether the response provided by the energy companies was satisfactory; and how the regulation of transmission network operators and distribution network Operators impacts upon investment in Scotland's electricity transmission network. The Committee conludes that while blackouts following severe weather incidents can never be completely eliminated, one way that they can be minimised is by ensuring that the grid is in a robust and well maintained state before any such incidents occur. The increase in renewable energy generation also offers opportunities for networks to be less reliant on single vulnerable electricity lines to serve remote communities. The value of compensation for loss of power currently offered and the conditions under which it applies should be improved.

Trees And Shrubs

Author: John Claudius Loudon
Size: 12,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Seeking The Wolf Tree

Author: Natalie Cleavitt
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 163076146X
Size: 17,79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 740

Old-time New England foresters coined the term “wolf tree” for trees they saw as having the ability to “eat” the sun and nutrients and prevent the growth of other trees. Today, however, we understand how wolf trees benefit wildlife. Join Aurora and Orion as they search for a wolf tree near Petersham, Massachusetts.