Umbria Perugia Orvieto Spoleto And Assisi

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Umbria, "the green heart of Italy," may not completely match Tuscany's geological variation, but it comes close. This small, hilly and fairly untouched region occupying Italy's core (Narni is the country's geographical center) is crammed full of walking, rafting, caving, hang-gliding and climbing opportunities, not to mention a rich artistic and architectural heritage left over the centuries by Etruscans, Umbrians, Romans and then by scholarly monks.Umbria has played a strategic role in Italy's busy history. Numerous archaeological finds have unearthed a human presence in Umbria dating back to Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods; flints and arrowheads have been found on several river plains and around the shores of Lake Trasimeno; burial chambers close to Spoleto date to the time between the Bronze and Iron Ages. The main settlers, however, arrived around 1000 BC. This tribe, thought to be of Indo-European origin, became known as the Oscan-Umbrians and is credited with establishing the towns and cities of Terni, Todi, Spoleto, Assisi, Gubbio and Citt di Castello. The Umbrians arrived soon after, building an astonishing legacy of tombs, monuments and cultural artifacts, and leaving almost as suddenly with the arrival of the Romans about 309 BC. To the Etruscan remains - the necropolis and Tempio Etrusco at Orvieto, the extraordinary Eugubine Tablets in the Museo Civico at Gubbio, traces in Todi, Betton and Perugia - the Romans added amphitheaters, arches, aqueducts, temples and walls, from Citt di Castello to Todi and from Perugia to Orvieto. Hikers seek out the Apennines, which in Umbria's eastern margins, become more rugged and soar to great heights in the savage peaks of the Monti Sibillini. Close by lie Piano Grande's prairie-like expanse, and the plush green of the Valnerina, home to the Marmore Falls (the highest in the country) and an eerie labyrinth of canyons cut out over centuries by the Nera River. Water sports are best at Lake Trasimeno, the largest body of water on the Italian peninsula. This guide is based on our much larger Adventure Guide to Tuscany & Umbria, Here, we zero in on Umbria alone. This history-rich region offers some of Italy's classic landscapes - pole-straight cypress trees lining dusty farm roads, rolling hills that stretch as far as the eye can see, fields of vibrant sunflowers, medieval villages perched on rocky spurs above crashing surf. Visit them all with this comprehensive guide that helps you explore the very best places. A largely untouched coastline and protected wild areas only add to the appeal of this top vacation destination. Regional chapters take you on an introductory tour, with stops at museums, historic sites and local attractions. Places to stay and eat; transportation to, from and around your destination; practical concerns; tourism contacts - it's all herel Detailed regional and town maps feature walking and driving tours. Then come the adventures - fishing, canoeing, hiking, rafting, llama trips and more. Never galloped along a beach on horseback, trekked up a mountain, explored ancient sites? Also includes extensive lists of recommended outfitters, with all contact details - e-mail, website, phone number and location. Adventure Guides are about living more intensely, waking up to your surroundings and truly experiencing all that you.


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From Italy's preeminent publisher of guidebooks and maps comes this revised and updated edition of the definitive cultural guide to the "Green Heart of Italy." Touring Club of Italy's comprehensive guide to Umbria provides travelers with unparalleled information on the medieval cities and lush rolling hills of Umbria. Part of TCI's Heritage Guide series, this book features city overviews, 18 walking and driving tours with detailed maps, pictures from top photographers showcasing well-known art treasures and local traditions, and information on museums, galleries, theaters, shopping, and accommodations. Written by a uniquely qualified editorial board of specialists, many of whom are respected art and architecture historians, the guide covers the legendary museums of Perugia, Todi, Foligno, and Montefalco, modern art galleries in Citta di Castello, and specialized museums in Torgiano and Deruta. A section on the cuisine of Umbria and the world-famous wines of Orvieta, Torgiano, and Montefalco whets the reader's palate. A chapter on tourist information and an index give practical travel tips and help the reader locate information instantly.

111 Luoghi Dell Umbria Che Devi Proprio Scoprire

Author: Fabrizio Ardito
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Mummie polverose e lenticchie sopraffine, arcigni guerrieri templari e statue che hanno cambiato sesso, costole di crudeli draghi e gelati eccezionali. Nella regione più verde d'Italia, patria di San Francesco, del buon vivere e del cioccolato, si nascondono scoperte saporite, passeggiate e silenziosi eremi.. Tutti da scoprire, seguendo senza fretta le tortuose strade secondarie, i sentieri e le ferrovie minori di una regione dove cultura, fede, storia e tradizioni convivono e si mescolano da sempre. O magari sedendo nelle comode poltrone del teatro più piccolo del mondo, scendendo con cautela in cisterne dimenticate da secoli o scoprendo le tracce dell'ultimo glorioso elefante di Annibale. Staubige Mumien und grimmige Krieger, Statuen, die das Geschlecht ändern, Drachen und sensationelles Eis - Italiens grünste Region hat viel zu bieten. Entdecken Sie die geheimen Orte einer Gegend, in der Kultur, Glaube, Geschichte und Tradition nebeneinander bestehen und sich vermischen. Nehmen Sie Platz in einem gemütlichen Sessel im kleinsten Theater der Welt, steigen Sie in eine Zisterne hinab, die seit Jahrhunderten vergessen wurde, und entdecken Sie die Spuren des letzten Elefanten Hannibals. Fabrizio Ardito, nato a Roma nel 1957, è giornalista e fotografo free lance e scrive di viaggi e natura per diverse testate ed editori italiani, tra cui il TouringClub. Tra le sue grandi passioni ci sono il mondo sotterraneo, i lunghi cammini storici e gli aspetti più curiosi e nascosti dell'Italia. Fabrizio Ardito, 1957 in Rom geboren, ist Journalist und freier Fotograf und schreibt über Reisen und Natur für verschiedene Zeitungen und Verlage. Zu seinen Leidenschaften gehören die Welt unterhalb der Erdoberfläche, historische Pfade und die merkwürdigsten und versteckten Eigenarten Italiens.

Cadogan Guide Umbria

Author: Dana Facaros
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Presents historical information and traveling tips for each section of Umbria, and offers recommendations for lodging, restaurants, attractions, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.


Author: Patricia Clough
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When Patricia Clough, a former foreign correspondent, bought a house in Umbria, she knew that buying her dream home did not mean that life would become a dream. By the end of this book, in which she describes the journey of making Umbria her home, she is sure that “if one has basic requirements for being happy, then Umbria provides some of the best surroundings for happiness.” Clough pores over Umbria's enchanting countryside, its tumultuous history, its ancient culture and sumptuous food, and laments that for a long time Umbria was mistaken for its fashionable neighbor, Tuscany. This is not a guide to buying a home in Italy, nor a guidebook for your holiday—though it would be useful as both of these things—but a story in which a woman discovers and marvels at the place she begins to call home.

The Cities Of Umbria

Author: Edward Hutton
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Author: Touring club italiano
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For over a century, the Touring Club of Italy has been publishing the country's most authoritative guidebooks and maps. The Heritage Series is the expert's guide to travel and sightseeing in Italy. Each volume includes museums, town histories, churches, landmarks, and archaeological sites. There are dozens of maps that give an overview of each city, plus detailed neighborhood plans. Listings of accommodations and restaurants are complete with addresses, price ranges, hours, and phone and fax numbers.

Ancient Umbria

Author: Guy Bradley
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019155409X
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How should we understand the ways in which the regions of Italy were affected by Roman imperialism? This book, which is the first full-scale treatment of ancient Umbria in any language, takes a balanced view of the region's history in the first millennium BC, focusing on local actions and motivations as much as the effect of outside influences and Roman policies. Through a careful reading of all the types of evidence it provides an important challenge to traditional treatments emphasising the 'Romanization' of the region, arguing that this is a poor explanation for the complexity of local societies in the late Republican period. Instead it proposes that other trends, particularly the organization of states, help to explain the fascinating plurality of identities that are evident in the imperial period and allow us to appreciate the diversity of local societies that emerged in both mountain and lowland areas of Umbria.

Karen Brown S 2007 Tuscany Umbria

Author: Nicole Franchini
Editor: Karen Brown's Guides
ISBN: 9781933810133
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A regional guide to two of our favorite destinations: Tuscany and Umbria. An invaluable companion in planning your own vacation to this wonderful part of the world with its architectural treasures, historical cities, medieval hilltowns, vineyards and enchanting destinations. Features over 200 hotels, villas and bed & breakfasts-from affordable to decadent.

Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Umbria

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Produced in inimitable DK Eyewitness style, this new guide was written by Italians who have intimate insider knowledge of this delightful region. Umbria is broken down into Northern and Southern sections, and features such famous towns as Assisi and Orvieto, as well as the region's many wonderful and unspoiled national parks, art, and history. You'll find sights, markets, and festivals listed town by town, as well as walks, scenic routes, and thematic tours that will ensure you don't miss a thing. Illustrated food features highlight regional specialties and you'll find an impressive selection of restaurants and hotels. Whether you are visiting the stunning hill-town of Perugia or taking a lesson in art history at Assissi, capture the flavors of Umbria with the Eyewitness Travel Guide.